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  1. Shield gating is 100% unnecessary in almost every situation. Most players don't even know what it means and the ones that do don't build for it because they never had to before. Shield gating excels in endurance but besides that you might as well just run a regular build. Frames can still be built with health, armor and healing and go for a 2-3 hour SP survival without intentionally using shield gating. Some frames will do better than others because they have higher base stats. Healing Return and Adaptation can carry a frame for a long time.
  2. You're right, we don't completely disagree with each other on the subject but, I rely heavily on status chance for damage on my melee builds. You only get forced ips procs from stances, this completely ignores the innate or modded damage types on your melee. Building for status chance with weeping wounds is a huge dps increase if your melee has even decent status chance. With a status chance of more than 100% you have a chance to do multiple instances of damage on a single hit and each of them proc a status effect. I run a lot of Void endurance so I regularly build toxin/slash melee
  3. Slash procs, even forced ones from stances still proc a status effect. The majority of the damage you are doing is not from hitting the enemy but the slash status effect. Condition Overload is the base of pretty much every meta melee build. You can run Pressure Point/Primed but it will not compare to Condition Overload in potential damage output. Saying that melee never relies on status chance to deal damage is wrong.
  4. I agree with what you're saying throughout your post but, this isn't entirely true. The current combo based condition overload, blood rush, weeping wounds melee meta relies almost entirely on status procs for it's damage. Slash based melee weapons are also entirely reliant on the slash status effect and not the initial damage. There are exceptions like glaives but the vast majority of melee weapons are still dependent on procing status effects.
  5. Theory crafting and filling a full page of bickering on the forums over something you have no experience with are two entirely different things. If that's what you do for fun then carry on I guess.
  6. Zhuge Prime is actually a fun weapon. Once I learned it had a secondary explosion I realized I could use it to apply status for co. I was hunting a lich recently and was killing enemies before I had a chance to melee, no riven/damage mods and built for full utility status chance, multi shot and firerate.
  7. You could use your own personal experience with both mods to form an opinion instead of using the wiki or outdated yt videos. If you don't have PSF yet you can't really make an accurate comparison because you have no experience and your comparison is based on nothing more than conjecture.
  8. Those days where everyone seems to spawn in rj are just terrible. It's not even worth the hassle of trading when that happens.
  9. If rivens gave bonuses to base unmodded stats trash weapons could become viable but already good weapons would be entirely too strong. Imagine a Reaper Prime riven with +30% to to base unmodded crit chance and 2x cd multiplier, your Reaper would now have base 65% cc with a 4.5x cd multiplier. It would do nothing to close the gap between weak and strong weapons, it would probably make it even worse. I'm not trying to defend the riven system as a means to balance the disparity between weapons, it fails in it's intended purpose. I'm just saying that not all weapons can or should be a viable
  10. Aklato is a MR3 weapon that's meant to be replaced as you progress through the game. I don't think it should be able to compete with higher MR weapons even with riven. What would be the point of progressing through the game if all you ever needed was starter weapons?
  11. Without a riven I'd go Rubico but, with proper builds and a riven you'll most likely one tap limbs anyway so, it really comes down to personal preference. I'd suggest building both to see which one feels better to you. I prefer Vectis so that's what I use.
  12. Even with the reduced stats, the damage buffs from subsumed abilities are unnecessary and overkill in most scenarios. I wish we got Hall of Mirrors from Mirage and Stomp from Rhino. I understand why people are upset. I would have used larva instead of ensnare if subsume larva had the same stats instead of -33% base range. I don't care about any of the other altered abilities though.
  13. I stopped reading right after I fought my way through this sentence.
  14. Do you trade often, like use most of your trades regularly? When I was maxing out trades at 30 most days I'd get several people a day spawning in rj. Got so bad I just didn't trade or log into warframe.market a couple months ago. It doesn't sound that bad but if you think about typing "if you spawn in rj fast travel to vault" before almost every trade it sucks when you're doing 30 trades a day. Then, when people spawn in rj they miss the message half the time because the chat tab gets switched to dojo so you're typing it in that tab too if they don't respond in a minute. Most the ti
  15. Might have to just throw plat at any new stuff that gets added to rj content. Since I just log off warframe.market as soon as someone spawns in rj I'll start making more plat without a drydock and railjack. We'll see, maybe DE will let us set a fully functional dojo spawn location where players stop spawning in rj and I stop spawning in random locations after every mission I run from dojo.
  16. Can you sell your railjack? After I destroy my drydock I'm selling my RJ for credits. Good riddance.
  17. It's just random. I've spawned in my own railjack maybe 3 times when heading to dojo. It's happened hundreds of randos I've invited to trade though. I'm in a solo clan but idk why that would make any difference. As a work around I've considered just destroying my drydock since I never play railjack. If DE hasn't fixed spawn locations by the time I get R10 command and max RJ the room is gone.
  18. Just throw resonator in place of her 1, 2 or 3, build for range and it doesn't matter if you're speedva.
  19. I'd just rather build frames with QoL mods and not have to depend on a select few frames to use specific weapons. I cycle through enough frames and weapons that I found it easier to just forma exilus slot with a D polarity on about 75% of all frames. Getting knocked down is a good way to get yourself killed, it's just not worth the risk and I couldn't use certain weapons the way I enjoy without PSF. Natural Talent is another one of those mods that makes frames more enjoyable for me to play. It's gotten to the point that most frames feel sluggish without it. My reaction speed doesn't matte
  20. There is no right or wrong way to play, only different ways to play. I use the Proboscis Cernos to prime enemies and group them for melee. That wouldn't really be possible without PSF because the weapon has a delayed explosion. I could wait for the explosion then move into melee range but that would defeat the purpose of grouping enemies to increase kills per minute. I also use Epitaph and Kuva Ogris as utility primers because I can apply combinations of status types that are not possible on other weapons. The way I use those weapons makes PSF pretty much a mandatory mod. I'm not us
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