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  1. A year ago I would have called this unneeded. This opinion of mine however has shifted to the opposition. The daily standing cap used to keep people from grinding out max rank in a faction too quickly, It may still serve such a purpose but that is not the point. The open worlds of Fortuna and PoE are only hindered by this now for new players wanting to grind and get a frame like Revanent or Garuda or Gauss or any frame that requires planetside mats to be built. a new player of MR 1-5 is going to see this and leave to do their main quest stuff and grind other things until they can easily gain their daily cap. an MR 6-10 may see this and have some issues with it. They have hit the mid point and now they want to farm out their planets and are stopped cold rather quickly. People have done the math to calculate standing gain and an hour of fishing alone give us more standing than even an MR 30 can collect. So tell me why the Devs have to rely on this now when so many people are still MR 1-9 and they have to deal with this daily cap? I think instead we should add ways to still earn while capped like sigils or increase the cap and add some more ranks with more items to get. bounties alone give fairly low standing and it's what most people run so I can see the argument there. But for players that are maxed for that day they should still be able to collect standing. I also think we should seperate standing from spending as well or at the very least make the BPs non-ranked required.
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