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  1. Finally coildrive fix, I didn't go to Fortuna for two days
  2. I got this bug just now too, I hope they will fix it asap, now I can't farm new relics and PoE bounties are boring..
  3. thanks for the update, the 3 seconds cooldown on Blink is a bit too much imo, you could limit the time that we can use Blink consecutively other than putting a cooldown to every use.
  4. I am glad I still haven't spawned any Lich yet, gonna wait till it is fully optimized.
  5. thank you for crit chance changes 🙂
  6. I still can't cure my Smeeta Kavat, she has red aura all the time..
  7. I used more than 5 curatives but my Smeeta still has red aura everywhere, not just in orbiter...
  8. I am happy to hear about windowed mode optimizations since I always play on windowed mode on my potato pc, and please do something about Exploiter Orb doors, I am mostly getting stuck at door or falling off the map, typing /unstuck only teleports me behind the door while other squad members are fighting Exploiter...
  9. I am currently max rank on top 3 syndicates (meridian, hexis, suda) after I buy everything in those syndicates (every single mod, items) I will move to max bottom 3 syndicates :v
  10. it is fixed on PC now, thanks DE 🙂
  11. I use standalone version and still have this issue, so glad I am not the only one, hope for a quick fix, keep up the good work DE!
  12. additional 5k per mastery rank is too low, it should have been 50k... not everyone likes farming those Eidolons endlessly..
  13. I joined Warframe after Nightwave Series 2 started, so I missed wolf of saturn six and intermission 1, I hope there will be a chance for new players to complete those events...
  14. this happened to me just now too, I was stuck in the boss after I grabbed it first time, it only went back to normal after I died, I sent a ticket along with my EE.log file.
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