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  1. With regards to her 4, could the casting time be improved, and make it castable mid-air? It feels really cumbersome that you have to wait a solid second to cast her 4 to unsheath Ironbride and another half second for its first swing. Ironbride i does really good dps rn but these are the 2 things holding her back from being absolutely amazing, since it doesn't feel good when you're switching back and forth with her ironbride and your archgun as the time adds up when you do it regularly. This problem also gets worse if you're a client Would really appreciate these QoL changes.
  2. Currently enjoying Iperation Orphix Venom so far, and am loving using Bonewidow's Ironbride to DPS. One big gripe I have with her however is the fact that casting her 4 to bring her sword out takes forever. It's enough to be noticable in gameplay and really breaks the flow and fluidity of things when you switch back and forth with her Ironbride and your archgun, compared to Voiding that can just cast his Arquebex and start shooting, but for Bonewidow you have to wait a solid second to cast it and another have second for her first swing. This problem is even worse when you're a client, as
  3. Could the Casting speed / unsheathing time of Bonewidow's 4 - Ironbride be improved? It takes a significant amount of time longer to cast and be ready to go compared to Voidrig's arquebex which just casts for a split second and then you can start shooting, whilst Ironbride seems to take a full second, and then another have second for its first swing, so its pretty cumbersome to switch back and forth from your archgun to her exalted archmelee, and this problem is even worse as a client as the delay makes it even longer than it already is.
  4. Ironbride can hit damage in the hundreds of thousands but okay
  5. One major gripe about Bonewidow that i don't see people discussing enough is how the casting time of her 4 / how the time it takes her to unsheath her Ironbride takes FOREVER, especially for clients. Voidrig's artillery just takes a split second to activate but Bonewidow feels like it takes 3 whole seconds to activate her sword and by the time you do, your fellow voidrigs have already killed the orphix.... this is especially frustrating when you're in a squad with a ping higher than 100ms because its EVEN SLOWER... I also think her ironbride could use to have a faster attack speed
  6. Don't listen to the guy who says shotgun status and CO was nerf 'cause he's definitely on a DE hate boner. In realy they just changed how they work and so the builds are different, but they are still plenty strong (if not more so), and CO is still a beast. Everyone has already given solid advice with how to update builds so here's a tl;dr of the other new stuff to catch you up on since quite a lot has changed since then. Important ines highlighted in bold As far as I know - Release of Empyrean missions for railjack (launch was a disaster), along with a lot of mechanics that pert
  7. Update: apparently it also translates to in the French language version Can anyone confirm?
  8. Ah yes, it's called "having to aim". have you heard about it? Again, watch the three videos. but this time, slowly. See the levels two, and pay attention to them slowly, you know, especially the third one in the kuva fortress with the wonky geometry yet still nukes left and right? you guys are hilarious 🤣
  9. LOL, and even with a S#&$ty, build, you can CLEARLY see that he is still doing massive damage to numerous enemies. watch the video again, maybe you need to watch it a few times for it to absorb into your brain and comprehend it. oh nooo! but it doesn't hit the 2 or 3 grineer over there!!!1111 literally unplayable!!!! again, just goes to show some wf players need a braincell or two.
  10. LMAO you guys are still brain dead enough to complain about this huh. Im just gonna leave these here. Really goes to show how some wf players need a few braincells or two to borrow.
  11. So the now deleted reddit post in which- Is likely correct or at least close, and the reason for the variation in the line up of the code is due to language differences So if any of you get the transmissions where she mentions letters like Y-3 or N-7, also mention your language setting AND your region setting (we can never be too sure if that affects the code transmission as well)
  12. I have the same issue. In the middle of a mission my mire just seems to stop working altogether...
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