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  1. I've been running melee builds throughout most of my time in Warframe, and even then the only one I've ever potato'd is my Orthos Prime. Since I'm not too much into gunplay but still want something that gets the job done, I was wondering what are my best options given that I'm still kinda low MR. So far I was thinking Braton Prime plus Lex Prime (which is about as basic as it gets), but if there's any other good primary+secondary weapon combo that can work in multiple situations and carry me through the startchart at least then let me know ๐Ÿ™‚
  2. So I posted a thread not too long enough comparing Mesa/Saryn and got plenty of helpful replies, so here I am again ๐Ÿ˜› A lil' background this time - I've been running Inaros/Volt with melee builds as my go-to choices for most of my playtime, and while I certainly love playing them (something about playing a tanky melee character just clicks with me) I guess I just want to freshen things up a bit. I was still farming for Saryn when I realized I have picked up all components for Valkyr Prime just from randoms pubs, and while I could complete her I can also trade for a Wukong Prime. Both Valkyr and Wukong seem like good dedicated melee frames, so lets start there. I'm a little less clear on this one since both of them seem to be, as previously mentioned, dedicated melee frames with plenty of survivability/tankiness. The only real differences I can see between them are that Valkyr seems better for teamplay given her buff from 2 and cc potential, as well as being better at raw survivability considering the damage immunity and lifesteal from her 4 whereas Wukong seems better at solo-play(?) with his 1 along with being more mobile with his 2. Then again, Valkyr has Ripline while Wukong has damage immunity of his own, plus I'm unsure as to which abilities/stats to focus on when modding either of them so there's that. As before, any general tips on how to play/build these frames (and which one to get first) would be appreciated. Also, just feel like putting this out there - I'll eventually get both frames (along with their regular versions) anyway for mastery xp so no need to get too much into which one is better or worse, I'm just interested in hearing some ideas/opinions about what each frame does and what kind of role/playstyle they are suitable for.
  3. Anyone care to explain what exactly this facetanking toxic lash build is? As an Inaros main with a CO-focused orthos prime, I think this might make it easier for me to understand Saryn instead of the spore/miasma shenanigans.
  4. That explains it pretty well. I was only curious because in all the reddit threads and youtube videos I've seen, literally not a single person has recommended anything other than 200% str for the guaranteed corrosive procs, but what you're saying makes sense as well. Guess I'll have to try it out myself. Also, the other thing I was hoping someone would address is her build variations. Is she one of those frames that has to utilize all of her abilities to be useful (like Harrow for eg.) or can she be built around certain abilities? Spore+miasma is what I see most people talk about, though I've seen people within this thread mention tankier builds focusing on toxic lash and I'm curious how that would work considering my strong preference of tank/durable frames.
  5. As I said, I'm not familiar with how the spore spreads and thought she has to recast her 1 but I've got that cleared up now so no worries there. What you say about power strength is interesting because it gives her 1 upto a 100% chance of a corrosive proc, plus it affects the damage bonus from her 3. Most builds I found also seem to recommend at least 200% power strength, so sacrificing it seems like you're losing out on damage but maybe I'm missing something here. Does she have different builds to play around her different abilities?
  6. This definitely helps a lot! A couple of things about Saryn though - - Most Saryn builds I find run pretty low efficiency. Does she not need energy that much? Tbh I'm not familiar with her spore-spreading mechanic and was assuming she spams her abilities and would require Hunter Adrenaline or something. - Speaking of spreading spores, what kind of weapons are good for her? I have an Orthos Prime condition overload build as my go to melee weapon, and I think it should fit right in with Saryn as she has built in corrosive/viral procs, but I'm not sure what primary(s) synergize with her abilities. - Kinda random thought that just came to my head, but how does Mirage compare to these two? I've heard she's a pretty good DPS frame too.
