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  1. Well that's a bad mod... Oh my, a furry is gonna patronize me? Time to leave this thread.
  2. Shots have a guaranteed Impact proc to enemies up to 15 meters. Innate 3 meter Punch Through against bodies. 28% status chance, 22% crit chance, low multiplier of 1.6x. I don't see the problem, just a matter of taste.
  3. My arca have blast, corrosive and radiation with 99.4% status chance... it works pretty well.
  4. I had a chuckle, but the relics for standing is fine. But let's talk about the relics for 50 plat boxes on the actual market... That's some scummery alright
  5. Is it really something you need tho? People minmax because they enjoy killing enemies with arbitrarily rising numbers but it doesn't seem like that's how you get your enjoyment. A train of thought that i picked up while playing world of warcraft is that as long as the boss dies before the enrage, it's all good. Just get through the fight. Aslongas you can clear sorties, eidolons, arbitrations etc then it's all good. There's no real need to go 2+ hours in endless missions.
  6. Arca Plasmor maybe? I dunno, i don't minmax myself. My clan is quite annoyed that i bring valkyr to hunt eidolons.
  7. "meta" simply means "this is what people use because it has the biggest numbers". It's not a bad word. It's your choice to use weaker weapons. Just like how some people get a Colt pistol IRL and not a magnum. You may like it more but you can't demand that it's gonna be as good as the top of the line. But fortunately for you, that's exactly what rivens are for: counteracting the meta. Get a good battacor riven. I'm using an ignis wraith that doesn't oneshot a goddamn thing but i like it and i can easily get through arbitrations with it by moving around to exploit the blast knockdown effect.
  8. Just like the Wukong rework. The only benefits are if you die A LOT and if you are good player then you won't even notice any benefits. Wukong needs another rework, stat.
  9. Yeah the fishing trophies are a huge pain to place. There's something fishy about their coding.
  10. Both. But if people that don't minmax and just no-life with subpar equipment struggle to find a challenge then it's a really low bar.
  11. Nova is anti-matter based, don't know if we can have a suitable gravity-controlling warframe until we fully understand gravity. We only know how it affects something but not why. Rhinos 4 is technically anti-gravity. But as long as it's not naruto based, it could be cool. As for the ability to cause planetary devastation... What can fit the bill without being too out of bounds of in-game lore? Creating, priming and launching enough meteors to cause a galactic explosion?
  12. Nah that helmet was made to counteract the negative feedback over the included weapon dongle.
  13. I use valk for everything and its working fine. Lephantis. But how about we want DE to improve instead of just wallowing in a cesspool of "nothing you bring or do matters"?
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