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  1. As a Nyx main I manage quite well. I have to be a lot more reactive when ducking and dodging. CC helps a lot. But then again most squishy frames have some sort of defense. CC or otherwise. Banshee does as well. But I rarely see people use it.
  2. Hexsing


    The Ferrox also desintigrates bodies. If you silence the thing then use it with Ivara you can plonk enemies off without detection.
  3. I agree with you. I know there are other secondaries out there that outperform it. But I look at it as my old faithful. I have so many weapons to choose from. However this thing has saved me more times than I can count. I have it pretty tricked out as well. I have it yet to try it on Mirage. But I can see this being just brutal on her. But I use it on every Frame. I cant think of a frame I dont use it on. And its easy to swap to different elemental combos. Like corrosive etc. But. I have never been in a mission with any but me using it.
  4. Nyx is amazing. I use Nyx and just got Nyx Prime. However I use pacifying bolts. Since you only get 6. I find it handy to have a pocket Nyx with my Nyx. I also use chaos. But I'm going CC overkill. I use the rad procs from this gun on almost any frame though.
  5. Sorry. I was thinking Ferrox. My bad. I use the ferrox with the Staticore. I use ensnare with Lenz when playing Khora. I was messing up my domes. Basically anything that pulls them together. Then the boom. But I like the lenz as is. Or...zephyrs charged one and lez the enemies from the air. Super fun.
  6. I throw the Ferrox and then use the bow. But otherwise the Lenz is just solid all around. I use it hushed on Ivara.
  7. Ok. Was just curious. Have been using it with multishot. The status is 90%. So I have been using it to spread rad procs. Watch enemies kill each other. I do have a corrosive build as well.
  8. The Cyanex is probably the best secondary gun in the game. (Well. To me it is) I'm trying to figure out what would be a decent riven for it would be? What should I be aiming for if I decide to spend plat on it.
  9. I use this somewhat like the Zakti to be honest. I'll explain. 🙂 I main Garuda and Nyx. So Tysis with Viral/Rad on both of those frames do wierd and wonderful things. Rad keeps them confused. Viral half their life. So Garudas 4 rips most things to shreds I find. Nyx is trickier but with Rad and Viral I can do a lot with the stripped armor from her bolts. I use nyx with the Gunsen or the Duel Keres. Using viral/slash and weeping wounds to increase the slash procs. I use condition overload as well. It's not perhaps the meta but it works. I'm relying on true damage procing off slash. My Cyanex is slightly different because it is impact which tears nullified shields to pieces. I love the thing so much I Formed it 6 times. I don't even use my Primary half the time. Which is usually the Fulmin.
  10. The game specifically asked me to cultivate. Meaningful relationship with the Plinx. So I did. 🙂 it's my only Valentine
  11. Yay Valentine's Day. But truly. The only meaningful relationship I have ever cultivated was with my Plinx.
  12. I love my Tysis. I have mine specked I think for Radiation and I think Viral? And I have 100% status. I use it a lot. It is very reliable. The damage output is great. I would never get rid of mine. That being said. I am using a similar setup with the Cyanex which in my opinion is the best secondary in the game. Which is basically the 98% status chance. But it is radiation gas. And a deadly pocket Nix.
  13. If you could just tell your Lich to keep the stuff its stolen and take a hike with 0 rewards given I would be happy. Take my stuff. Go away. I don't want your ephemera or your weapon. You win! Congrats! I also hate this system and I really don't care about these weapons because I didn't like the regular version of these weapons anyways. I realize it's not going to happen. But id like to opt out too. Cuz I hate it. That being said, I am used to Sandbox games where I can opt out of parts of the game. Also. I am aware this is part of the game. Many people activate their Lich after watching youtube vids only to discover that it isn't fun or even engaging. It is a part of the game and with most games you just have to play it regardless. So I get that. I just have to respect it. I don't like it. But I do respect it.
  14. I'm not sure if the OP wants to spend real money. I don't want to rule that out. If they do. Then Wisp and Khora would be great options. But if we are going for freebies and foundry frames you can get a lot of milage out of Oberon. Which the game basically throws at you. Gara is also an option as she comes along early.
  15. Ack. Lichs's suck. I'm still building my railjack. If they add liches to it I could stop building my railjack. Lich = Puke
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