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  1. No powers allowed. Or I would have just used Zephyr's 1) and flew over the darned thing 🙂
  2. The most annoying part for me was having the Atomos equipped. It has a short range so I couldnt hit the orbs. So I needed to log abort and then switch secondaries. Luckily I learned this in the practice phase and not the phase where you aquire level 8
  3. I just did it with Zephyr and it was a piece of cake. Her floaty floatiness made it easy to control. However I tried it with Nyx and it worked easy. The orbs guide you through. So for example the 3rd platform you jump too. Just go as close to where the orb is at first. Then shoot it. As long as you were close to where it was you should be able to latch on to it with a double jump or bullet jump. I never bullet jumped though in both. The wall you jump up is the same tactic. I fell off the top of it because Zephyr floated off the edge like Princess Peach from Mario 2. The last ledge is the same as the first one I mentioned. Same tactic But with a times double jump. Or bullet. Hope this helps.
  4. I have been in planned squads for a while now and I usually bring my Nyx or my Wisp. Both are great at what they do. Personally we have nore success with my Nyx.
  5. Nyx Wisp Zephyr I love my trio of terror.
  6. Nyx's Number 2 does a DoT when cast. Zephyr gets better control of her tornados
  7. Nyx mainly. For most mission types. I really like her. However I do also really enjoy Wisp. Shes pretty versatile. I tend to like the support frames more it seems. I really went for trinity for a long time and I still use her if I am teaming with my friends who play Saryn or frames that require more energy. But otherwise Nyx is kind of my go too. But I know she could use a little work.
  8. Well. Personally I would go Wisp then. She can do a bit of everything. And shes just really put together well. She looks great and her mechanics are just well thought out. Dps, Support, Heals. And all of abilities are just great. Her passive is great. Overall five H's out of 5 H's from me.
  9. So...good question. In some games I like to blow stuff up while in others I love smashing things with melee. In some games I love to control crowds or play support. The thing I love about warframe is that depending on my weapons I can sort of do all of the above. Right now I am playing Nyx. She's a support CC frame. But I do heavy melee and range with my primary. My secondary acts as a crowd control weapon. My melee is sparring. I just sort of mashed everything I like in one thing. So I suggest you do the same at lower levels until you figure out what suits you. Almost any frame can do that.
  10. You won't go wrong with Wisp. As a new player I bought her and she brings a lot to teams as well as solo. She is really great. Khora because her farm sucks. But I am a Nyx main as of now. Nyx is best girl. She will be forma'd the heck out. She is love. Nyx is 💘
  11. I can't get into Titania. I want to love her. But I can't. Her CC is all over the place and unwieldy. And her Tribute is just meh. Her passive is also meh. I feel like her Tribute should be closer to Wisps. But it isn't.
  12. So... I like Nyx and Wisp. Ok. I also like Zephyr a lot. Each can have a tankiness to them. Heck. Even Trinity is pretty tanky if done right. Personally I like to combine Nyx with the Sonicor, the Redeemer and I'll use the Soma. You could use Dread or Pox as well. I generally feel pretty unbeatable with Nyx. She is now my go to gal for the most part. I really like her kit. Wisp I love because she can straight up do anything and her motes are super versatile. Shock mote is great CC. As is Breach. Those frames make happiest.
  13. Khora: Shrieking and ranting like the cat lady from the Simpson.
  14. I agree here though. I spent my play on stuff I shouldn't have. You can definitely get the rest.
  15. Welcome. I am new as well. I bought some things with plat too. Mainly Wisp because my company keeps giving me digital gift cards. Which is nice but wish they would give me cash. I did buy a new bashee helmet because triceratops lady was scary. Also a Trinity Skin because her bug butt was freaking me out and I couldnt make her look good in her football player bug butt costume. I bought a bundle that came with female frames. Thats why I have more. Overall I grind the rest now.
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