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  1. I like rolling guard on limbo because you can approach nullifiers while in the rift then dash into their bubble and be invulnerable long enough to kill them then dash back into the rift. That way I didn't have use a specific weapon to deal with nullifier I just use my melee,
  2. Ummm. Heat sword is even more powerful than the Stug!!! Think I found my OP set up when Steel Path gets released
  3. I have the opposite problem. 4.5M Ferrite vs. 1.3M Nano Spores
  4. If you run Naramon I'd drop Drifting Contact for Primed Reach, Virulent Scourge for Primed Fever Strike and either Organ Shatter/Gladiator Might for Berserker
  5. I probably should have posted from an alt account to protect my true identity.
  6. Imagine what a Banshee could do with this much power.
  7. As you can see in the video a Stug can kill 20x lvl 175 Corrupted Heavy Gunners in less than 30 seconds. For a MR2 weapon it just has too much power. I'm not going to show my builds because I don't want to be the one to blame for a new meta when DE eventually nerfs this OP set up. I suggest you sell your Stug rivens before the inevitable nerf and dispo drop. The only downside to this set up is the Stug does self damage so be careful!!!
  8. All exalted melee weapons are a straight downgrade from regular melee. Without rivens and acolyte mods there is no reason to use exalted weapons. Xoris brought Baruuk close to being able to compete with a standard melee but with no slash on his exalted it failed in situations where a standard melee still shined. In my opinion it is never worth using exalted weapons since they drain energy and don't preform as well as regular melee. They are a waste of an ability slot and do nothing but gimp the frame.
  9. I don't actually play that Frost build. It was just an easy way to remove most of the armor just long enough for the stug to do what it did. All I had on that build was 95% armor strip so the stug still did 75% corrosive damage. I understand wanting to defend your favorite frame. I get the same way with Wisp. I see so many people only build for her 1 and think to myself "you're doing it wrong". IMO she's an invis frame that can also buff, not the other way around. She doesn't need 300+ strength for all that extra life, hp regen and attack speed. If you use her whole kit she rarely takes damage. Her 2 is invis and her 3 is blind. On the other hand, that's kind of what makes this game great, we are all given the same tools and we can use however we want to. There is no wrong way to play as long as you're having fun.
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