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  1. I hope that someone from DE is seeing these comments and take into consideration, at least
  2. In addition to the lore of warframes (which I like a lot) I am setting up an exhibition using Prex Cards + Articula + Prime Pedestals. And the lack of these cards leaves me incomplete ...
  3. I would improve the following: First of all: Remove cast time from skills, or quadruple cast speed (natural talent is practically mandatory today) a new passive ability or change the percentage to 100% for the tentacles Tempest Barrage: Due to the new status effect system, the skill has lost efficiency of CC, so I would improve it. I would also change the Aug Mod to completely remove the enemy's armor (several warframes do this easily, I don't see why Hydroid can't do it too) Tidal Surge: I wouldn't change anything, just put a system to disable the wave immediately, using
  4. When will we have more information on Leverian?
  5. I don't know if this is where I should post this (sorry). It is a simple change, but it brings a different perspective (imo). What if the Hydroid could swim? Synergies with the scenario like Gauss for example (running on water). It is very strange to have a warframe with these skills / characteristics and to "fall" when it comes in contact with water. At least if he swam close to the surface, without having to swim to the bottom. And you could do that with other warframes too, as a kind of passive (gauss walking on water, zephyr being light and gliding etc.) p.e: ember "warmin
  6. If that happens, we will practically no longer have Tennos (children), since quests (usually) are available early for players and the mastery requirements to access them are low. Do not know...
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