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  1. I like the combo of Gara's 3 + Funnel Clouds. Adding Spectrosiphon works great for grouping enemies and giving you Much needed energy.
  2. The skin is a must have. Omg. Sometimes I forget I'm supposed to be doing things and I just keep looking at it. On top of that the glint and the shine coming off of it is breathtaking. I almost feel like I have been personally hit by her passive.
  3. Gara is my most loved frame. And now she's just stunning. I re-designed my color scheme. So even glass off she looks good.
  4. I'll just have someone delete it and stick with very simple statements like. Gara pretty. Gara nice.
  5. It was a joke that Gara is amazing and I don't want to press 2 because she's lovely. This forum is generally fun. But lately it's become sort of a complaint board. I was trying to make the comment that Gara looks so darn good I can't bare to press 2. Lately I see nothing but negativity. So I thought I would share some fun praise. I am sorry things were lost on people. I'll let everyone go back to their regularly scheduled negativity.
  6. He made rude comment on a joke post. I just responded in kind
  7. Yes. This was a compliment thread and a desperate scream for a toggle. Good catch.
  8. Obviously sarcasm is lost on you. But then again it is a sign of ill education. I just want a toggle.
  9. I just thought I would vent a little. Thanks. Sorry I had to be so harsh on DE.
  10. Ok. Listen. If you cant use a power at all then it is a nerf. They took her. Tricked her out with the most beautiful skin in the game. Then you press 2 to use arguably her most powerful skill and synergy. But now you can't press 2 because it affects the beauty. So she only has 3 powers now. Nerf!
  11. Agreed. But those are not at least nerfs. But I see how you feel and respect that.
  12. I'm glad you see the negative impacts to one of the best frames. Your support is appreciated.
  13. Well goodbye splinter storm. = Rip Ever since getting Gara's skin I simply cannot bring myself to use it. Because she is now probably the most beautiful thing single handedly in this game. While this is an unintentional nerf to a great frame. I just can't. It's to perfect to cast my 2. I need to focus on used everything else but 2. Thanks DE for ruining Gara. End Rant.
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