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  1. I was going to start a thread about this too, my gaze primary weapon stopped getting Pax arcane benefits from headshots...
  2. thanks for destroying kuva weapon rivens, you might as well remove the whole riven BS all together.
  3. thank you, I hope you will introduce a new way to get Umbra Forma blueprint.
  4. since Bramma is dead, I ain't gonna use any primary then, Mesa's Regulators are enough for me xD
  5. I've been playing this game for almost a year and first time saw Nova Prime unvaulted 😛
  6. okay, why Valkyr augment is only in New Loka and Perrin Sequence shop????? why not putting it in Hexis or Suda shop too?? why do I have to max out a syndicate only to get that augment? WTF DE?! 😡
  7. that Saryn mod is so useless when you have primed animal instinct, Valkyr and Atlas mods looking good.
  8. make cephalites shared between team in railjack or remove them from railack missions, this is too annoying!!! -_-
  9. no changes for my beloved Cyngas? oh well, time to build Grattler!
  10. the event is almost over but you guys still didn't add anything worthy into the shop, at least put umbra forma blueprint....
  11. I stopped doing scarlet spear for now because there is nothing interesting in the shop, I have most of the arcanes maxed already thanks to Eidolon runs, and that 100 murex requirement is annoying.
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