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  1. Base Nyx is ready for steal path, no helminth required.
  2. Kuva lich bundle has the best color palettes. The armor sets are ugly as hell though. Still worth it IMO.
  3. Wisp is by far my favorite frame. Her 1, 2 and 3 are just too good. She has buffs from her 1 with a soft cc from shock. Her 2 is pretty much built in rolling guard and can be used to double the aoe of her 3 which is a hard cc with damage multiplier built in. Her 4 is perfect as a free subsume slot. So many subsume options since she doesn't really need anything to fill out her kit. Even her passive is amazing. Saryn is another frame with a well rounded synergistic kit. She just works, sure does get a lot of hate for it though. I just wish that every frame was designed so well and had a ro
  4. I actually really like Nyx. She's not the most interesting or powerful frame but there is enough there to work with, especially now that we have the helminth. She is lackluster in lower lvl content since she has no damage abilities and cc isn't needed but, she scales into higher lvls very well. Chaos isn't the best cc ability because you can get hit with cross fire but, I find that if you keep one enemy under the effects of mind control as a decoy you get hit a lot less. When you do get hit it's from like one random shot and not the entire screen full of enemies all aiming at you. This m
  5. May I present to you... The Twins and and The Golden Gimp aka Ched
  6. I'm gonna say Inaros because death by pocket sand would have to be the most embarrassing way to go.
  7. Train man forma Vauban like 1000 times and called it content. I'd be pretty burned out and have a negative opinion of the game if I did that to myself too.
  8. No. I think it fell apart long before that. You never actually discussed anything relevant to the topic with me. You merely wanted to argue for the sake of arguing because you didn't like how I worded something. It accomplished nothing and derailed the topic.
  9. Philosophy has nothing to do with it. I'm talking about completing tasks. Unlocking rivens and sinking screws. Both of these tasks are relatively easy if you use the proper technique or dare I say "use the right tool for the job." You're wanting me to make a literal analogy when I used a figurative. You want to argue semantics but ignore the fact that OP was trying to unlock a "Kill X Dargyn Pilots before they hit the ground" riven by shooting them out of the air with a Kuva Bramma. Can you think of a more inefficient method of unlocking that riven? I can't. Just like I can't you think of
  10. Not that it matters but carpentry, video games and playing a musical instrument can all be hobbies or a job.
  11. There are literal and figurative analogies. Figurative analogies draw similarities between dissimilar things while literal analogies compare similar things. Now, I obviously wasn't using a literal analogy here because there are little to no similarities between DIY carpentry and video games. They are both hobbies but the similarities pretty much stop there. OP was using an inadequate tool (Kuva Bramma) for the job (unlocking riven) just like using an adjustable wrench is not the proper tool to hammer screws. I took two totally unrelated tasks and made a comparison, I'm pretty sure
  12. I think having status/ability immune enemies is a piss poor attempt to add difficulty and it just feels like a lazy solution on the devs part. Instead of making an engaging fight where you have to use every possible tool at your disposal they limit your kit.
  13. The problem I have with SP Stalker is he is immune to warframe abilities and status effects. With a 1.5% spawn rate it's not worth modding for a chance encounter with him. When he does show up its easier to just die and get back to what you were doing than fight him with an inadequate loadout. If there were more enemies that were ability/status immune then I would run a loadout that to combat those enemies and stalker wouldn't be a problem.
  14. I'm curious why people would switch to full melee mode. It's quick and easy to just aim to swap from melee to primary/secondary or just hit melee to switch from primary/secondary to melee. I just don't see the point of locking yourself out of ranged weapons for an auto block. You're stuck with downtime due to animation lock holding a button down twice for a second or two. In that downtime you're most likely going to take damage and any blocking you did while in melee mode will have been pointless. The only time I've ever used full melee mode was to semi afk or type something.
  15. I'm so gonna necro this thread in a few years.
  16. I'll take what I can get. Stealth fix before they responded to my support ticket. I'll call that a win I guess
  17. I just ran 4 runs solo and got shards every time too. Worked with a booster and smeeta buff too. It appears to be fixed now even though I didn't see any fix in the patch notes.
  18. Pretty sure it's Koro on Kuva Fortress that has guaranteed Dargyn spawns at the bridge when you're waiting for the door to open. No need to find them in the plains just do that mission and abort after you get kills. Quick and easy riven unlock. Or just dissolve them don't matter either way.
  19. I'm constantly switching weapons. I use controller so when I have melee equipped I just have to shoot(R2) or aim(L2) to switch weapons. Switching back to melee from primary/secondary I just have to hit melee button(circle). It's intuitive and near instant swap back and forth. I also run a lot of utility primary/secondary so I generally have room for holster speed mods so switching back and forth from primary to secondary is not a problem at all either. I try to use my entire kit when I play, if I don't I get bored. I want to use all my weapons and abilities.
  20. You shot that poor guy in the junk. I don't think that counts as a headshot.
  21. Nekros. His kit is too dependent on augments. None of his abilities feel good enough to stand alone without an augment. He's useful as a semi afk loot frame but that's it. A frame should be more than one ability, especially if that ability requires an augment to really be useful.
  22. I'm still getting no Anomaly Shard drops from the Veil.
  23. I've used equinox to sleep them in the air. I either took a weak weapon to knock them out of their flyer and slept them on the way down or just slept them in air and shot them out of flyer with sniper. I've used magus lockdown on them in air and quickly went to archwing and head shot them. You can use Vauban's 4 on them if you catch them at spawn points when they are on the ground. Pretty sure a low strength Rhino stomp would work the same way. Hydroid, Khora, Hildryn, Zephyr and Nezha all lift enemies in some way. I have not tested any but it's worth trying. I bet any me
  24. What's wrong with using the right tool for the job? You don't take an invis frame like Loki to unlock a complete a defense mission with level 30 or higher enemies without the defense objective taking any damage riven challenge. You're going to take some cc or nuke frame because it's suited for the job. You're pretty much taking an adjustable wrench and trying to hammer in screws then complaining that it too hard and someone should make this task easier.
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