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  1. I love the Kitguns, Zaws and Primary Kitguns. I love the idea of as much of my kit being customized as possible. My Primary is my: Rattleguts, Splat, Shrewd Kitgun - the M41A Reaper My secondary is my: Catchmoon, Bashrack, Lovetap Kitgun - Kloudkicker My melee is my: Sephan, Shtung, Vargeet II Jai Zaw - Soulreaver
  2. Apologies for repeating old ideas. Bad forum etiquette on my part. And I do see everyone's point. although I was thinking, Revenant's 2, Protea's 3 and ember's 4, for me. Not at all great but I prefer the mesmer skin to the iron skin. and embers four doesn't require me to mod and forma an exalted weapon.
  3. I had an idea for a modular Warframe: Small quest to find rare warfame blueprint of unfinished warframe. Passive and first ability decided by DE. Second, third and fourth abilities are based on the neuroptics, systems and chassis chosen from three different warframes. Those three parts chosen by the player. This gives the player the ability to choose which 3 abilities they want to customize their warframe according to their playstyle.
  4. Warframe passive: 1 additional revive by default 1st: "Rocket Punch" Your fist becomes a grenade and your arm, the grenade launcher. Deals explosive damage in 5 meter radius from impact. Fist reassembles after detonation. 2nd: "No pain, no gain" For duration, convert 10% of all damage taken to health into power strength. Power strength held until expended by next warframe ability. 3rd: "Raw Deal" Sacrifice all shields, radial discharge strips all nearby enemies of all shields and armor 4th: "Temporary Sacrifice" Self-destruct, exlposion carries shrapnel doing puncture damagfe to all enemies in range Warframe reassambles self, after exploding. Self-destruct does not "down", broken warframe.
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