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  1. If Warframe is not fun for you, then no matter what people say to you, you would just quit anyway. I consider myself a casual player. I login not to rush to get the latest OP gear, I login to...make new mandachords, breed a new Kubrow, master Twinkle Twinkle on the Shawzin. I do grind but at a very slow pace. I can't tell you to do all these because these might bore you in 1 second. This game isn't meant for you to get to end game in a few days anyway so why all the frustration? Warframe will not go away anytime soon, so you are welcome to join us again in the future. Stay safe, Tenno.
  2. Agreed. I got help from my friend starting from MR0. Sometimes I asked for help from the recruit channel and got myself some kind Tennos. I would have gotten bored and quit the game if I were to solo all the way up.
  3. Are you trying to level up your frames and weapons without bringing a decent weapon? That's leeching. Bring at least one weapon that can help contribute to the mission. But you can leave the group too after wave 10 with them.
  4. MR18 here played for less than one year, have never attempted Eidolon and Orb mother. Bruh
  5. Should be coming from one of the Grinner mobs, although I am not sure which one. It will knock you down if you go near it right?
  6. Sorties are special missions that will be assigned to you after finishing The War Within quest.
  7. That would mean the game will go up to 100GB in size. Time to burn some GPU.
  8. I mean... the person is at a loss here, HIS loss. He could have sold it way higher, he might be desperate for some plat thus the price. You can buy it and sell it higher right?
  9. Took me weeks to get Equinox just for that ONE part. 1 out of 7 chance sooo i'm not expecting anything. And for Harrow, got the hardest part on the first try, woop de doop. And then there's Khora with the SAME parts dropping every time. You don't have to rush the game content btw
  10. Didn't read the other answers. If you are on PC, we could go for index together. You can find me in-game. I'm MR15 and I haven't touched Eidolon, other focus school, and most of the late game content (Lich, Railjack) Of course I haven't gotten my rattleguts too. I saved up few millions of credit so it was easy for me to get to the second last rank. Go index only when you are on 2x credit. You will have a chance of getting that from the login reward. Did you join a clan? I'm sure most of them are happy to bring you.
  11. I am interested to know more about the insults dropped by Bollywood gangster movies
  12. I usually mute my game lul, didn't know he will do that. I want it to twist the pitch of the music!
  13. Saw this mod being released in Baro and me going "Isn't this mod very glorious and worshiped by all Tennos?", decided to sell 70% of my primed parts stored till this date... ..to realize that I don't have enough mod slot to fit into my vectis unless I have a Riven. Off to some relic farming for the rest of the year lul Lesson learnt: Don't blindly follow the trend
  14. I can't believe this thread has 36 pages
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