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  1. thx for clan that made it to dojo available and they share.it still first biggest DE brain fart,rest is history and soo much in the Future.Im sure they can beat that beside Hema
  2. il y'a aussi les ''gosses if you euro its kids,but in some part of DE country means BALLZ
  3. american VS euro they have Gas in cummon
  4. for older player forma,,lol aint gonna destroy a build on DE fantacy if there is to be forced to do something that I have already done,seem like a tendency
  5. herno but Im on scherule or was till this week,to me its a tutorial based on a recycling bin of fails. i dont speak for other
  6. their math is wrong and done with it,,soo that means I lost 6 week of doing BS nice job
  7. AFTER all these years I still love this song
  8. special warframe for me b4 they made relay and open world and adding on tons of skin i will limit myself too that/lol Oberon special if no nekros use shadows that would be special if they look at it
  9. if I don't reach 30 its my last run,not that care aabout drop,care about my time
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