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  1. Got an answer to my ticket that I should check the forum for updates regarding the missing reward and that the ticket is now closed. Are there any updates on this topic? I mean... Forum tells "open a ticket". Ticket tells "check the Forum" Hmmm?!?
  2. Same. Any info on how long it might take?
  3. Same, played the quiz and was not able to put in the email anywhere. Judging by the chat MANY people seemed to have this problem.
  4. Same, played the quiz and was not able to put in the email anywhere. Judging by the chat MANY people seemed to have this problem.
  5. You nerf the Xoris... good... but then at least do your job and bring the exalted weapons in line with the Melee 3.0 meta. Right now exalted melee weapons in this game suck because we are not allowed to use the mods which we can put on normal melee weapons. Why would I waste energy on an exalted weapon when an ordinary build on a normal melee weapon does the same or even a better job. Xoris was a great way to compensate that flaw. Tell us the reason why we can't use mods like weeping wounds or blood rush on our exalted weapons. What is the point of normal melee weapons being able to use these mods while the exalted weapons are not allowed to use them? Whats the point and in literally downgrading these warframe abilities and therefore even these warframes? I want to understand it why it is more important to you to nerf a weapon than to bring the exalted weapons in line with the melee 3.0 meta. Either keep the Xoris the way it is or for gods sake finally allow us to use ALL the melee mods on the exalted melee weapons. Nerf the Xoris and you will have plenty of angry players but the fundamental problems with the exalted weapons remain. The issues with the missing mods remain, the issues with people using other methods to achieve exactly the same the Xoris was able to do remains. With the decision as it is you are not going yourself a favor here @DE.
  6. well over 100 runs for the chassis so far and no luck 59 ± 20 C Rotations nearly guaranteed yeah... "nearly" and the systems blueprint is far out of reach
  7. I generally have the feeling that the game after the Deadlock Protocol update has become MUCH more difficult in certain game modes. My companion pets get killed every 30 seconds in ESO beginning with wave 6 eventhough they have very high health and armor values. My own health is melting away at ridiculous rates even in a very tanky build. Never before I had such issues and it looks like other players suffer similar issues since they keep dying and leave ESO after just a few waves. For me it is almost impossible to reach the C Rotation since the Deadlock protocol update. It is almost as if there is something wrong with armor calculations. I usually play two ESO runs per day till wave 8... but this no longer seems to be possible.
  8. ESO beyond wave 6 has become unplayable since no matter how much armor and health you put on a frame or pet... enemies are going to one-shot it
  9. Ran into a similar issue. I played ESO just before Deadlock Protocol was released. Everything was fine. Then I played exactly the same missions after the release and the enemies were hitting like a truck. My Kavat which never had any survival issues in any kind of mission was getting killled every 30 seconds and even in my tanky frame I had serious problems staying alive. It was exactly the same ESO mission layout... just a few hours later. Other players also kept dying over and over until they left the team. I tried it today and the situation did not get any better. It is like there is something wrong with armor... almost as if there is no armor at all.
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