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  1. Sedna disruption felt on first run to round 8 much better than Jupiter, since the new Jupiter enemies are just so much harder than what's on Sedna, no matter what the listed level on the enemy says. Mostly because new Jupiter & its new enemies are just way too hard for the level they are supposed to be in. The Amalgam Demolysts were just way too tanky, damage incoming from even the plebian Corpus enemies & status/knockdown spam is way too high for their level and rolling an Eximus swarm curse basically ends the round in a failure way too often because very few players can kill the things in time. It's a node taking more effort & concentration than something like survival arbitrations and similar gear past Jupiter disruption round 4. This in general is something that makes me wonder about new player retention once they hit the Jupiter brick wall. Also why is the Demolyst audio cue in mono audio? The only way to determine where those Demolysts are coming from (before the marker pops up), is to move between the audio cue events and wonder if it was louder now or before, instead rotating the view around and listen for the stereo sound just like you'd do when looking for mining spots without the map marker.
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