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  1. Warframe can't die. It is the only game. What would the world do with no video games?
  2. Same thing happened to me the last few weeks. Support says they can't give drop but if you unlink and relink account and rewards should work. It doesn't always work though. I linked account before streams started and only got 2/4 drops this week. I've made a post in bug report and submitted tickets. I've seen several other posts and comments about it. DE knows about it but I doubt anything will be done for quite some time.
  3. Ensnare kind of already works like that though. Quoted from wiki Ability Synergy: Ensnared enemies receive 200% damage from Whipclaw and Venari. Additionally, ensnared enemies hit by Whipclaw will propagate again to pull in new enemies. Whipclaw propagation refresh is considered as a new instance of Ensnare, therefore it will affect enemies freed from a previous cast.
  4. Yes please. I've wanted this since I started playing this game.
  5. I got Mondays drop but did not get Tuesdays or Wednesdays even though I watched the streams. I unlinked and relinked my accounts like support suggested but that only works for a day or 2. The same thing has happened the last 2 weeks. I've had my account linked since I started playing this game and never had a problem with twitch drops. The last few weeks I've gotten like 3 drops from 10 streams.
  6. Agreed. These Nightwaves are just getting dragged out forever. I was thinking that having the option to replay the older NW acts after you reach rank 30 would be cool, but then we might have enemies from every NW act running around to screw everything up even more. DE just needs to have like 3-4 month NW acts imo.
  7. Mesa has one of the best cc abilities in the game. Shooting Gallery is a huge AoE disarm and the Muzzle Flash augment adds an AoE blind. Most people ignore that ability/augment and just build her for damage though. I've taken her 6h solo SP Mot to lvl ~6k enemies. If you build her to survive endless missions she is more than capable. You can use a similar setup to run any "normal" content and she will do just fine with no damage reduction.
  8. I like Nightwatch Napalm because it adds yet another status effect. The Kuva Ogris isn't the best primer for Condition Overload but I don't know of any other weapon that can be built for 8 damage types. My go to Kuva Ogris utility builds have either mag/viral/blast/electric/heat/impact/puncture/slash or mag/corrosive/blast/cold/heat/impact/puncture/slash.
  9. IMO heat is best element for a DPS Nukor. If you run Primed Heated Charge on a high roll heat nukor. heat will be the highest damage type and take proc priority even if you build viral/corrosive with 2 x 90 mods. You want heat to take proc priority since your damage will be coming from the uncapped heat stacks while viral/corrosive are capped at 10x. If you are using Nukor as a utility weapon to prime for Condition Overload you will want to run a magnetic Nukor. This way you can build for mag/viral/rad/heat and have an extra status effect on enemies that you would not have if you ran a ba
  10. I didn't get the drop even though I watched the whole stream.
  11. So I didn't get twitch drop again. This is the second time in 2 weeks. I've always had my accounts linked and always got drops up until a couple weeks ago. The first time I didn't get drops I submitted a ticket. I was told that they could not give the twitch drop but if I unlinked and relinked my accounts I would get future drops. That worked for 2 streams. Unlinking and relinking your accounts isn't really a fix if you have to do it before every stream. I didn't really want the Teshin statue from todays drop but sometimes I do want the drop and it would be nice to know that if I watch t
  12. isn't it pretty much the same price to just buy stance forma
  13. Overpricing stuff isn't really a scam. The seller set a price and if someone is willing to pay it that's their choice.
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