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  1. When is this new skin coming. I love it and as a Gara main I need it. She's my favorite frame.
  2. Spectrorage + Spectrosiphon for both. Because you need energy and this provides crowd control and pretty much endless energy which both need for amazing up time. It also groups enemies wonderfully and works very well with most builds with enough range. Since Ivara and Titania cant regen unless getting health orbs this does the trick. Also makes assimilate Nyx pretty much unstoppable and you are not so trapped into using Zenuric etc. You can easily switch to another focus school. Edit = its also thematic. Titania shows you reflections of your true self and makes
  3. Oddly when checking it is Diriga. I would never have thought. Proof is in my stats though. Helios is just slightly behind.
  4. Personally I always liked the idea of blast building charges. Which would detonate after the third charge. This would make people into walking time bombs which would release and explode.
  5. I love this thread. So mine was. Nyx Melee: Hirudo Primary: Dread (I actually got it really early in a defense mission with someone else) Secondary: The Sonicor. I miss how wonderful this was with Nyx.
  6. I always felt Nyx should have been the starter frame female. But it's Nyx and while amazing she needs work. Banshee would have been my second for female starter with Ember being 3rd. But heck. Even Nyx's original model design was Excalibur.
  7. So people buying something with plat or buying plat sustains the game. This game doesn't have a sub model. Most sub models give players stuff. This game doesn't. So if I decide to buy plat and they throw me a bone here and there I think that's cool. I work from home and have a pretty disposable income at the moment due to covid. If I want to treat myself to that crappy warframe I just bought I'm happy to take a free riven. I should get frequent flier miles for what I buy. Lol I also in turn support the development of this game.
  8. My take is this. Im not sure why you would play this frame. At all. The 1 is so underwhelming I actually forget to cast it. The 2 is so small range even if you amp up range that it sort of doesn't matter. The 3 is clunky. Like almost unusable. The speed of the casting animations are horrid. Like the worst. The 4 is ok ish. Basically there is nothing this frame does that isn't done better by someone else. I wouldn't even sacrifice them to the thing with the lips in my orbiter. 10 out 10 for fashion frame though.
  9. It is a cool gun and I'm really loving it. I just think pound for pound if the tweak the reload it could be great.
  10. Clunky 3. Switch the mechanic. Tap to cast. Hold to switch the toggle. Otherwise the beam is way to weird to cast.
  11. I don't care about the other stuff. Reload on this weapon literally takes two mods to make is usable. Like 3+ reload hurts my feelings
  12. When you think about it. You can as long as you just make one weapon and level it. Then make another. And run certain missions to get mutagen mass or other items. You dont need to do much. Once you can get some desired mods to sell or some basic prime junk you can buy better things. Get the better things Level. To complete most item recipes you simply need the basics and that will level your mr a great deal. MR does not mean skill. A good paying job and a disposable income can mean the same level of ability.
  13. I guess my point is that while MR might mean something it really can just mean how much plat you spent in the store. It could mean how much plat you spent on weapons and not really doing much of anything else. MR rank doesn't mean much of anything. I have not finished the star chart. I made most of my weapons and I'm MR 20. Then just sat on Helene and literally levels weapons. I have not done railjack. I have not killed my Lich. I have barely done the star chart. I have not run a Sorti. I have never seen an eidolon. I don't know what index is. I have not made a kit
  14. People fail it a lot due to stealth and so they quit. Its been a topic of discussion for a while.
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