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  1. Finally, i was concerned why my fresh off the market railjack had rust on the inside, i felt like the salesperson i talked to robbed me blind
  2. Huzzah, you see what i meant, usually i'm condemned as a heretic when it comes to my opinions on things but huzzah, you see what i'm getting at. You have a good point too, i never thought of the mobility standpoint of some weapons (dual zoran dash....those were the days) when they gain a stance mod. Now we just need a developer to see this as well as the rest of the community.
  3. You know how when you get a melee weapon, it has its own special moveset that you use until you stick a stance mod into the weapon and changed everything. Why dont we have a stance mod, that keeps the weapons basic attacks combos. An example, is the "stropha" my favorite gunblade, (like everyone else), when used at first, with no stance mods, its attacks were the basic shooting of its gun with mild stabbing. I enjoyed the way it felt as I didn't have the rare stance mods that were 100 plat on the market at the time. But once I had them, I began to miss the old days of how the attacks felt.
  4. I wonder who got lucky enough to get the requiem mod before it dissappeared
  5. Just got the update started, bought all the things, immeditate hotfix, excellent job catching things so fast after the update
  6. A rifle riven mod: Complete a defence mission with level 30 or higher eneimies with the defence objective taking no damage with the hobbled dragon key equipped No other requirments, no other solo or not, Performed 2 missions with it and it said it was done, gave me the 5k exp and when i got back, still veiled and on my gun, i have the key equipped, used frost prime, on "Hydron" level 30-40 enimies
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