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  1. Banned for making a reference to a movie I've never seen and because memes
  2. This reminds me of the old Diablo 2 /player 8 command. Enemies would scale in lvl, difficulty, and loot drops with how many players were in a specific game but that wasn't possible when playing solo offline so /player x command was added so you could play solo but set enemies to scale as if there were 1-8 players depending on what you wanted.
  3. I picked Zenistar like a week before it was nerfed. RIP It's not needed, but since it has infinite punch through you can take out all pylons from one spot. It's meta and saves a lot of time, especially if you run a a ridiculous amount of PT runs.
  4. I might have to take a second look at the ghoul saw. I was unimpressed with my initial impression.
  5. The thing is when DE sells plat they are essentially printing money. Same thing when they sell boosters or forma. No actual product was produced and it cost DE nothing to sell these things for real world currency. They are not taking a financial loss when someone cancels a credit card payment they are breaking even. Same thing with any potential resource gain from boosters. Who cares if some clan got some extra resources or forma, they didn't actually make any physical or monetary gains, they were victims of a bad situation they had no control over. DE lost nothing but they want to collect money from people that didn't make a monetary transaction. The victim is the one being punished. It's pure greed, DE lost a potential sale and passes the transaction down the line to anyone involved.
  6. Account roll backs are a thing. I've had them happen in several games. Sometimes at my request and sometimes the company had to roll back everyone's accounts. If DE wanted to they could set any account that took part in a trade involving bad plat to a point before that trade. It wouldn't be a great situation but it would be preferable over getting your account closed until you paid real world money for someone else's mistake.
  7. That's been suggested so many times. It's probably the best or easiest solution but it would end up screwing over people that legitimately want to buy plat for trades. It would create a "punish everyone for the mistakes of a few" situation. DE has the ability to track and remove bad plat even if it has been traded. This leads me to believe they should have the ability to remove anything purchased with that bad plat. They are pretty much punishing the victims and making to make a buck. IMO it's shady as hell because it's within their powers to protect traders that have done nothing wrong.
  8. I wouldn't worry about bad plat. There is such a slim chance that you'll come across it that it's not worth the effort or time thinking about it. I've easily had 100k+ plat move through my account and not once have I been stuck with bad plat. If you are really worried you can do what others in the thread have suggested and hold plat for a couple weeks before spending, document each trade, avoid high plat trades with low MR accounts or just keep keep a bank of plat in your account and never go below that amount.
  9. Nekros is near top of my list of frames that needs a rework. His kit feels too dependent on augments. I have yet to find a build that I actually enjoy playing because after I put on augments there is very little room left for a balanced build. You end up gimping and ignoring half your kit building for the other two abilities (desecrate/shadows). His casting speed is also terrible but that doesn't matter because desecrate is basically a toggle on/off passive and the only time you cast is shadows if they die. I just find him boring to play but I guess I've always liked playing magic using casters with some crowd control in most games. I don't have to like every frame and there are plenty of other options I just want to like the token necromancer.
  10. I never use glaives because when dual wielding pistol/glaives the Eject Magazine mod only works if you swap to primary. I'd hate it if DE implemented the same mechanic on any other melee weapon type because it would never use those weapons again. It would be a completely pointless "feature" and waste of DE time because of this.
  11. I loved old blast. Gave every frame a quick easy soft cc option on a weapon. I'd run blast melee even though I knew there were better builds but it made an almost 40 y/o man giggle like a child.
  12. I was just suggesting Dokrahm because I think Twirling Spire is the only polearm stance with a ground slam in a combo(forward block combo I think). Dokrahm is just the easiest zaw to proc hunt and you don't have to do some silly jump slam to proc. Before the recent melee changes I had taken Dokrahm to max lvl SP in Mot and about lvl 5k in Taveuni. Dokrahm damage was still fine and I could have kept going if I wasn't playing on a stupid abomination helminth build and had revives left.
  13. I've always liked my sc/ms/fire rate/-zoom nukor riven. On basic stuff even a utility build kills stuff and higher lvls it was a great primer. I over payed for that thing but I'm a sucker for sc/ms/fire rate/-zoom rivens on my utility primers, totally unnecessary but not much else to buy.
  14. If you are making a zaw specifically for exodia hunt I suggest making a dokrahm. You are going to want a stance that has frequent ground slams and both Tempo Royale and Rending Crane stances proc Exodia Hunt very often. Tempo Royal stance procs Exodia Hunt less often but it has better damage and I prefer it over Rending Crane. I've made about 20 zaws testing different builds and my go to zaws for Exodia Hunt are Dokrahm/Seekalla/Vargeet II Jai or Vargeet Jai II. Go to build is CO, BR, WW, Organ Shatter, Primed Reach, Primed/Berserker Fury, Smite mod and riven with either as/cd/- or range/cd/-. A lot of people don't run range mods on Exodia Hunt builds but it just feels terrible to play without them IMO. I also use Sepfahn with Blind Justice stance Exodia Hunt builds because the forward block combo on Blind Justice ends with a ground slam. Pretty much the exact same builds as Dokrahm but with Peye grip.
  15. You get all parts from SO. drops are on waves 2/4/6/8 https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Khora
  16. I just passively farmed khora while ranking/adding forma to frames in SO. I have 2 Khora built, one fed to the wall and like 7 full sets
  17. Normal star chart is boring af. Why do we have to kill low lvl enemies that pose to threat to farm? Why introduce a harder difficulty setting that offers next to nothing? Steel Path should have everything that normal star chart has but with greater rewards and higher drop chance. That's pretty much been the standard in every other game that has multiple difficulty settings. DE missed the mark by so far when they released SP. DE should have just balanced the game around normal star chart instead of releasing SP since there is nothing to do in SP.
  18. If you timed it right it worked really well into stupid high lvls too. You have just enough time to one shot if you start your rotation right after demo does their nullifying pulse. People still think Nyx sucks but she is one of the easiest frames to play vs. stupid high lvl enemies if you play her right.
  19. I used to run an ensnare Nyx with Dizzying Rounds on Bronco for SP disruption. Was easy demo one shots with ensnare > psychic bolt > prime with bronco > finisher. I have not been keeping up on patch notes for quite a while and DE might have fixed it so you can't open demo to finisher.
  20. DE would probably move it to some endless RJ mission on a terrible map with trash drop rates. Defection is pretty bad but at least it's not RJ.
  21. I've always wanted the ability to transmog but DE can't even get the few universal skins we have to work on half of the weapons. It's just not going to happen.
  22. You would be taking plat, skins and everything else to a new platform where you might not need to purchase anything. There would be no reason to welcome a player that has the potential of not needing to spend a dime. If you have to start from scratch you might be more willing to buy some plat to start out with to get weapon slots, frame slots, potatoes, skins, color pallets etc. It's just money. If account migration was a paid feature I'm sure that Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo would be more willing to let players come and go.
  23. We might not get operator loadouts but at least we get like 50 archgun/archwing/mech loadouts.....
  24. I'd rather have transmog for weapons where you could make any weapon look like another weapon of the same type. I love the look of Cyanex but I rarely use it anymore, If I could make my secondary look like Cyanex I'd be a happy boy.
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