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  1. We might not get operator loadouts but at least we get like 50 archgun/archwing/mech loadouts.....
  2. I'd rather have transmog for weapons where you could make any weapon look like another weapon of the same type. I love the look of Cyanex but I rarely use it anymore, If I could make my secondary look like Cyanex I'd be a happy boy.
  3. There is no clear solution where everyone wins. DE wants to make sales and encourage trading, they are a business after all. I just feel that innocent people should not have their accounts banned and DE should take steps to resolve this long standing problem. Until then, we have to take steps to protect ourselves. I played a lot of Diablo 2 back in the day where duped items would poof from your inventory, I've been burned in trades more times than I can count. Maybe I'm just accepted the fact that no in game trade system is perfect. You will eventually get screwed but there are always ways to minimize the risk. Many people would not be ok with purchased plat being untradeable for days though. It's really a no win situation for everyone.
  4. If you don't like DE policy leaving is always an option. I'm pretty sure almost any developer has their own best interest in mind and will screw the customer to male a buck though.
  5. DE could also make the plat untradeable until it clears. It would suck for the seller but would stop any bans for going into the red.
  6. It's a S#&$ty situation Pretty much this here. It's a terrible situation but we all agreed to ToS so we're kind of just stuck dealing with it. I'm not defending DE by any means, it's a horrible policy and should get changed to protect to seller. UNtil DE makes changes I suggest you hold some of your plat and never go anywhere near zero. It really sucks because you essentially have plat that you can't spend but it's like insurance. Having a stash of untouchable plat is worth your account IMO.
  7. Most WF YT is trash and I avoid almost all of it. I don't have much time or energy to play WF recently but, I'll still occasionally check a few people to see what new stuff they've put out or watch a stream if I'm feeling lazy or need some background noise/entertainment while I play. I liked watching Relentless Zen. He put a lot of effort into his videos and wasn't just pumping out clickbait for views. He's a pretty entertaining streamer that can hold a conversation while he's playing. He also works on videos while streaming so it's neat to see a "behind the scenes" making of a video that shows how many hours actually go into a 10 minute video. I watched a bunch of AznvasionsPlays because he's a crazy good hunter. He does cool off meta stuff, I started watching him when I found a 6x3 melee dps and 6x3 with 6 frames videos. I don't hunt often but I can pick up a lot of tricks watching someone that knows what they're doing. Another streamer I watched a bunch was Aznitrous. She's speaks 4 languages fluently on stream. IDK, being able to keep up on chat and hold conversations in multiple languages while still playing was just impressive and entertaining to me.
  8. Yeah, it sucks. I went on a big spending spree a long time ago and bought all deluxe bundles and skins in market, only to find I couldn't use the majority of what I purchased. IMO It's kind of a D*** move by DE to not disclose that information prior to purchasing.
  9. Unfortunately those skins don't work on a lot of the secondary weapons. None of my regularly used weapons can use skins.
  10. 2 forma for each kuva nukor? I'm over here with 5 maxed nukors for some dumb reason.
  11. Well f*** me. I'm sitting on 5K+ SE because there is nothing to spend it on and 0 Vitus Essence. Vitus drop rates are rng trash, at least with SE you can get a consistent drop rate.
  12. I think one of the underlying problems is there is literally nothing to do in SP but farm SE. People are obviously going to find some loophole to cheese and maximize their efficiency. DE should obviously fix loot not despawning on the floor for a hour while people wait for stacks of smeeta buffs, but balancing guns vs melee is a fairly pointless endeavor when the only reason is to do so is to balance a SE/Kuva farm. Until we have something worth doing in SP DE is wasting their time balance guns vs. melee. Normal star chart will always be ez mode race to extract and balancing for SP with nerfs and buffs to guns/melee will mean nothing because farm squads will still run the exact same Khora, Nekros Speedva or whatever is meta at the moment.
  13. Using R3 to alt fire is terrible, I've always wanted a toggle for alt fire. I pretty much ignore any weapon with alt fire because it's near impossible to make accurate or precise shots because your aim is always slightly effected when you hit R3.
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