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  1. Some Tenno: Kuva Liches are too dangerous! Me as a breeder: This new pet looks interesting
  2. 4 months playing, still at 13 even though I can go up to 17 with the weapons I have leeched mastered. Staying MR17 while not knowing how to deal with eidolon at all doesnt sound great to me. 13 it is.
  3. Because I'm currently playing a game called Real Life, filled with Responsibilities.
  4. I quit 30 times a day because there is no kavat spawning right in front of me in my orokin derelict survival mission, for scanning purposes. My fail rate sky rocketed but like you said who cares right? I dont even know how many fails I have accumulated till this date
  5. There is RNG, just GOOD and BAD rng. Btw, RnGesus is playing with you right now. Just keep going. You will get that sweet Legendary core soon, maybe 5 years later.
  6. I have seen people mentioning about leaving serration out when using a Chroma P, guess I have more homework to do. No, it's just pure Heat and Multishot.
  7. Fairly new to the game mechanics. I have a Daikyu riven with Heat and Multishot. How should I build with it? Or should I reroll it?
  8. Because it will give me major headache after a few missions of them
  9. You can try going to less crowded servers, I don't know.. maybe Oceania?
  10. Yeah it would be better if you attach an image of your vessel so we could take a look at it.
  11. Just pure bad luck. You can sell your other mods for plats then buy it though.
  12. Do you have NAT restriction on? You will fail to become a host and will end up kicking you back into your orbiter.
  13. ... you have no idea how I have this fear of encountering one when I was less than MR5, and I do solo mission most of the time.
  14. Had my brother played this game for awhile. He decided to quit right after gathering all the ship components. In my opinion, new players will quit because they have very little guidance on what to do after that. I continued to play this game because I have friends that are willing to carry me through missions. I was MR4 when they decided to bring me to a 1hr Kuva survival. Lvl64 mob started spawning and that's where I thought I would be dead. It's an eye opener on what this game is about. Warframe is a co-op heavy game. New players will quit if they don't have friends to play together with them.
  15. I did spy missions using Rhino, Nezha at first until Sedna because I was around MR6. Got my limbo at MR10. I know most of the shortcuts already except Kuva Spy. After 2 months of random spy missions, still no sign of Ivara BP. I love Warframe because of Spy missions actually! I love puzzle solving games like BoTW, HL, Portal. Meanwhile my bro didn't actually like the spy missions. He is into action games where you go kratatatatatatata. Preferences.
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