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  1. Hi guys with Tenet Cycron 1) If I get a TOXIN Tenet Cycron which has innate heat, does it go from GAS to VIRAL+HEAT with one COLD mod installed? (TOXIN+COLD) + heat 2) If I put 2 mods. One COLD and one PRIMED heat, what do I get? I want a VIRAL+HEAT Cycron with at least mods installed or with primed one.
  2. The new weapon ambassador, has very different sound from that one carried by Fog combas which has deep sound like braton. This one has high pitched and squicky sound, getting higher pitch when near end of magazine. Very annoying sound. Pls make a deeper sound like braton and no higher pitch.
  3. BTW Wisp's reservour has base 30heal/s. This Trinity Helminth skill has 100heal/s. It is worth using. Max strength WISP 300% equals this skill 100%.
  4. If someone is not using aura, their choice. But for those who want to use it, the range is too small to cover small team or even caster. This is what I am suggesting as FEEDBACK in forum. The skill itself has 2 features, 1) active shooting heal and 2) passive aura with 100h/s which is not neglible. The point of aura is that people don't have to shoot only one enemy all the time and rather shoot other guys, that is to do the mission like def/mob def/survival. This is especially good for high level missions like steel path, where clearing is paramount. Also this skill is in Helminth, so for other frames who don't have blessing etc.
  5. > I don’t really see a reason to increase the heal radius - I cannot remember ever using the ability to heal. Exactly, the range is so small. :-)
  6. Heal per second is not infinite. It is 8m default radius.
  7. Hi. I am trying to use Well of Life as an Helminth ability on other frames in mob def, def, survival etc Steel path and arbitrations. I found out that range is a bit short. Can we make the range on Well of Life a bit larger? 8 meters in not much. 12m perhaps? Or maybe put additional stat +45% range on Pool of Life augment (similar to Magnetize augment)? Since the augment mod takes away one mod slot, there is no place to put range mods... That would make it actually usable. 8 meters is really short when casting. Majority of players and even caster is out of heal range when casted, even in point supports like Mobile defense and defense, what to speak survival etc. Also some kind of INDICATOR when in heal range or how much heal/s it does in HUD wouldn't be a bad idea. Similar to Chroma buffs. Thx
  8. Well I mean a "very similar skin". Buyable for plat in the market.
  9. Would it be possible for an infested themed skin like Proboscis Cernos be available for other bows? Because this skin is just AWESOME.
  10. Hi, as a Nyx main, I really miss some things with Nyx. Most notably 1st ability usability and Strength scaling abilities. Especially for late game and Steel path as Nyx is very fragile. I propose a simpler fix for Nyx, not a rework. 0) PASSIVE is nice, goes nicely with some evasion mods. 1) MIND CONTROL a) INCREASE BASE DURATION to 42s. (100%-300% DUR == 42s-125s) b) INCREASE STUN DURATION AND EMPOWER DURATION to 5-6s c) INCREASE MAX RANGE to 90m. (This is due to negative range mods.) d) AUTOMATICALY MARK the Mind Controlled enemy first as ENEMY during empower and then an ALLY afterwards. (For auto-communicating to the team). e) REMOVE RADIATION ending ability when procing on Mind Controlled enemy. (For overzealous team members) 2) PSYCHIC BOLTS a) Let STRENGTH influence the NUMBER OF TARGETS. (100%-300% STR == 5-15 targets) (Nearest rounded number, minimum is 5 targets for negative STR) 3) CHAOS a) Let STRENGTH influence ACCURACY when targeting Nyx. (100%-300% STR == 11%-33%) Stacks with Nyx passive 20% and other evasion mods/pets capped at 75%. (Near rounded numbers) (Nyx passive=20%, Agility drift=6%, EMP aura=15%, Vulpaphyla is occasionally 20%-40%, capped at 75%) 5) ABSORB a) Let STRENGTH increase the energy ABSORBED from energy orbs (and converted health orbs with Equilibrium). (100%-300% == 0-100%, minimum is 0%) That would make absorb a bit more viable for late game as the damage absorbed quickly increases. Examples: a) Normal Nyx (non min-maxed) would have around 155% duration, 130% efficiency, 145% range, 124-130% strength. Mind control = 65s; Psychic bolts = 6 targets; Evasion = +14%; Absorb = +15% b) Full umbral Nyx (non min-maxed) would have around 95% duration, 160% efficiency, 100% range, 177% strength. Mind control = 40s; Psychic bolts = 9 targets; Evasion = +19%; Absorb = +38% c) Min-maxed str/dur Nyx would have around 194% duration, 135% efficiency, 34% range, 254% strength. Mind control = 81s; Psychic bolts = 13 targets; Evasion = +28%; Absorb = +75% d) Min-maxed range/dur Nyx would have around 119% duration, 160% efficiency, 280% range, 40% strength. Mind control = 50s; Psychic bolts = 5 targets; Evasion = +4%; Absorb = +0%
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