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  1. For me, melee aim glide was always more about ease of use and control than about being able to block midair. I should not have to furiously mash "E" after every jump just to be able to continue using the weapon I selected to use. I should not have to unequip all of my other weapons to regain lost functionality (enjoy trying to disable EMP doors and cameras if you go that route). Why take options away for no reason?
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    Spin to win

    I say keep it in. I'd be tempted to play this game a lot more, but when I load into a mission and see people running far ahead spamming slide attack, so that nobody else gets any affinity, that desire to keep playing instantly evaporates. Big props to DE for adding an anti-addiction mechanism to their game. It really shows they care. Also, I think it would be a good idea to make other melee styles even harder to use. The rework leading up to 3.0 has been a step in the right direction, since it removed a lot of the functionality from melee combat, while leaving slide crit untouched. Maybe consider taking out stance mods and replacing them with a single Maiming Strike stance?
  3. I'm pretty unhappy about this change as well. It's really unfortunate that running around as Gauss feels good while doing the same with Volt feels bad, given that Speed is a much better designed ability than Mach Rush.
  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one who finds Mach Rush underwhelming. It's an ability with a lot of flavor (running fast feels good) but very limited functionality. It's pretty sad that the best way to get it to be useful is to keep constantly canceling and recasting. It makes for jarring, stilted, and unfun gameplay. Then again, watching Gausses run into walls and fall into pits is, at the very least, moderately amusing. However, I don't really agree that Gauss needs to have a team role. It's fine fine for there to be a frame that's more suited to solo play, and being able to run fast is pretty inoffensive when it comes to not working well with others (especially when almost every pub mission contains an Atterax-wielding maniac, clearing entire rooms just outside of affinity range).
  5. Gauss has outstanding visual design. He looks like he's fast, and the way he dances around during his idle animation gives him an air of confident agility. Sadly, the unfortunate reality is that he is neither fast nor agile. Yes, it's true that Gauss has an amazing base running speed. It's also true that Mach Rush sends him hurtling forward at a breakneck pace. However, Warframe is not a game designed around running quickly in a straight line. The reason why Volt, Wukong, and Nova are fast is because their traversal abilities allow for rapid changes in direction. Gauss has none of that. Turning during Mach Rush is basically impossible in an enclosed space. Doing anything other than running (i.e. jumping, shooting, etc.) cancels the skill altogether. The initial dash distance seems to be fixed (i.e. unaffected by mods), and there is a cooldown animation so the dash cannot be spammed. I haven't checked how the running speed during continuous Mach Rush compares to that of a speed Volt build, but Gauss does not seem substantially faster, even over short distances. Over long distances the only thing he does better than Volt is running into walls.
  6. I haven't commented in this thread in a while, but I strongly dislike how weapon switching works while having gear items active (i.e. the scanner, fishing rod, etc.). I don't know when this was changed, but it definitely happened after the release of the melee rework. I used to be able to melee while using gear and then go back to the gear item I was using by hitting aim. Now the weapon switch unequips the gear item and makes me use my gun instead. I have no desire to hotkey every single piece of gear I use regularly just so that I can quickly go back to it when this happens. If you're going to take away quick attack, then at the very least give us a convenient alternative for clearing enemies that interrupt open world activities. It's honestly mindboggling to me that melee functionality would be reduced even further with no constructive changes being made whatsoever.
  7. I sure love playing Warframe with capped health, no abilities, and only one gun. It's a really nice change of pace from all that variety and fun the game usually has to offer. Maybe the next tactical alert can just be a staring contest? Alad V has been giving me some pretty significant looks recently.
  8. I check this thread periodically to see if there has been any response to the feedback posted by me and many other dissatisfied players, but it appears that 40 pages of people mostly saying the same few things over and over isn't sufficient to get the point across. Or, more unfortunately, it is sufficient, but DE just doesn't care. Melee isn't fun anymore, and having to make "gun-less" loadouts just to get some of the old functionality back is both tedious and maddening. Adding insult to injury, I still see "Spin To Win" everywhere. I know it's probably confirmation bias on my part, but It actually feels like there are more people using Maiming Strike builds now than before the rework (I wish I could see the stats on that). I guess the future of melee is slide attack macros. Maybe DE can officially add those in as part of Melee 3.0.
