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  1. Can't believe I get called out this early in the morning. Anyway, I use default appearance because my colour theory sucks. I can't colour for sh-. All the default deluxe skin looks so so good already, I have 0 reason to edit it away imo. Take the default Hydroid, Octavia for example. How do you even colour them...
  2. A merge sounds complicated. Each of your account have different number of resources, different credits, different plats, mods. You can't overlap IGN. How can you proof that those accounts are legit-ly yours? What if some randos decided to "merge" my compromised account?
  3. I expect my energy get sucked dry in infested missions so I bring frames that don't require alot of energy to work. Nezha/Rhino are good options here, immune to knockdown too.
  4. Nice. Now I can advertise selling my new Nidus Prime set in the "new" trade chat because the old one is too spammy /s
  5. So, any ody can explain why does that happen? Or isit rng?
  6. 0. But I enjoy playing warframe alone because I suck at this game, and I want to go at my own pace in every mission.
  7. Not a pain to get her at all for me. I just randomly decided to get her parts on this one fine day. I zoomed through the spy mission using wukong. After a few days I got her. I love doing spy mission anyway.
  8. I got them in just a few tries. You can get it for Mastery rank and get the prime variant.
  9. Am I allowed to paste external URL here? My sibling loves to play Dota too but couldn't, because of this NAT thing. Check out the link Windows 10: How to Tell if Your ISP Uses Carrier Grade NAT (CG-NAT) (winbuzzer.com)
  10. Are you sure your ISP didnt block P2P? Some ISP do that so you might want to check that out. At least mine is. But Warframe did warn me about me being a bad host by throwing me a notice in every login.
  11. Playing solo is fast indeed. But playing with friends are way more fun. It enhanced the experience of railjack for me, at least from the start where we goof around the ship together
  12. As a MR16 who clash into every wall ever existed in every mission, I am sorry.
  13. 我贊成樓上的貼文。 Warframe玩家都很聰明,他們一定可以找出方法秒殺BOSS。。會簡單化這些BOSS,對我來說是很悶的玩法。 I agree with the poster above. For me, wf players are dang smart. They will always find a way to one shot these bosses, which will make the game too easy and boring.
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