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  1. TYPE: In-Game, railjack missions. DESCRIPTION: Entering any point of interest or railjack from archwing or by using omni Recall causes Moa pets to take a big damage hit. Any shields are immediately drained (3.9k overshield went to 0) and triggers shield gate, if no shields puts pet into bleedout mode. Sometimes puts into bleedout mode even when Pet has shields. EXPECTED RESULT: Pet health should remain as it was last time pet was not stored for archwing mode. OBSERVED RESULT: If has shield, Pet loses all shield and triggers shield gate, sometimes goes straight to bleedout mode.
  2. Another fix she needs is her mirror doesn't currently block projectiles that have punchthrough, this makes her unplayable on corpus ship tilesets from level ~60 and onwards, the most common enemy there, the Juno Elite Crewman, has a punchthrough gun that completely bypasses the protection from her mirror.
  3. May I ask you to include the issue of enemy punchthrough weapons bypassing the protection of Garuda's dread mirror to your collection of Garuda issues? It's a major issue now that one of the most common corpus ship tileset enemies (Juno Elite Crewman) has a punchthrough gun, making one of Garuda's big tank abilities useless. Originally posted about it in November (Garuda's 1 ability partially broken - PC Bugs - Warframe Forums) and been bumping occasionally since but no acknowledgement.
  4. Recently did a steel path mission on corpus ship tileset with Garuda. The enemy with punchthrough weapon is the Juno Elite Crewman, the #1 most common enemy type on that tileset above level 30. So it is not a few rare enemy types like bombard or opticor-using crewman, where it would maybe be understandable since they can be avoided/prioritized. But it is the most common enemy type on the tileset. Garuda is unplayable on this tileset, of which there are 25 missions. The most common corpus tileset (25 ship, 17 outpost, 12 gas city 12 ice planet). This is a bug with the ability, and sho
  5. Is there any compensation for people who are unable to watch the stream and get the drops due to Real-Life issues, but who watch the recordings after? I personally cannot watch the Friday streams due to religion (active use of electrical devices on the Sabbath is prohibited), and when the drops are not cosmetic but gameplay-affecting (unique weapon bps, umbra forma, etc) it feels like I and others like me are being specifically (though unintentionally) excluded.
  6. I've been having this issue on and off (disappears for 1-2 days then pops back up) since a week before Deimos was released. Sent ticket and nothing support suggested worked, they seemed to believe it was an issue with my router despite the same thing happening even when connecting through mobile phone hotspot. Stuck on endless "Please Wait" screen when trying to join another party, stuck in endless load when in the atrium part of openworlds while trying to do a public bounty, and players who try to join a public mission where I am hosting or when I invite to dojo/relay/mission get auto-ki
  7. Yet another hotfix, still no fix for this bug. Garuda's 1, it does not work does not block damage.
  8. Rebumping because of zero acknowledgement/fix after 2 months, this is clearly not being seen.
  9. In one of the recent tweaks to railjack DE made it so there can only be one of each status effect (electrical cable, fire, frozen door or hull rupture) active at a time. Yes, hull ruptures seem to get procced almost instantly but as there can only be one of it active at a time you are not in danger of your railjack's max health dropping to the point any enemy will instantly put you into breach+countdown to failure. They are status effects and so probably bypass shields similar to how you can affect shielded enemies with status before their shield drops. Avionics that reduce damage to cert
  10. Going to keep bumping until this gets acknowledged/fixed.
  11. As the title says previously said (changed with edit on 25/01/2021), enemy weapons with punchthrough capability bypass melee blocking and defensive abilities like Garuda's Dread Mirror and Zephyr's Turbulence. For when melee blocking the combo counter goes up and the block animation plays, as if the shot was blocked but damage is still taken, and arcanes that would trigger on being damaged still trigger. Garuda's mirror also absorbs the damage value into the dread heart, but I still take damage and arcanes still trigger. Zephyr's turbulence does not deflect the projectile aside until
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