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  1. To preface this, I'd like to say that the Cambion Drift itself looks very nice. One of my main complaints about PoE was that it was very...flat. It's not terribly fun to just run up a gentle slope when your Warframe has access to a wide variety of traversal options. However, each new open world has been more vertical than the last, and I'm very happy to see Heart of Deimos continue that trend. That said, I have quite a bit to say about bounties and other activities. I hope at least some of this stuff will get fixed, especially since I think the open world area itself is pretty solid.
  2. The token system is interesting, but forcing people to grind multiple optional activities just to rank up is a very poor decision. In previous open world areas it was possible to gain standing from fishing, mining, or conservation, in addition to just doing bounties. Ranking up only required standing and a small number of resources (easily obtainable with a minimum time investment). The new progression mechanic introduced in Heart of Deimos makes it impossible to rank up without heavily investing in fishing, mining, conservation, and bounties. Players don't have the luxury of focusing
  3. It's a little-known fact that the only mission type in the game is Exterminate.
  4. While poorly-thought-out and completely unnecessary redesign of perfectly good UI is a perennial problem in Warframe, this time it's particularly annoying because I have to look at it at the end of every single mission. I don't have much hope this change will ever be reverted, since DE seems to pride itself on promoting aesthetics over functionality (though my personal opinion is this time they've failed on that front as well), but here are my comments anyway. Throwing a large amount of resource and mod drop information into one jumbled pile of oversized icons does not make it any easier
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