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  1. Most of the Khora helmets are still misaligned pretty badly on the Urushu skin. Mithra looks especially bad, since she basically has like a centimeter long chin, compared to the Urushu Helmet looking totally normal and aligned properly. Any chance of fixing the alignments for that skin? Also, Nikana Skins on Zaws are still very broken, Tonfa Hip Holster is a joke, and there are dozens of frames where armor pieces like Syrinx Leg Plates are asymmetrical despite the frame themselves being symmetrical (Such as Ivara). I'd love to see some fixes on those.
  2. What it says on the tin. For the record, these are the default positions of the Hip Holster for Tonfas, and trying to play with the options still doesn't even get them to a symmetrical position. Whoever set the range of positions for these things either did a horrifyingly bad job, or something went terribly wrong. This is even on the Ash Noble animation set, which has a perfectly upright pose and should showcase the Holster without any odd poses making it only seem poorly placed. Every other Holster is totally fine, too. It's just this one. Perhaps fix this, DE?
  3. The issue of Melee isn't just the attack speed. It's the power creep of incredibly powerful mods like Condition Overload, Blood Rush, and their interactions with the Melee Combo Multiplier. Melee atm has many systems which directly offer LUDICROUS amounts of stacking damage just by way of using Melee. I have a near God Roll Ferrox Riven, a weapon designed to be a high powered, single shot railgun, with a pretty damn solid build, but it can't kill 1 Heavy in more than like 3 seconds and 2 shots. Meanwhile I can just use almost any melee weapon and kill like 10 Heavies in the same amount of time
  4. So effectively what you're saying is that you want to be able to swap loadouts mid mission for the (pretty much) sole purpose of having more abilities active at a time, without relying on your teammates disconnecting. All I can say is that if you're MR30 and are having trouble with long Solo Endless missions and need 12 more abilities and weapons to do them reliably and comfortably, you my friend, need to invest a lot more into the frames you have. Even if you're just wanting it as a fun little thing you can do, it serves little to no purpose in-game, given that literally almost any frame c
  5. Definitely enjoy this idea. I think perhaps Tidal Surge could be fused with Undertow, turning Hydroid into a mass of invulnerable water that can envelop and drown enemies, dragging them with him for the duration of the ability. Or, you could work it to be a Tap and Hold ability, where tapping the ability sends the Tidal Surge away from Hydroid as a separate entity, while holding it allows him to travel with it. Tidal Surge has a lot more potential as an ability other than a budget Rolling Guard, and I think it deserves more love than just being steerable. Just offering my own ideas, that's
  6. Title says it all. I'm currently working on a Khora build involving Fire Blast for easy armor strips. Problem is, I have 2 builds, one focused on High Strength that says RIP to duration, and one that focuses on Duration and Range for Pilfering Strangledome. That's secondary to the point, though. The main issue is that for my Strangledome build, I infuse Fire Blast over Ensnare. However, this also means that to have Fire Blast on my Whipclaw build, it MUST be placed over Ensnare, even though my Strangledome on that build is virtually useless and has a mere 3 second duration. In order to corr
  7. I have upwards of 7 forma in at least 5 weapons and at least 4-5 in most that I use regularly
  8. I'm not saying that these would be applicable with the stats or ideas I've presented EXACTLY. I'm saying at least offering something SIMILAR to what Melee has, with stats adjusted to not be absolutely broken, would be nice and would make high level content NOT braindead. I can already take a Bramma or a Nukor into most missions and sweep my crosshair across a group of enemies and finish the mission just as braindead as someone with a melee weapon. But for higher level content it's often not an option at all.
  9. If greatly increasing the crit chance and damage through status of less desirable weapons to the point that they can compete with the absurdly high damage bonuses that Melee receives is "doing nothing meaningful" then we are on completely different pages when it comes to why melee is dominant. (as for the whole aoe thing, fair point I misinterpreted.) Melee is not intrinsically strong without their mods, and Secondaries are stronger than Primaries because of their mods as well. Offering similar bonuses for weapons that simply don't have access is exactly what needs to happen for guns to be
  10. Sounds like someone literally didn't read the part where I mentioned that AoE ranged weapons suck at getting headshots reliably and wouldn't actually benefit as much from the mod change, or the part where I said that a nerf wasn't even necessary to do. This does, however, confirm my suspicions that many Warframe players cannot read.
  11. Melee, as it stands, is hands down, the best weapon type in the game, largely due to mods like Condition Overload and Blood Rush. My ideas to combat this, and make other weapon types competitive with Melee's ludicrous damage output in high levels, without ruining balancing for lower level missions, is fourfold. One: Rework "On Headshot gain X% Critical Chance while aiming" mods, such as Argon Scope, to "On 3-5 Consecutive Headshots, gain 30-50% Critical Chance for 8 Seconds. (Max 8 Stacks)" This would allow Critical based Guns to have the ability to scale their damage just like Mel
  12. Mag Gauss? Was this not already in here or did you instead mean "Gauss Mag"? Those two were meant for each other XD
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