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  1. Passive: Bullet jumping with this frame causes a visual glitch that decreases enemy accuracy for 15 seconds. Ability 1: Break Down: The warframe attacks with fragments of its body. Tap for a focused, narrow blast. Hold for a scattered, less accurate (shotgun-like) blast. Effects vary if 2 is active. Ability 2: Scavenged Armor: The warframe uses whatever is within range of his ability to increases defenses. If no enemies are near, all defenses are buffed 20% If Corpus/Robotic enemies are near by, their shields are stripped to increase the warframe's shields. If Grineer or Armored enemies are near, their armor is stripped to increase the warframe's armor. If Infested enemies are near, their health is stripped to heal or increase the warframe's max health. Ability 3: Patch Work: The warframe sheds parts of itself to remove status effects, increases speed and reduce armor. Enemies walking over the fragments will take Puncture damage. When 1 is used, it will pick up the fallen fragments to increase its power. Ability 4: Overclock: The warframe restructures itself into a properly constructed warframe and increases all its stats while active. This ability drains energy and, when depleted or deactivated, the warframe is afflicted with a debuff that reduces all its stats by 50%
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