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  1. Like, enough DPS without any Rivens to be able to kill, say, a level 155 Corrupted Heavy Gunner in 1 or 2 clips.
  2. Is the Ignis good? I know the wraith version of it is, but not sure about normal ignis.
  3. I wanna rank up MR quickly, so I can make the Silva n Aegis Prime as I have all the parts for it, and I read you get 1000 MR exp for completing a junction. Can I repeat it and get more MR exp?
  4. Exactly like the title says. Is Silva n Aegis Prime endgame viable? I've gotten the blueprint, blade, n hilt, and taken a interest to it, just missing the guard.
  5. guess i’ll die thanks for telling me except .02%.. oof.
  6. Im thinking of getting Fragor Prime as I already use the normal Fragor, which I like and decided to search up builds for Fragor / Fragor Prime. In one video, a tenno was using Crushing Ruin, a stance, but and they apparently drop from seekers which I have no idea spawn where. Any help is appreciated!
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