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  1. It would not be such a big deal if A. Host Migration did not fail sometimes causing loss of rewards for the remaining players B. Everyone had a fast connection The problem is some people have potatoes for computers and when you host migrate you have to wait for them to load also. I do agree that people should get to the gate as fast as possible, but when you get people that instantly drop from the group the second the mission is done its just rude and obnoxious.
  2. 4 people go into a bounty mission. You do all 5 phases. Host Drops immediately and causes everyone else to Host Migrate which makes it take longer for the remaining 3 people to finish. Sometimes this also results in complete loss of all mission rewards. This has happened more times than I want to count. Stop being ignorant jerks and just go to the gate like everyone else. You dropping from group to save yourself 30 seconds because you do not want to wait for some dude on a hover board screws the rest of the group that spent just as much time in the mission as you did. Just stop it! /rant
  3. Up to what round? Mine is 3 forma based around Crit with 80% Crit Chance 6.2 Mult 555 Corrosive using Bladed Rounds and eventually you hit a point where you have to fire too many times to kill things. Once you cannot 1-3 shot mobs Ammo becomes a problem.
  4. Wait till you fight something that has a lot of health, when you try this weapon in Arbitrations or Long Survival/ESO it starts to become very apparent that the gun is not going to cut it.
  5. Yeah this weapon is fun at first but you soon realize its not viable at higher levels because of its ammo issue. Its great for low level content where you can just tap once to fire a barrage at a group of enemies but once you get to where it requires multiple shots for a single enemy it utterly fails to perform.
  6. Right in the middle of a mission the Acceltra will stop reloading making it completely useless.
  7. I thought i was losing my mind...i even asked if they nurfed them in chat and everyone said i was crazy.
  8. Same thing happened to me...stopped reloading all together.
  9. Yup i just ground out 350k not realizing that it was not working at all. Very disappointed, this is such an obvious bug i am unsure how it even slipped by the devs. BTW if this helps my lens was rushed and when crafted it was blank. It did not have the Madurai symbol by it maybe others could chime in and post whether they rushed their crafting as well. Paying 10p to rush a lens that is broken is even more discouraging. Feeling pretty ripped off atm.
  10. So is 250ish normal for 223 AMP then? and why do i feel like my 212 hit harder than the 223? Like i said i could easily 1 shot volm before and now it takes 2 hits
  11. I just got a 223 AMP and its Maxed but not Guilded Hunting Tera i hit for 250 with 650 crit through Volt Shield This seems incredibly low. Takes 2 shots to kill a Volm when my 212 amp did it in 1 shot. Something seems off here. When i look at this video, this guy is using the same exact amp and hits for 10x what i am. What am i missing here?
  12. I have a thread on this also with a video to show another example
  13. Here is a video i captured of the effect happening. Notice im taking 0 damage but the entire screen changes. Not sure if this is intentional or not, what i do know is its annoying lol. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=085o0DhKRHw
  14. Yeah ill run the same mission and try to get a screen capture. It was Sedna Hydron for me.
  15. Yeah this patch really screwed up the lighting and other things like emmisive effects on items.
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