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  1. I have been carried and I have carried teams before. They should have at least one weapon equipped. You cant even un-equip your last weapon in the arsenal.
  2. That would be interesting! But it sounds like opening Relics with extra, way harder steps. But I dont mind!
  3. Wu Kong. Can't decide on what frame to use on a mission? Wu Kong. - Travels fast with 2, used him to spam spy missions to get Ivara parts, can cheese Jupiter tilesets - Strong survivability (press 3 when HP is low, but Arcane Grace exist, and has 3 extra lives) - Press 4 for some decent melee in case no melee is allowed in a sortie mission, low energy usage - Energy Reduction sortie mission --> Wu Kong - Someone's got his back
  4. 2 set of sculptures filled can give 100p+ plats. So why not
  5. We are mainly from Malaysia, we have some Indonesia and Singapore! Feel free to drop by 🙂
  6. Do you write novels in your free time? I know people would love them
  7. Thanks to this event, I can get some major arcane without spending money or extreme RNG This event forced me to kill my one month old Lich to grind a Bramma and grind a Rattleguts and Catchmoon and forma them and grind Endo to max all my 8 rank Damage mods and almost perfect my Mesa and Rhino and then I can use them frames to get 5 more new frames and unlocked arbitration and.....
  8. Why do I click this thread why are you doing this to me now I can't do the mission normally
  9. I have been questioned too if using WuKong, since it's more of a solo frame I guess? (Mostly because I can't contribute much to the party) How long in average does it take for you to clear a 17 wave ground mission?
  10. Once you see a dancing laser sentient go directly below it, shoot that fker up
  11. Usually I see 2x more ground squads than space squad in all the fortilla I entered. And for some reason, only few of the space squad received my kill code. I will never know how these kill code sending works.
  12. As an Asian player, I play in NA, Oceania server most of the time because most players I encountered from Asia server tend to just leech the whole mission. For the whole 10 wave of Hydron, I was able to do above 95% of the total damage dealt. Your solution? It's not WuKong's problem at all. Try playing in other server and see for yourself.
  13. I uh... I really like her. She's in my top ten list of most used frames. I like doing my missions without mobs bothering me. At the same time you can dance along some awesome music so why not. (Been collecting 6 different very good mandachords to shuffle between missions) For me, she's great on mobile defense, def and survival. She's doing good in star chart assassinations by charming it to her 1. I have used her for 1hr arbitration survival, so far so good. In terms of tankiness, she is not, so stay away from any incoming damage please. She depends on energy for her survival so infested missions can kill her. Oh if anyone has mandachord to share, DM me.
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