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  1. I am just happy I did looted the Harrow System before Vazarin changes - good luck saving the Artificial Idiots with your fancy Void powers now, noobs newbies. And I am not happy about this "we just slow your Railjack down to half" thing. Be slow at speed-based movements parkour game sucks. Even more with the whole "Void-drives from the High-Tech Orokin Era" backstory.
  2. First I was like "hey nice, a glitching reality-breaking wf!" but then I realized that warping through objects, ceilings and ground won't be that fun... So, well. Passive: Void Bonds. Adds new resource: void energy. Slowly regains void energy bar meter, up to 100%. Consumes any nearby void energy disturbance (like operator's amp's shooting) to significantly faster fill the void energy bar, up to 100%. When the void energy bar is at 100%, consumes all the stored void energy to regain +1 ressurection attempt. Bypasses the Arbitration's "One death" restriction. 1. Void overcharge Channelling (1 sec, can't be shorten), can be used while other actions, channeling breakes if got any status effect. Consumes energy, consumes void energy. On enemy: applies a short void damage dot effect, applies void status effect. On ally: clears of any status effects, for a short time applies a status immunity, for a short time any melee attack of ally or on ally makes a small aoe void damage pulse around ally. On self: slowly charges void energy bar over time, can get over 50%, can't be re-applied while in the effect. 2. Taclical disassemblance Instant cast, consumes energy, consumes void energy. Can be overcharged when at 100% void energy bar by holding dowh the ability hotkey. Warframe busrsts into pieces, dealing moderate phisical damage pulse in large aoe. Breakes containers and cameras. Knocks down (stuns?) enemies in the line of sight. After 1 sec re-assembles back. Immune to damage and statuses while in the effect. If overcharged, greatly increases damage dealt, slightly increases knock down effect duration, consumes all the stored void energy, counts as death (caster can self-ressurect like normal). 3. Void shielding. Instant cast, consumes void energy. Clears of any status effects, while under effect gets status immunity (status procs reduce the remaining duration of the effect), gets a small aoe void damage aura, gets % damage reduction (% depends on power strength). The effect does't fill caster's void energy bar. 4. Sacrifice of the Old War Soldier. Usable on ally within affinity range only, channeling (5 sec, can't be shorten), counts as death (no affinity/reputation gains). Consumes 100% void energy (can't be reduced). Warframe falls into pieces, releasing inner void energy, that applies to the targeted ally (grants translucent silhouette over the target), giving it all the frame current mods' bonuses, boosting targeted ally stats (if have any) like health, armor, shields, power strength/efficiency/range/duration, movement, parkour and holster speed (except augment buffs; aura buffs counts; final energy efficiency can't be over 175%). target can't die while under the effect; target's health goes down at 5% per sec rate (can't be reduced, can be healed). if target's health drops to zero, target gets fully healed, but the effect ends. The effect can't be cancelled on wish, only through time-out or health-loss. After the effect ends, caster can self-ressurect like normal.
  3. "To recover"? Are you sure about that? There were a ton of easier ways to "recover" max ranks for Arcanes - like giving any player a full duplicate tab of arcanes that player had at the moment. Just like the Scarlet Spear Credits Letter of Luck two weeks ago. And yes, Scarlet Spear is not a "Sentient Arcanes" type of event. Scarlet Spear is a "Sentient Enemies" type of event. Also, Syndicates are like Fractions at some ways. Why should Quills sell stuff from Arbiters of Hexis?
  4. Why should they be included? Arbitration Arcanes are from Arbitrations, and the Scarlet Spear event is not connected to Arbitrations afair. Why not? It can be because "Sentient Arcanes" are far, far more popular then "Arbitration Arcanes", or there could be some Arbitration-related fix or event further or later. Or it can be good enough without any steps to easy the way to obtain "Arbitration Arcanes" - just to make the market great again after this ten-times-cheaper-now shock about "Sentient Arcanes".
  5. Well, you know, Arbitration Arcanes are from Arbitrations, and Sentient Hunt Arcanes from Scarlet Spear event are just the same ones you obtain from Sentient Hunt on Plains of Eidolon. So I guess Little Duck sells only Arcanes obtainable from Sentien Hunt, due to we are doing Sentient Hunts at the Scarlet Spear event, not Arbitrations. Still no sense here?
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