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  1. Can we get updates on Arbitrations horrid rewards and hopefully changes to this or furthermore some addressing of warframes lack of endgame? I am not alone when I say I want to play this game, but camping 2 hr CD Trees, 1 hr CD repeat missions with bad rewards, endlessly grinding MR rep are all examples of what endgame content is NOT. PLEASE give us something challenging and rewarding to do. Even Minecraft has an endgame fight lol, Destiny had boss fights/ raids for every DLC. It might seem like you'd be copying other games if you also had a boss fight with unique rewards based on difficulty with fight specific cosmetics / skins but realisitcally it'd just be smart. Its not stupid if it works. Having nothing to be unique is not better than having something enjoyable and being mildly less unique.
  2. How does this happen LMFAO?! You had to add text to the end and removed it from the middle how the heckin heck. Thats the endgame arbitration reward we wanted lol, this is so perfect.
  3. K so wait, I joined 3 weeks or so after NW started. Im currently rank 40 passively, I might be missing something but what exactly is the point of another 3 weeks? Like I can guarantee with the Arb post the way it is and 3 more weeks offfff..... hoarding Nitain Extract? I will defnitely not be spending another cent on this game so the tennogen will be nigh on pointless imo. I guess since I cant see all of the update yet I shouldnt make a full judgement, maybe there will be something good to come besides a cinematic.
  4. For a company that seems to pride themselves so highly on inclusiveness its truly a shock theres so many people here feeling left out. No, seriously DE, at this point the previous line might be the most important. The way you've been handling this seems to be in stark contrast to how family members describe the company being, "It's so laid back and friendly I'm having trouble getting comfortable." -Family Member Working for DE. That is not how your player base is feeling, I truly feel torn between knowing how well the company treats its employees but then how a lot of the players ive interacted with over the past week are currently feeling. I'm really not trying to come off as dev bashy by any means, I'm trying to give an honest description of how I am feeling and possibly how others are feeling towards this update, because this has gone farther than content. This whole thing has pushed into some weird realm of dev v player for some reason which could realistically all be fixed by just talking to one another listening to eachothers sides/opinions and meeting in the middle. I realize its a big ask to get find a way to have constructive conversation where everyones going to feel that their side has been heard. We might be all coming off childish or hot headed and heck maybe we are but we care. We want and need to see this game thrive, no one wants to settle for surviving. Have a happy hump day Tenno.
  5. That would be a very black and white way to look at the statistics, I'd assume and hope DE will cross reference their stats the with the suggestions and opinions of the player base to find something that best meets in the middle or at the very least makes sense. To have your player interaction numbers go up (which they would anyways since the gamemode was updated folks will flock to test so naturally higher numbers) and use that as your only source of data would be a silly thing to do from any standpoint, you'd be ignoring and throwing away who knows how many other stats, sources of info or variables that might affect a players response to the update. Hope that doesnt come off confrontational, have a good morning.
  6. Well if you cant fill them then theyre not exactly good endo. Idk about your luck, aside from round vitus I've been seeing scattered small amounts off drones and the occasional 3x on the table. That also lends to the fact I havent gained 100k Kuva but that could just be down to vitus luck. Furthermore the argument wasnt solely that DE had ruined things but that they had diluted the table, proposed rewards as endgame half of which at least do not resemble that, and lastly folks were upset that there was 17 pages of feedback given on those points before the update and what they had to say about that was giving the auras and arcanes names not addressing the feedback then proceeding to push the update and ask for feedback when theyd just the week before ignored the larger portion of feedback offered. All of that being said the game mode changes themselves are positive, some of the reward items arent exactly endgame (i.e. the arb arcanes vs hydrolyst arcanes, a arb specific cosmetic armor set, vandal or wraith weapons specific to arb, a new ayatan sculpture, ANY of these were options that were proposed and thusly ignored.) Theres still changes that can and should be made to the game mode, the warframe buff shouldnt be Power Strength only when not all frame benefit from just str. Being playable more than once per hour due to folks leaving @ 5min/round 5 or host connection problems. The game mode rolling defense more than twice in a row is repetitive and silly (not to say defense is bad) but mission types shouldnt be repeating 3-4 times before a new one pops in, on that note theres at least two types of players in the world why not offer a choice X Arb w/ X bonuses OR Y arb w/ Y bonuses depending on your playstyle or preferred frame choice. Adding the ability for exalted weapons to harm drones even at 25% the damage (Makes even more sense if frames like wukong are being rolled on top of your arb mission, why offer a buff to just hamstring it?). I could probably go on and on and THAT is the issue, THAT is what players are upset about. Hope I helped you kind of frame the perspective some of us are viewing this from, have a good morning Tenno.
