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  1. 1. When using turrets in railjack missions, with the rank 2 gunnery, after using a turret upon leaving the turret, the ship interior is no longer visible. Only the turrets and doors are visible. Everything else is like looking into space. 2. On PC using xbox controller, i can interact with everything using the 'X' button on the controller, but cannot leave/ dismount/exit, turrets or the pilot seat using the 'X' button on the controller. I must use the 'X' key on the keyboard.
  2. I dont have pistol pestilence yet. but I will test it when I pick it up. Thanks for the tip. The build as I have it now, performs great.
  3. My Catchmoon - Lovetap - Bashrack, is a complete beast. it handles index, arena, sorties, most content without issue. but I did forma 6 times. My current build: All mods maxed Hornet Strike, Barrel Diffusion, Primed Pistol Gambit, Target cracker, Heated Charge, Pathogen rounds, Augur Pact, Lethal torrent, Lethal momentum. I'm waiting for Baro Keteer to come back with Primed target Cracker, to replace the regular one.
  4. I was thinking this exact same thing. I'm all for the grind for the frame, and the alt grind to crack relics for the prime variant. but it would be able to fuse the two. I wouldn't even need the forma as many prime frames have additional polarities beyond their base models. But not having to buy an additional warframe slot, or choose to sell the original frame and waste the potato, would be nice.
  5. To all Console players. People complaining about Liches stealing loot on missions, are being dishonest about the content. The nodes on which the Lich has influence are the only nodes where your loot can be stolen. Even on those nodes, you have the option to run the mission as a normal mission. Just like nightmare missions give the option to still allow you to run a given node as a normal mission. When people complain about having this forced on them, they are flat out misrepresenting the facts.
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