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  1. I also wouldn't mind a Build All option or a queue system. Building 200 Star Crimzian in a row is just maddening and a complete waste of time. If you have to add to that 300 Star Amaras, 94 Heart Nyth, 63 Radian Sentirum, 156 Radian Zodian ... I could keep going
  2. Spamming refining minerals I have found myself in that situation. The timer was showing more than one minute (standard refining time period) and the progress bar was messed up and underneath was showing -XX%.
  3. The double energy color on helmets (at least on REvenant helmets) doesn't work.
  4. Several petition regarding fauna. 1.- Can you add the wild Kavats from Derelictys to CONSERVATION? as a reward for conservation, instead of plushes, 2.- could you allow the animals to be placed in our DOJOs? MAke it as easy or complicated as you want. MAke it a simple donation from a player, or a full quest to get the control climate modules to be installed in the dojos. You could add a Zoo room (not with cages but an open space to be build). Or allow the animal to roam around the located rooms
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