  7. 1. You might've seen the comment suggesting a badass cosmetic armor set purchaseable from the vitus shop for 100+ vitus essence per piece, that would be sick. 2. The arcanes and mods could use some love, if theyre going to drop in end game they have to be competitive or at least comparable to the better eidolon dropped arcanes. Seeing as theyre generally behind a longer time gate as not every end game player is going to play every arb that pops up as some can just be not to your playstyle. 3. The mod cards, seem incredibly niche if not an overall miss especially with them being in the Aura slot, if they were exilus as i've seen suggested they might have a tinge more worth than they currently do. 4. Its undeniable that endo has been reduced overall with the drop table dilution and rng being what it is calculated averages for endo/hr are kinda useless(just my opinion). 5. Having more variation in the buffs an arb is offering would be cool, as opposed to always Power Str that some frames dont really benefit from perhaps having the bonus be useful to the frame in a general sense as opposed to a blanket 300% str across the board. On that note, maybe instead of just 300% damage it could be 300% Corrosive Damage, Viral, Gas, etc w/ X weapon. 6. Perhaps the chance to do the arbitration more than once per hour would be nice since a handful of times in my experience folks queue up get in and after 10 min "Sorry gtg" which can be a solid inconvenience in some respects (primarily losing half my team to dogs at their doors in every disruption arb i get in). Getting away from arbitration specifically, I think reconsidering or maybe reevaluating the Eidolon rebuff/fix in some respects would be a good idea, I'm definitely not saying make Tridos accessible to every person capable of hitting their head on a wall but allowing more variation in kit would be wicked. At the very least not having most folks pigeon holed into using the Rubico would be sweet. Realistically I dont see why well built weapons with competent users/frames and a bit of team cohesion arent/cant be as useful. Maybe Im an idiot and thats already the case, just a bit of food for thought.
  8. I have to say the new cards youre offering are rather horrid. Furthermore they dilute and may well result in LESS endo. I appreciate you guys trying to give end game players something to do, but who ever keeps coming up with rewards from these mod cards that will drop as dead content to a cyan star bundle?!(Yes I realize its been removed but who the heck thought that was even a good joke?). Im not sure what to tell you besides more cosmetics, special armors, skins, weapon parts (vandal wraith etc) give us rewards suitable to end game. Your position hiring posts on the Gov Can website (Yes I'm a local) state you should be up to date on other games and what they offer to be competitive, clearly someones out of date and needs to reach out and touch some other products, feel and interact with their endgame and its rewards. Heck WoW has been recycling their rewards system for decades BUT it worked. Ive put 485 Hrs into this game, in sadly only 65 days (sweaty asf I know) but I've got a pretty fresh view/perspective on whats its like to join, learn, progress and reach endgame. MR 17, 25+ tridos, 16hr arbitrations, 2 hr kuva survivals, max nightwave, max reps (Cetus,Fort,Quills,Almost SU), solo ESO with a Saryn feeling like god, somehow in this amount of time it feels as though ive touched it all. Hell I'd even swing by while im in town and throw ideas at you for free as Im sure many others in this community would seeing as we all want to see it succeed. Ive got an even more vested interest as youre not only Canadian but Local. Nerdrage over ❤️
  9. Been getting some reallll bad stuttering/frame drops in orbiter ever since the hotfix, it is eye bleeding to play lol
  10. Not sure if you guys are aware, but as of Today at 5am EST using the Shawzin emote in missions would make you invincible. Had a fella playing for a 20 round hydron and finished with 0% damage taken lmao
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