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  1. and my account is at november :feelsbad: but again thanks for the garuda update & good work DE
  2. hmmm astilla nerfed > while kohm which is more broken shotgun atm untouched haha then again as non meta collector most of my riven are buffed. and braton buff ty de ^^
  3. then again on latest tweet he posting a monkeying around the update with him using monkey pajamas haha
  4. tbh i'm just wish they didn't rush release half baked update. i won't mind waiting for a complete content rather than half baked like previous garuda 4 xD
  5. also looking for this information... Need preparation to welcome warframe in my switch haha *fingercross* pls cross play DE
  6. we hope so, i litterally just buy kopra set because it's look really good on previous update :and now it's turn back to kinda meh again
  7. well i won't mind this thing happen, but at least DE will you consider to prolong the duration at least to 5s, 3s is too short for some weapon T,T gimme back my operator bw*** :< it's become a flat board again
  8. holy mother of fix, i'm need medic
  9. i can see good loki player will having fun with this
  10. dayum, this redesign is pretty legit ❤️
  11. i'll just bump this, the idea of balancing all the idea of focus school is legit and cheers for your time writing this
  12. now this one is right, a pause in combo kinda meh in a fast pace game like warframe so i hope DE can consider other button combo
  13. this game have been a coaster for me haha, quitting several time and back and quitting and back again and again.. But ty for the game & experience you share all this time DE
  14. hmmm to be fair, if the switch allow cross play with same save file as pc i won't mind paying for nintendo online. It just 20US$ a year and get a lot other thing to do with that
  15. you can change your region in switch easily though hahaha, change it to america in general give you a lot of access and of course warframe
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