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  1. I just started railjack missions and Scarlet Spear, and my Amesha holds ok. Yes it wont tank that much, but its not one shot either and you got your abilities. Im lvl 29 and got many mods to make it more durable.
  2. Thats the big problem with Rivens : there so many variants it shard to put a price and sell. I use https://riven.market/list/PC to get an idea and to sell/buy. Its isnt perfect but it thelps alot.
  3. Hi so with a friend we just recenlty started doing railjack missions, and specially operation scarlet spear ones. I will describe in points my problem. 1-When we start the space Scarlet mission sometimes we got some resources in forges. 2-We do one Scarelet space mission (9 uploads) and when im teleported back to the railjack and the mission is completed, another one starts. 3- When we check forges at this stage they are tottaly empty, not even the scraps from before. So the question is, is this normal? Can we somehow donate for example pustrels from our inventory (i got 460)? IF not how do people manage to chain the murex Scarelt space missions, whats the idea, we run out of Revolite, we got no recoursces in the forge, so we cant repair and then we are done. Thanks:)
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