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  1. Can confirm, our squad just lost the mission twice because of the defense target randomly clipping through the snow and falling down. The spot it kept falling through is the snow mound between the interception equivalents of point A and D. Edit: As others suggested already in other threads by the looks of it, use loki with switch teleport to keep the target in one spot and prevent it from wandering off. This issue might not get fixed until the sortie resets so it seems to be the only workaround.
  2. When trying to unlock the exilus slot on Tenora Prime while having at least one Weapon Exilus Adapter in my inventory (have 4 right now) the game prompts me to a Appearance slot purchase pop-up for 10 platinum instead of asking me to use one of the adapters. Accepting the prompted message doesn't purchase an expected appearance slot, it does instead indeed unlock the exilus slot but it consumes 10 platinum instead of one of the adapters from my inventory or instead of the regular 20 platinum required for an adapter.
  3. What about the bugged (?) "Feed the Beast" nightwave weekly which is still rewarding 1500 standing instead of the usual 4500? Been two weeks and two patches. Isn't it just a small number tweak? Or is the 1500 standing "intended"?
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