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  1. I don't wanna sound like complaining, but does it seem somehow wrong to get those insignia as drops or is it just me?
  2. I'd like to repeat my comment to the last Hotfix: Going down in the Archwing doesn't work with the TranqRifle equipped. And while I'm at it: Playing an Emote for NW works when triggered from the gear wheel but not from a bound key. Both on PC. Regardless of that: Thanks for the Hotfix! :)
  3. Wait... it was unintentional you couldn't go down, then? This refers to console but it's the same for me on PC.
  4. Pity. Sounds epic. Anybody got a recording of that? :D Buuuut, as always: thanks for the fixes!
  5. Thanks for the Hotfix! Could we, at some point, get the Deimos challenges to register (Bug out Ride, Jugger-Not, Kill it with Fire)? Pretty please 🥺
  6. In that case, I have absolutely nothing against it. I mean I spelled out when and why I have to afk one stream. I don't see a problem for full-afkers then. At all. Nothing to copmplain about :)
  7. I get it that they want to prevent afk-drop-claiming. But some of us don't have an alternative because of timezones and work schedules. Edit: And for the record, otherwise I don't mind the manual step at all!
  8. Hm... I don't know how I should feel about this. I always watch the Twitch streams, but the Thursday one is at Friday 1am in my timezone. In this one I'm not actually present. Pretty sure that's exactly what you want to prevent with this but it's really harsh on Tenno living in inconvenient timezones. It's not like we could change that easily :( Again, don't get me wrong. This is not my primary means of getting the drops. On Wednesdays the stream falls within my working hours and I still watch. I just comment rarely. Or can the drop be claimed afterwards? Edit: It can be claimed
  9. Thank you so much for the wings! I've always hoped some TennoGen in that style came along, but this, this is awesome. "It reached me, rising up - a gleaming beast, a plume of golden wings rising and unfolding behind it. An angel."
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