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  1. The double energy color on helmets (at least on REvenant helmets) doesn't work.
  2. Several petition regarding fauna. 1.- Can you add the wild Kavats from Derelictys to CONSERVATION? as a reward for conservation, instead of plushes, 2.- could you allow the animals to be placed in our DOJOs? MAke it as easy or complicated as you want. MAke it a simple donation from a player, or a full quest to get the control climate modules to be installed in the dojos. You could add a Zoo room (not with cages but an open space to be build). Or allow the animal to roam around the located rooms
  3. When we'll see again INVASIONS with 5 MUTAGEN MASSES?
  4. Would it be possible to turn the LEGENDARY CORE into a decoration like the Ayatan Sculptures?
  5. I do really love space mom, And truly appreciate Rebecca's voice over. Hence, I cannot stand fake Space Mom. (also hate the filter effect applied to her) Could you please get rid of fake space mom and make Ordis the new Operator Guide until everything gets cleared up?
  6. Could you increase the cap of Void traces according to MR? like 100 x MR
  7. I will ask again ^^ can you introduce a small change on Chat GUI that would help make the private message windows more clear? this way you clearly see which lines come from the actual conversation, and which ones come from other open tabs.
  8. I would love if you introduce a slightly change on the CHAT GUI. Right now it is very confusing when somebody from a none active chatbox responds, and the message shows in your active chatbox. The solution to this is quite simple: change the color of the text or the nick of the player that is not coming form the actual chat. Make it darker or just a totally different color (like pale grey or something alike) this way you can see the difference between the actual conversation and the responses from other chats.
  9. I'm mainly a melee player, and lately I made The Sigma & Octanis my signature weapon. Also, I'm maining Naramon school. I'm slightly worried for the new Combo mechanics. Slightly because usually your reworks, despite at first could feel like nerfs, most of the times end up being for the greater good of the game. But i'm worried how the new Melee 3.0 Combo mechanic is going to affect the Naramon School. We already lost the Invisibility, and now the passive that keep your combo counter from fading it is going to be useless if your counter goes to 0 after every heavy combo attack. How do you plan to rework on that? Also, not to be mean or anything, but can we get rid of fake Space Mum messages? I'd totally prefer to have Ordis (and his craziness) doing the job right now, or even Teshin, or Darvo, or Maroo, or a mix of all of them. But really, make Ordis the new "Mission Control", we love Ordis.
  10. @[De]Danielle. Take your time. I rather wait for the next week than having you all working on weekend fixing the inevitable myriad of tiny things that always go a bit disarray
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