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  1. Thank you. I'll join your discord but am away myself for a bit so won't be able to leave my current clan until next week. I can reach out once that's done so your invite can take.
  2. Hello. I am currently in a clan but majority of the members are in Europe so are never online when I am. I am looking to switch but want to know if there are active players in the Pacific Time Zone in your clan as I've been mainly playing solo which is starting to wear thin. 1) In-game name: tuggerpup 2) Mastery Rank: 8 (trying to complete the stealth kill rank 9 but need more practice it seems) 3) Region: North America, West Coast (Pacific Time Zone) 4) Type of Player: Casual, happy to help out where I can even if I've already done it already Been playing for 3 months but at a stage where it's difficult to advance solo. I'm often online 8-10pm on weeknights and varied times on weekends so really looking for a clan that has people on in those times.
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