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  1. FUSED RESERVOIR should be first option on 1, when mod is mounted. In this way it is easier and faster to put all three at the beginning of game, when people are still together at start. Now is last 4th option. Should be 1st when mod is mounted. Thx
  2. No taxi at all. But I did do steel path dailyies.
  3. Yes. All open worlds, steel path bounties finished.
  4. I got all decorations for all planets in email with prizes. Turned off/on. I finished yesterday.
  5. And Kuva also, email and prizes. As I said, going nuts :-).
  6. Alad V and Jordas? I didn't do these quest even on normal nor steelpath but on normal I have 233/233. Eris planet is finished (got email). Some nodes don't count, like Railjack also. Switching betwen normal and Steelpath no visual difference. Normal 233/233, steelpath 232/233.
  7. Hi, I have 232/233 Nodes on Steel path finished. I finished ALL planets and got ALL emails for finishing them. But one node remains and I cannot see it. What to do?? Going nuts...
  8. Please buff Tazicor. Increase the status to 25% for example. Or innate multishot (2). Or chaining to other 2-4 targets (like Wisp's 1) Judging by name this weapon should be like tazer, but my other weapons have much greater status chance for example.
  9. Did you notice that Railjack crew specters last only 1-2min? Is this expected behavior for specters? Why so short?
  10. Oh. Might be yes! I thought this was some kind of new corpus leech leak.
  11. No. Wasn't a treasures. Done them 100x of times. This wasn't even marked on minimap! Beefier, but smaller than kuva leech. The size of corpus prison guards, 20-25% taller.
  12. Jupiter. I've seen one. I was doing kuva siphon, high level 85+. Looked a little bit beefier than the rest, couldn't kill him easily, So I wanted to scan the guy, and puff, vanished. :-) It said Spectral VST or Spectral VTS maybe?
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