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  1. I'd be down with some yamadori in my orbiter.
  2. Are capture targets really a problem though? You should be able to down those faster than you can cycle to Deny and cast the ability. Compared to just every other cc ability Deny is about the worst. It's a cc ability that only effects enemies in LoS with minimal AoE, it also has high energy drain and the casting speed is terrible. There is nothing good about it. I've tried dozens of Xaku builds and have yet to find a use for Accuse or Deny because Gaze+Grasp is so good. I've tried to use them, I hate having abilities I don't use. I want to use a frames whole kit but Accuse and Deny are terrible and a waste of energy imo.
  3. Accuse and Deny are a worthless waste of energy imo. With Grasp + Gaze, enemies die before you can cycle to either ability most of the time. If you do get Accuse off before they die they're as good as dead anyways. Deny is just poo poo. I've always wanted Accuse to turn enemies to your side for the duration and make them impervious to yours or allies damage. Xaku doesn't really need a buff but having them be a full on summoner would just be fun. We have one summoner and he's really only used as a loot frame. Besides, Xaku in skeleton form would be a better looking necromancer than Nekros. As it is now, I just switch to gaze at the start of a mission and forget the other 2 even exist.
  4. Every damn time I go to helminth Ordis says the exact same thing. I tell my kids it does not matter what you say, if you say it over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over it get annoying.
  5. I've got lucky with support when I've accidentally sold Amalgam Serration. Now I make sure to check every time I sell something, A favorite would be convenient especially in the arsenal
  6. I kind of liked the cooldown for MR tests. It's one of the only places in game where there are consequences for failure.
  7. This has been going on since RJ was introduced. DE knows about it because they lock every topic I make about it.
  8. I'm not a fan of Deimos either. There is too much going on and everything looks the same. Even though I dislike playing Mesa I use her for Deimos bounties. It's just a lot easier than trying to find enemies coming from every direction. IDK if it would help with sensory overload but you would be helping your squad. Might be worth a shot. gl tenno
  9. Maybe I've been spending too much time in bonsai forums and groups. I see so many questions from beginners where they want a yes or no answer when there is no definite answer. There are so many variables to take into consideration and there is rarely enough information given to make an informed response. I got into the habit of just linking related articles and/or videos because it's faster than writing a novel and an expert can explain it better than I can. From there they can take that information and make their own decision. Most of the time people are appreciative of the fact that you are trying to point them in the right direction. Apparently this same behavior is not wanted on video game forums. I probably wouldn't have said anything in this thread except OP linked and quoted the wiki so I clicked link and read it. The answer to their question was literally 3 lines below what they quoted so I suggested they check it again. They were so close. After seeing dozens of questions and doing my best to help people not kill their trees through out the day some snark my slip out on something as trivial as a video game. I honestly wasn't trying to be a jerk and sorry if anyone got their feeling hurt.
  10. Good job checking the wiki. You might want to actually read it next time.
  11. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Empower Not trying to be a jerk but a quick check of the wiki and you would have answered your own question in 30 seconds. That's faster than you could make a post and wait for the correct answer. I guess this is more of a players helping players help themselves kind of situation.
  12. This was going to be a thing. Every warframe was going to get a QoL touch up. DE did the first round and forgot about the other 40+ frames I guess. Primed Soon... At least we got a k-drive frame lol
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