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  1. If the color palettes are as good as the Kuva lich pack I'll get it
  2. I know what a macro is. Just because they exist doesn't mean pc players are looking for a way to auto pilot games and not play them though. I play on PC and have never used a macro in this game. I have for other games but there is no need to in WF. I actually play with a controller. This game just feels good on a controller to me. The whole pc vs. console thing is old af and played out. I love playing games console and pc. I have like seven different consoles and a pc. Just because I'm playing WF on pc doesn't mean I was a wall whipping afk Khora in ophelia or tbag spam Octavia. You were
  3. What does pc or console have to do with octavia's gameplay? Pretty broad generalization there. I noticed this too. I was farming Octvia Prime waiting for it to be listed on wf market and by the time you were able to list there it wasn't even worth farming or selling. Nezha did good. I was selling 200-300 for days. It was easy farm for relics too since there was no axi.
  4. The whole perma invis infinite scaling damage thing is something no other frame has so i guess that's OP in the proper setting, long campy endurance runs. Then you have Vauban who also has scaling damage. With his cc abilities and easy 100% armor strip is excels at long campy endurance runs just like Octavia. He's a more versatile frame but no one is claiming he's OP.
  5. Octavia is an OP frame but one of the most boring to play imo. Like you said, you spend more time micro managing your cooldowns than you do engaging in the fight. There are so many more interesting frames to play that I'd rather not play a frame where spamming crouch and watching abilities timers are my main objectives. I'll get her, eventually, it will be a rank and forget situation.
  6. Hunting, fishing and mining are one of the biggest pet peeves of mine. They are 100% pointless and have nothing to do with the core game play. I have never once enjoyed the time I spent doing these activities. Yeah, you need to do them to farm materials to craft stuff but, there is no reason you couldn't farm resources by just playing the game. they don't have to come from fishing and mining. I want to make a zaw, amp, kitgun or any other random frame or weapon. I don't want to leave the main game play loop to do tedious bust work farming pointless materials. Need specific fish par
  7. Don't you think a warframe could cleave a grineer in half with one swing? Warframes are partially infested robots controlled by magic space kids. We don't know how strong they actually are but, I bet a warframe would turn the infested into a paste if wielding a big hammer. Guns are just guns. They would be just as powerful in the hands of any random grineer as they would when being used by a warframe. I'm not saying that melee isn't op, it just that it kinda makes sense that melee would do more damage. On topic: I want companions that scale with enemy lvl or something.
  8. At the end of each round on SO/ESO there is a pop up displaying the current mission score that completely covers the mini map if you have it set to overlay. I don't like getting host migrated or going through solo so I want to make sure people go through the portal before I do. I end up waiting around the portal every round to make sure that the host goes through. It's a pretty minor QoL thing but, it's bothers me every time my map gets covered up. Sometimes people see you hovering around the portal after it opens so they are reluctant to go through and risk being solo for a round a
  9. I'm still over here wanting old blast back
  10. You've just started the grind and you're already getting burned out. WF might just not be your game.
  11. Glaive Prime and Reaper prime unvaulted >>>usage spikes>>>Dispo drops. Genius dispo system you got here..... Slow claps my way out this thread
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