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  1. Mine to but my nekros drop ended up getting sent to PC instead, even thought I only have playstion linked to my twitch. They claim they can't move it.
  2. And yet it did and I'm not the only one. I've seen other people say it's happened too. Again, I don't play on PC. You can believe it or don't but this is what happened. Try to remember that technology isn't perfect and will #*!% up like this. For all I know it's using my email and that's how it screwed up
  3. Wrong, never linked my PC account, again only ever linked PlayStation and warframe. Even when I unlinked Warframe from my twitch and relinked it, only PlayStation was linked
  4. Sorry title should be sent to wrong platform, no account
  5. So not sure where my last post went about this this, so let's try again. We all know about the issues with the drops from tennocon(or should at this point). Now I missed the streams from earlier in the day but I most certainly watched the 6pm stream that offered the nekros prime drop via twitch. I stayed for the entire stream but never got my prime. Now I remember last year with Ash prime and the headache that happened with that so I was patient and waited(note I had no other issue with Ash and got him just fine through twitch and it went right to my PS4). After finding a post saying the drop was sent to the wrong platform I downloaded the PC version of Warframe. Low and behold there was nekros prime....as well as the last 5 twitch drops(in my defense I wasn't really paying attention before lol). And what did DE say when I opened a ticket? " Thank you for bringing this to our attention! We're sorry to inform you that we cannot transfer/move the rewards once it has been delivered. To avoid this from happening again in the future, we advise you to unlink your PC Warframe Account from your Twitch Account. Sorry we couldn't be of more help!" So DE and/or twitch screwed up some how but it's our fault and they can't do anything about it. Should have noticed my drops missing before? Yes, but that doesn't change the fact that my twitch account is only liked to my playstation and Warframe and nothing should have gone to a platform that I haven't touched in years. Then DE has the nerve to blame us for the issue, thanks de, good looking out for your ninjas
  6. Why? They can just blow us off and act like it's all our fault, not sure how a twitch drop ends up on the wrong platform that isn't connected to twitch but hey.....
  7. And this happened to me with nekros prime, but de basically said oops oh well, u must not have been linked correctly and make sure your PC isn't linked. It isn't because when I joined twitch 3 years ago I wasn't playing on PC, in fact I haven't touched PC Warframe in years
  8. So I watch the tennocon live stream that ran at 6pm for the necros prime. I watched the entire stream and was patient about waiting for my necros. I remember last year with Ash and how the servers crashed, so I was fine waiting. A week passed and no necros. Then DE said they would be fixing and issue Monday that happened about people getting the ephemera but not necros. This isn't what happened but I was still patient. Looking through other forums I did find a few people who mentioned that their nekros showed up in a different account. Curious about this I downloaded Warframe through steam again. Now I haven't touched the OC version in years, pretty much right after I started I stopped. I get in to it finally and there he is, sitting on the wrong version of the game. My twitch is linked to my playstion and Warframe and that's about it. It was never linked to steam or any other platform. When I contacted DE I got a response that basically said oops oh well, make sure your twitch is linked and make sure your PC isn't linked, yea thanks. OC wasn't links, ever, and ps and Warframe was. So because they messed up and sent nekros to an account that wasn't being used or linked, I'm out a prime. Idk what pisses me off more, the fact they claim they can't/won't move it once it's sent or the fact they are essentially blaming us for their mess up. Idk ninjas what do you think?
  9. How about the ones whose nekros prime was sent to the wrong account. Mine was sent to mynpc account that I havent touched in years and it isn't linked with my twitch. Before anyone starts it, Yes I was linked correctly and yes I am positive of that. DE basically says it was my fault and to make sure I'm linked correctly. Well I was so......
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