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  1. Thanks for the update! Steel Path in a Hotfix? Bold move, I like it 🙂 Please look into not being able to heavy slam out of Archwing anymore, pretty please ^^ Also, please consider adding an option to visually unequip Syandanas when going into Archwing 🙂
  2. Thanks for the Hotfix! If possible in a future hotfix, please look into not being able to heavy slam out of an Archwing anymore. Pretty please ☺️
  3. We should totally and randomly with very low chance just get inbox messages from Clem that only say "Clem!". Nothing else.
  4. Some unknown entity was pentesting us. But I'm happy to report... that I successfully clenched {static} closed that port.
  5. Thanks for the Hotfix! I'd like to raise another minor thing: For some updates now I haven't been able to exit Archwing on landscapes using heavy melee / heavy slams. It was a satisfying thing to do and I'm pretty sure this hasn't been removed on purose 🙂 Fix would be nice, thanks ^^
  6. Tried to read all, there's so much, but zoned out a bit at the stuff I'm not yet at, that's alo so much 😅 But I have to say, DE, kudos - there went a LOT of thought into all that! Really, really like the Incomplete tab! Can we also maybe get a differentiation of mods already equipped somewhere else? Or a filter option in the equip screen? If I have one in a frame/weapon that has 8/10 upgrades and want to upgrade it fully, it gives me the option to remove it from the others if it wouldn't fit. But I can't specifically select an unused one. Sometimes I have unleveled ones as fillers and would prefer to be able to take an unused one that I then level up fully as I want. You mentioned ability videos. I think in general it would be nice to have the Warframe profile videos in game. Not sure if they'd need to be packaged with the game or only pulled locally (and then persistently) when accessed the first time or it would make sense to just use Youtube as source. Two unrelated things: I know this didn't gain traction on Reddit but from a technical standpoint I'd find that interesting. And the possibilities would benefit the community without sacrificing the game's or your systems' integrity: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/ftps98/as_a_public_api_isnt_likely_why_not_give_us_dumps/ If you're in a mission and have a host migration, afterwards the map will be off again if activated before. It also resets what's already mapped. Bad for ressource gathering.
  7. Hm... why aren't there face mask accessories? I mean, granted, it doesn't need awareness, but we Tenno could make a statement that way... 🙂
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