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  1. Day 1: Mother Day 2: Orokin Day 3: Void Day 4: Flight Day 5: Corpus Day 6: Stealth Day 7: Warrior Day 8: Deimos Day 9: Luck Day 10: Resource Day 11: Infested Day 12: Torment
  2. They sent out a script because so many people who watched TennoCon never received the drop. Basically, if you logged into Warframe the day of TennoCon, you received an Athodai and Hydroid Prime.
  3. I've only been playing for roughly 2 years now but they seem to show up shortly before Warframe's anniversary
  4. He's raising his hand politely to ask a question
  5. Side note I also put it in the "redeem code" section in the in-game market and got the decoration because I too had no idea where to redeem the code.
  6. You'll most likely have to reach out to support. Their replies will be slower given Tennocon just occurred, but they'll be able to assist with your issue eventually I'm sure.
  7. I've also run into this - I made this post back in March about the issue; it's a known issue, but with no fix. I haven't had the motivation to rerun the quest to see if rng will be kind.
  8. I think you have to talk to the Quills
  9. When looking at the bundle, I bought the Kavat Genetic Code because I didn't need anything else from the bundle. It said 10x, but maybe it only gives all 10 if you buy the entire bundle? Warframe really be doing me a confusion :(
  10. I've noticed sometimes the Lich's remain there, or become invisible. It's absolutely wild when they're invisible and supposed to be gone but can damage you. Although they don't chase you and appear to be stationary as, once you leave the area where the Lich "disappeared", it no longer damages you.
  11. Not sure how much that transaction costs for credits, but if you're unable to determine where the credits went I'd suggest filling out a support ticket. They might be able to deduce the cause of the random credit disappearance.
  12. This has happened to me as well - it unequips items randomly and then I'll have to manually put them all back. I honestly thought it was just me, or I fumble-fingered and hit some sort of insta-clear button that I didn't know about.
  13. Well that's frustrating. If it makes you feel better, I had to crack the Rhino Prime Blueprint relic, fully radiated, over 30 times before I finally got the blueprint to drop. 3,000 void traces down the drain. Kinda ridiculous, but RNGesus hates me. I would suggest double checking the drop table for the relic you're cracking, and screenshot the screen when you're choosing your reward at the end of the fissure. That way, you'll know 100% if you're receiving drops that aren't even included in the relic's stated drop table. G'luck Tenno.
  14. TYPE: In-Game Market DESCRIPTION: I had 1 Kavat Genetic Code, so I went to the Market to buy some so I could get the necessary DNA to make a Kavat. I had 6 platinum, so I spent the 5 needed for the 10x Kavat Genetic Code. After the purchase, I went to my Incubator to make a Kavat, only to discover I received 2 Genetic Codes from the purchase. VISUAL: Only shows 3 Kavat Genetic Codes being owned REPRODUCTION: Try buying 10x Kavat Genetic Code from the Market. EXPECTED RESULT: I should have received 10x Kavat Genetic Code upon purchase. OBSERVED RESULT: I only recei
  15. I've also had this happen. Host migrations are the bounty breakers, and trying to finish the current bounty, or do another one, results in 0 bounty rewards. (This happens in both the Plains of Eidolon and the Orb Vallis)
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