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  1. sure there are ways.... if you have access to these mechanics I just doubt that everyone has access to these.
  2. Sure using an Arcane would work.... but only helps players which actually have the Arcane and have it in a tier that has enough resistance. And even then it is no full protection. Such a messed up game mechanic should not exist in first place. Ive seen entire teams getting whiped over and over again due to this crap.
  3. During the past 27 void storm missions I earned a total of exactly 0 holokeys. What a joy to play the most annoying and lengthy game modes for literally 0 rewards (except for tons of duplicate crap).
  4. My logs show regular instances of +20000 damage done to me prior being insta killed. Impossible to improve health to such a level and Adaption due to its scaling nature has little to no effect on single instance damage sources with such high values. This does not have anything to do with skill when you are instantly being killed within a fraction of a second. There is not even time to react between the moment the damage icon shows up and being killed.
  5. He is right, the instant kill crap lately is getting out of hands. Sisters keep insta killing players non-stop and most of them don't even know how they were killed or by what. The game just does not tell anyone what just happened. Ppl dont have their eyes nonstop on the icons nor are they able to tell the difference between all the thousand visual effects that happen on their screens. Sometimes I have the entire screen full of particle crap from weapons that I barely can see what happens there. And without any indication players for sure can't tell which of the 20 enemies in the room is responsible for the kill/debuff... etc. That makes it hard to learn how to counter these kinds of issues.
  6. so... what are our chances to get the "ceremonial Tannukai Longsword Skin and Tannukai Armor Set"? I mean, we clicked on the Tenno relay... we were in a relay the entire time, watched the show on twitch.... etc. Not our fault that the servers did not work.
  7. That might be true but we have absolutely no way to get into the correct relay, we click on the tennocon relay and end up on an empty one which most certainly is not the correct one. Every year the same tech problems.
  8. tried to join the Tennocon Relay but there are connection issues and when I get in it is totally empty It says "TennoLive relay 1" but it somehow looks wrong.
  9. was kicked out, now I can't receive any updates on the launcher ;(
  10. No, I actually think the issue is the time. I went through some of the most insane grinds of this game already... with other weapons close to equally hard to get. In the end DE often used to lower the criteria to get these items after months or years. I think it would be better to spare us players with the frustration and start with reasonable criteria to begin with. And if there is a weapon that is hard to get you at least should have other useful rewards in the reward pool to make the grind path a bit more bearable. In case of this weapon the other rewards are just trash that nobody needs. On top of that situation is the messed up design of this mission. A Railjack survival C rotatoin. That means only a small chance after +20mins. If you do a public game and the host leaves you might even get kicked prior reaching that C rotation. This is a totally messed up design. It is absurd to expect players to play such if they are constantly at risk of being kicked out before reaching the point where they potentially might get the desired reward. Railjack missions by default are already longer due to the initial railjack part for which we barely get rewarded... which would be another reason to say that time is an issue. Generally I even think that it is ridiculous that you can farm the plat to buy the weapon significantly faster than to get the item in the regular way.
  11. Every season the same non-sense. Players spent their time to make progress and won't get any rewards. Having fixed NW ranks is crap... leave them open and running until the season/intermission is over so players actually have a reason to keep doing NW.
  12. legendary ranks look like being a n00b again the rewards are miserable, now the way how to treat a "legend"
  13. Sure we wasted +1000 hours farming other items in warframe... more precisely 640 other items ... which is if you put it into perspective not even much grind per item. At least not compared to the 45-80 hours for just that ONE item.
  14. observed exactly the same no acolytes on steel path exterminates, no matter how long you wait On steel path defense the acolytes spawn after 5 minutes but when you play Steel path incursions such defense missions are usually over after 3-4 minutes, so you also wont see an acolyte in such missions. DE, that is terrible mission design.
  15. Well, after ~30 opened relics I have 19 holokeys. But I got 8 Savagoth parts I don't even need. The grind is real. Since the latest Railjack revisited I don't even like Railjack anymore because of the changes to energy which limits which frames to use (but that is a different story). I guess I'll stop doing these void storms completely if they take twice the amount of time to open a relic compared to normal missions and the reward structure being such terrible.
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