  7. Obviously Saryn Prime has been unvaulted so I'm trying to farm her, but I also have enough plat to get a Mesa Prime. I'm not gonna ask which is the better frame because the answer will simply be "both are good in different situations" or something like that, so instead I'm here to ask about what exactly differentiates the two. From my understanding, Mesa is better as a focused/single-target damage-dealer, whereas Saryn is more of an AoE nuker or something like that. Tbh I've been looking for something to help with boss fights, and not sure which one to get first so yeah. Any other tips on either frame and how they work/how to play them will be appreciated ๐Ÿ™‚
  8. Seems relly cool! I've been thinking of going purple+gold on a black base as well. Too bad I don't have the incubus skin ๐Ÿ˜›
  9. I've been trying to make a good setup with the prime skin for a while, but I keep going back to the default colors (white+gold just looks too good). Any fresh ideas would be greatly appreciated ๐Ÿ™‚
  10. Modding this guy has been really confusing for me, although I'm starting to think I have some idea of what I want to do with him now. So far, here's what I'm working with - Vitality for hp, obviously. Flow + Hunter Adrenaline to keep my mana up. Intensify, Power Drift and Transient Fortitude for Power Str. Continuity to offset the -dur from TA, plus I like the extra dur on my 3 and 4. Stretch for extra range. I'm aware of its downsides with my 1, but I still like it for my 2. Aura can be whatever - mostly I run Corrosive Projection. That leaves me with one last mod slot, and a LOT of option that I can't choose from. Again, here's what I'm considering: Steel/Umbral Fiber. On one hand I kinda don't need it because of my 3, on the other hand I can combine it with Umbral Intensify/Vitality for some strong bonuses when I have all those and extra tankiness outside of my 3 (or if I'm linked to an ally) isn't exactly bad. Blind rage for more Power Str. It puts my power str at a pretty impressive 339 so all the extra damage is nice, however I'm still not sure about giving up that much efficiency since my initial build is mostly focused around not having any negative stats. With this mod my 1+2 combo costs 100 energy, and I still find myself running low once in a while by spamming my 1 too much and like not having to spend any more energy than I have to. Or it could be just me being somewhat new to playing him still, since I'm running Flow+HA I guess I shouldn't have any energy issues. Augur Secrets for the same Power Str, the bonus is a lot lower but no negatives which I really like tbh. Larva Burst for the augment, being able to explode my 2 at any moment seems pretty handy. I haven't seen many people mention it so I'm not sure about its actual effectiveness. Fleeting Expertise might be an unusual one, but from what I can tell - the boost in efficiency makes my 1+2 extremely spammable (only 26 energy total), so even if I'm not hitting 4-5 enemies with each cast of my 1 I can still be quite liberal with it. At the same time, while duration does go down it doesn't affect me that much imo because even at -68% duration (assuming Primed Continuity maxed) my 3/4 have rather respectable duration. Any advice relating to these mods is welcome ๐Ÿ™‚
  11. Looking for some feedback on a Volt build focused on using close-range combat. So far the mods I'm planning to get the following: Steel Charge Power Drift Primed Flow, Continuity and Vigor Intensify Narrow Minded Shocking Speed Redirection Transient Fortitude With this setup I have 520hp/1440 shields which should be somewhat reasonable for survivability, 200% power str and 226% power dur to keep my Speed going as long as possible. The 34% ability range means Discharge will suffer, but as I said I don't plan on using anything other than Speed much so I'm kinda ok with that. Any feedback on this would be appreciated. I mostly plan on using this with something like Galatine and Tigris to focus on close range combat and fully abuse the attack/reload speed buff.
  12. As the title states, its just something I was a little curious about when I realized you can get ability augment mods for Harrow from Arbiters of Hexis as well as Red Veil. Harrow (and Rell) is basically worshipped by Red Veil, and if I understand Rell's backstory correctly then he has every reason to hate the Tenno. So it makes sense he and his disciples aka Red Veil are 100% against the Arbiters who pretty much worship the Tenno. Speaking of which, the AoH are all about reaching the true potential of Tenno and rising above their role as warriors only, so how come they favor Harrow who basically worships the Void? Then again, I'm not fully caught up on all the lore connecting Tenno and the Void so maybe I'm missing something. I'm also aware that he's not the only frame favored by opposing factions (Ash/Loki/Volt are also favored by both Red Veil and AoH, Oberon is favored by Meridian/Loka, Octavia by Loka/Sudan, etc.) but I guess I'm just curious to hear some ideas ๐Ÿ™‚ edit: read the replies, seems like the favored warframes for each faction don't really have anything to do with lore and i was probably overthinking the Harrow/Red Veil thing. Ty for the replies people ๐Ÿ‘
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