  9. The only reason permadeath in Arbitrations is an issue is because Warframe is riddled with bugs. You can die from so many things you have basically no control over (host migrations being one of them). The proposed solution (i.e. to force other players to revive teammates) seems terrible, especially in public games. Of course, none of these changes address the fact that Arbitrations are a tedious and unrewarding slog, and the greatest challenge they pose (apart from nobody disconnecting) is in keeping awake long enough to get to the C rotation.
  10. I've been playing with the rework for over two weeks, so I think that's time enough for a second feedback post. While I am generally unhappy with how DE approached the update (removing options rather than replacing/improving them), the way aim gliding forces a switch away from melee is the only real deal breaker. To be specific, melee Volt, my favorite build in the game, is functionally unplayable without unequipping both primary and secondary weapons. Hitting right mouse while jumping immediately drops a carried shield, which is deadly against high level enemies. In fact, carrying anything with a melee warframe has become a tedious chore. Ironically, for these builds, the best way to achieve the "gun & blade flow" mentioned in the patch notes is to exclusively use either guns or blades. Between the melee update, the bug-turned-feature affecting arcanes, and the ever-growing number of annoying problems that never seem to get fixed (wouldn't it be great if waypoints worked properly?), my motivation to play the game is at an all-time low. I realize that Warframe is a work-in-progress, and that changes to the core game mechanics are inevitable, however, this is the first time in a while I've felt like Warframe might just not be for me.
  11. It turns out you can actually do block combos (I was wrong before), but you have to use E (in the default configuration) together with the aim button. I don't think it's possible to do them using left mouse to attack unless you unequip your guns.
  12. While my own personal opinion is that the changes to the melee mechanics in the latest patch make the game significantly worse, in the interest of being fair, I'll mention the few things I liked before going to the many things I hated: The Good: 1) Switching to melee is fast, and if you primarily enjoy Warframe for its gunplay, you will likely find that new system makes for an overall better experience. 2) The new slam attacks are much more convenient to use than the old ones. 3) The new effects look nice if you're into that kind of thing. The Bad: 1) Picking up an item (i.e. data mass) in melee mode and switching to gun mode will drop the item. This is massively annoying if you plan on primarily using melee weapons during a mission. The only reason I have it listed under "bad" instead of "terrible" is that I think it might be a bug. 2) Blocking is now automatic, so builds that rely on taking damage to generate energy will find it more inconvenient to do so. 3) The switch from melee to gun overrides exalted weapon abilities. This cancels the abilities' effects while in gun mode, but still keeps the energy drain. I can't see this being anything other than annoying (or downright deadly in the case of Valkyr). The Terrible: 1) Quick melee is gone. This is incredibly inconvenient. There are many situations when weapons (e.g. polearms) have a much better quick attack than stance attack. I don't understand why taking away the flexibility to use both is a good thing. 2) Aim gliding in melee mode forces you into gun mode. There is no melee aim glide by default. The only way to get back this functionality is to unequip all of your guns. This is irredeemably bad. Instead of making Warframe's hybrid combat system more seamless, it separates the gun and melee portions completely. I should not have to fear dropping items because I decided that I might want to use more than one weapon type. I should not have to desperately mash E before landing because I might otherwise end up trying to ineffectually club a ravenous horde of Infested with my Rubico. 3) Block combos. Why are there still block combos when you can't block manually? I should not have to unequip my guns to make these combos work consistently. I'm sure that I'm missing more negative consequences of the new system (for example, I do not use channeling, so I don't know how removing it affects the game), but considering I noticed so many problems after only a few days of playing, I think this list would only get longer as time goes on. Overall the changes seem ill-conceived. Warframe is not a spectacle fighter like Devil May Cry. The latter has combo mechanics that make switching between gunplay and melee feel rewarding. In Warframe you can't juggle enemies (if only because most properly-modded weapons vaporize them in one hit), you can't chain moves together (in fact, stance combos override the so-called fast switching), you don't get bonuses by being stylish. What exactly is the point of trying to force something that doesn't fit the core gameplay?
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