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  1. So the same progress on PC as in Nintendo ? Like ! Time for back to Warframe i think
  2. https://trials.wf/player/?user=crispu
  3. honestly if you "eliminate" the Trials, a lot of players would leave this great game. For my part I connect to Warframe only for the raids, I am not very fanatical of missions in Cetus. And if you ask: who are you, I think I have the authoritative voice as the only player who has almost 3k runs in the Law of Retribution I do not agree that you want to "put aside" the raids.
  4. El Glitch del espejismo ya no funciona ? xD
  5. Creo que dejé la valla bien alta con los cerca d 3k runs en Ley no ?
  6. IGN : crispu MR 23 4k hours + 2.2k+ runs LoR/ NM my best friend in Quasars is @--Q--Animan8000 D:
  7. Siguen llorando los que les quité su juguete?
  8. Los llorones aun siguen tristes porque les quité su juguete ? simple curiosidad
  9. A , E , I , O , U ... la vaca eres tú :v
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