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  1. I think new loka would be proud of her becoming the primed spirit of the forest, my favourite warframe
  2. Kanvas: a warframe that paints enemies to death Passive: when kanvas gets 20% of her health, becomes immune for a short amount of Time and creates a healing impulse that heals her teammates, the pulse happens only 3 Times per game Ability 1: paint drink: kanvas attacks the enemy and fills her paint meter but it consumes her Energy slowly The filling speed and damage is based on ability intensity Ability 2: paint bubble: kanvas creates a bubble made of paint surrounding herself or chosen teammate that reduces taken damage from the enemies for a medium amount of Time after breaking it, the bubble explodes and covers enemies in paint, if kanvas kills the painted enemies, gets extra paint fill after that Ability 3: Square of paint: kanvas creates an attractive Square of paint that sticks enemies to itself Ability 4: painbrush: kanvas creates her paintbrush out of her energy and uses it for combat, the paintbrush consumes paint fill for duration, the paintbrush is used like destreza
  3. I dont See it, maybe its castanas but its just me
  4. Meanwhile the devstream is there, baro ki teer Will give Us Primed disappointment as always
  5. A warframe that can make explosions Has a helmet that looks like a bomb with a string and has a belt with explosives around him. Hes kind of a pirate Passive: when landing from 30 meter jump, makes an explosion that pushes and damages enemies Ability 1: Throws a bomb that can shatter into sharp fragments in a medium range Ability 2: decreases taken damage for a short amount of Time and after its expiration, creates an explosion. Its damage is based on how damage youve taken. Ability 3: creates a small cannon that shoots Cannonballs that go through the enemies. It can be destroyed by the enemies though. Ability 4: turns himself into a round bomb that can be controllable. Creates a big explosion. Detonates if time expires or gets activated again by using the ability.
  6. My idea is a warframe that is themed by explosions
  7. It would work something like this: - If spawned, it replaces your melee weapon and you get around 90 or 120 seconds for using it -its recharge would be like 3 minutes
  8. Trinity and banshee were more popular and now oberon is back? I mean thats cool, we have tigris prime but still, the reason on why it was for a popular demand is because of rank 6 players
  9. Lets hope humanity wont die, like im from Poland and germany has been infested and germany is neighboring country
  10. I was playing a bit of warframe and i realized something: planet ceres on origin system map has rocks around it When i was playing warframe, ceres didnt have these, but now its covered by rocks. Is this a bug?
  11. This boss feels like a generic corpus enemy but a bit stronger Heres my idea for a rework: He has a nullifier that slows you He also has some teleporting abilities like vor And he gets stronger armor if he has 50% health
  12. remember it has something to do with fortuna and ice tunnels in ice corpus biomes
  13. I never expected oberon and nekros, but at least we get tigris prime, thats cool but trinity prime and banshee prime would be better, hell nekros was free on tennocon 2019
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