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  1. @[DE]Danielle More out of curiosity... when and how? There are no more streams before TennoCon, are there?
  2. Why not both! :D Multiple buttons would be nice. But one going straight up more than one without buttons for empty levels, too :)
  3. Short and simple: In light of the last additions of rooms to the Dojo featuring multi-story heights, I'd like to suggest elevators that go up/down more than one level.
  4. This update is much appreciated Love the app so much!! :D Would be absolutely lovely if we were allowed to open it while in game :)
  5. First of all, thank you very much! :D "But" a question: any reason it shows up as "1d Event Affinity Booster"?
  6. Thank you! :D As a reminder (both on PC): Emotes for NW trigger from the gear whel but not from assigned keys. Moving downwards in Archwing while having the Tranq Rifle equipped not working. IIRC that was fixed for consoles.
  7. This should really go into the game. Maybe not only for the Eidolons. It's brilliant in its simplicity where it's applicable.
  8. Whoever is Red Text: Props to the simple red "hey" while in mission. At first I thought I was somehow personally addressed due to the stretch of time I was continually playing :D Looking forward to Gara Prime. Very, VERY much! Thank you! :D Trying to raise awareness: Going down while in Archwing with the Tranq Rifle equipped was fixed for consoles. It persists on PC (and has for so long that I thought it was intentional) Doing an emote for NW works when done from the gear wheel but not when triggered by an assigned key (also PC, obviously)
  9. I don't wanna sound like complaining, but does it seem somehow wrong to get those insignia as drops or is it just me?
  10. I'd like to repeat my comment to the last Hotfix: Going down in the Archwing doesn't work with the TranqRifle equipped. And while I'm at it: Playing an Emote for NW works when triggered from the gear wheel but not from a bound key. Both on PC. Regardless of that: Thanks for the Hotfix! :)
  11. Wait... it was unintentional you couldn't go down, then? This refers to console but it's the same for me on PC.
  12. Pity. Sounds epic. Anybody got a recording of that? :D Buuuut, as always: thanks for the fixes!
  13. Thanks for the Hotfix! Could we, at some point, get the Deimos challenges to register (Bug out Ride, Jugger-Not, Kill it with Fire)? Pretty please 🥺
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