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  1. Overall i will ahve to play to judge, but small remark as an avid Valkyr player: if heavy attacks will just heal anyone, and anyone will have this tactical currency often, then Valkyr Hysteria lost a lot of its uniqness and appeal, with its 5% life steal. Please think about buffing up hysteria somehow.
  2. Thank you DE , the toroid bug drove m mad, it was just the last component i needed to build Garuda, after like a month of gathering other ingredients
  3. Yea:) Thank you DE. I dont have time tonight but will check it tommorow. If somebody checks it, please post the result for the rest of us:)
  4. I need 2 freaking sola toroids to build Garuda. I have been planing an exact date with standings, other materials.It took me around a month with my play time to assmeble. I have everything else. We tried today with a friend to farm the Kyta Raknoids, to get the 2 sola toroids. We fought for 1,5 hours just before the temple of profit, killed 5 of them (we are new players only mastery level 6, and we got a rule not to buy anything beside cosmetics for real money), not one sola toroid. Im not saying the Kyta are bugged, prolly hadnt luck on these 20 % drop chance... but honestly screw that.Without the normal enemies droppping it , its not a grind, its a torture. Im just frustrated as hell. I got better things to do in my free time.
  5. Question is is this a bug or a feature:)? As I havent heard about it in any update notes , i would guess its rather a bug then an intended nerf.
  6. I can atest on sunday i couldnt get any sola toroids from normal enemies just at the entrance to temple of profit. I got one Calda toroid from the medium crab robot thing, thats all. I felt really cursed as its the last ingredient i need to build Garuda , for which i gathered ingredients for a month i think:(
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