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  1. Within the past two hours, I’ve been attempting to fight the Exploiter Orb solo and once I put in the Diluted Thermia and the Exploiter Orb comes out beginning her dialogue, the HUD showing my weapon reticle, health/energy, mini-map, etc. all go away. I thought if I could hold out until the Exploiter Orb moved onto the phase in Orb Vallis, the HUD would come back, however this was not the case. Once out on Orb Vallis, I could not even pull up the world map. After aborting back into Fortuna and then reentering Orb Vallis, my HUD was all fine. However, once I attempted to redo the fight with the Exploiter Orb, the exact same issue occurred again. I’m not sure if others have experienced this issue, but I was able to replicate this instance twice consecutively.
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