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  1. Corrupt charge is such a mediocre mod though. The only real use is for heavy attack builds. Heavy attack builds are slow and generally can't compete with a standard melee build except in very niche situations. If you're using corrupt charge in a regular melee build it's pretty much a wasted mod slot because reaching a 2x combo takes seconds. Condition overload is powerful w/o weeping wounds. Any status type on an enemy counts for CO, it does not have to have that status applied by your melee, you can apply status with warframe abilities, primary/secondary weapons or melee. I'm just confused. I've run corrupt charge on 1 build ever and it was a heavy attack exodia brave cyath I used in eso for energy regen. The only reason I made the that zaw was because I had a +30 initial combo/cc/- riven for it and I had a constant 4x combo.
  2. This is kinda my go to basic Loki build. I'll make variations off of it depending on helminth or what I'm running.
  3. Loki isn't great but there is enough there to work with. He has 2 good abilities and 2 abilities that are worthless except in niche situations. Now that we have the helminth, having trash abilities is kind of a blessing. He's Invis frame with a permanent disarm. The biggest problem I run into with invis frames is getting randomly tagged by a stray bullet meant for a squad mate. Loki can lower that risk if you build for range on his 4. I wouldn't run irradiating disarm (unless it's an interception mission) because enemies outside of your disarm will shoot at the irradiated enemies and you will get hit with a stray bullet. My basic Loki build has 254 duration, 130 efficiency, 169 range and 40 str. That's 30 sec invis, 30m+ disarm and I still have room for natural talent and rolling guard (proc rolling guard right before invis runs out. Natural talent lets you go invis faster). Brief respite to reset shield gate and you have a free exilus slot. Pretty basic and easy to play.
  4. I probably shouldn't say this but, we fear more nerfs and have all gone into hiding. After the recent user data for 2020 was released we realized that her usage was on the rise again. There was an agreement that we would only play her in private squads and only when absolutely necessary. There is a disinformation champion run by our leaders that employs top youtube and twitch content creators telling lies that Saryn is a poor choice for SP. Once we get Mirage and Volt's user stats up to where we want them you will be seeing more Saryn out in pub matches again. Until then, enjoy your free affinity in SO/ESO brought to you by Mirage and Volt.
  5. Here's the main room of my orbiter from like a year ago. It's changed a little but it's basically the same
  6. If shooting rocks is your thing more power to you. I find it to be one of the most tedious and boring activities I've ever forced myself to do in or out of a video game.
  7. All mining is just terrible. I'll never understand why it's in game. You are literally shooting rocks. How is that remotely close to fun engaging content? Fishing and conservation are just as bad. These three mindless tasks killed every single open world for me. DE announces Duviri Paradox and I should have been hyped for new content, instead my fist thought is "How much mining, fishing and hunting will I have to do? Is it any? Please say it's not any. I going to have to hunt, fish and mine aren't I? Ugh..."
  8. If you're looking for someone else's opinion on helminth combos I'm sure there are a bunch of subsume tier list type of videos out there. I doubt you'll find random forum dweller to make a detailed list of ever frame/subsume combination that will be good in every scenario for you.
  9. Were you able to do that with old melee? I thought that was a more recent addition? Edit: I was totally wrong. Went and found real old screen shots. I always just used wiki because it was right there on other screen without having to bring up esc menu while in mission
  10. I know. You couldn't see that info or test the moves while at the mod bench though. It was easier to have wiki page up on the other monitor while in mission or in the sim.
  11. I didn't like the old system. What we have now is easy and intuitive. Old system felt like a bad fighting game. Want to do a move? better go hit the wiki ands see what the moves for the stance I have equipped. Now get the timing down based on the weapon speed I currently have. Swap weapons, back to the wiki.... Ugh nty. If I wanted to play a fighting game I'd go play a fighting game. I want to slay hoards of Grineer please and thank you. With the old system I just default to spin to win. It was easier and did more damage. Now I can easily figure out base/forward attack, block/forward block attacks. Takes seconds to see if I enjoy the stance instead of wasting time practicing timing for each weapon with varying attack speeds. Edit: A lot of people act like you just hit e and win the game. When I play I'm all over the place using the range of mobility options available, priming with my guns, using abilities and operator, melee attacks are as much a key part of my mobility as they are damage. I know the game isn't that difficult once you have the gear but it's fun as hell to play still. I don't see much of a difference between shooting guns at that guy over there and using melee. You're still just spamming some combination of keys/mouse or controller buttons. Melee is a huge part of the game for me. It adds a layer that other shooters don't have. I could play any of the thousands of other shooters out there but I don't, WF offers something I can't find anywhere else, a smooth intuitive melee in a stupid fn grindy shooter.
  12. This might be the reason DE takes so long to fix bugs. They can't figure out how to add actual difficulty so they leave in annoying little things to create an artificial layer of difficulty. Genius.
  13. I was a core driller for years and the excavation thing always bothered me. When we were drilling we were not actually getting the desired minerals in any large quantity. We were taking samples so geologists could figure out where they were located, in what quantity and the purity. If the geologists already knew there was high quality deposits on the desired mineral we would drill multiple holes "chasing the vein" so they could determine how large of a deposit they had. With this information they could decide if it was economically viable to open a mine at that location or, if we were already at a mine they would no which way to continue mining. Back on topic: Excavation is a trash mission type. There is no other resource that is only obtainable through one mission type on the star chart. DE should remove cryotic/excavation from the game IMO. If they really want to keep it in game it should just be acquired by random drop like any other resource. You ever try to join a pub excavation mission? Have fun running it solo because no one is playing that mission type. When running solo you pull spawns all over the map and half the time spent is waiting for enemies to spawn with a excavator at 0% power. Complete trash waste of time.
  14. Umbra Vitality and Fiber would seem to be a waste though. She can regen shields/over shields and we have shield gating now. It wouldn't be worth it to run full Umbral set for +22% strength when you could get more strength from a single mod. IDK, depends on if you normally run health mod on her I guess.
  15. I always thought this was the logical choice if we ever get other Umbra frames. I'd be down with a Volt Umbra but idk what I'd do with 3 umbra polarities on a Mag. Probably end up forma over at least 2 and just use if for the skin I guess.
  16. You can go to communication>>>friends>>>recent players and message those people
  17. I'm the same way. I play every frame (except Inaros and Grendel) and have fully forma (including aura forma) all of them. I've also gone through all those frames and added subsume abilities to most if not all of them. I've had to buy the extra cofig slots for more builds or I have to craft a second version of the frame to fit different builds that don't fit. Having options in this game helps keep it from getting stale. I love playing Saryn and Wisp but I can't just play those two frames, I'm constantly switching up my "new favorite" frame. I do all that so I have the proper tool for the job though. I'm not going to bring an invis frame like Ash to an interception mission. I'm going to bring a frame that excels in the scenario like Vauban, Nyx, Khora or irradiating disarm Loki. I don't normally run pubs, one of the only exception is fissures. If I'm running fissures, I'm there for one reason only, I want prime parts. I'm going to be running the the fissures that can be completed the quickest with the fastest loadout I have. I'm running Thermal Sunder Titania or Nova. Most likely I'll be front of the pack killing everything. I'm also waiting for enemies to turn corrupted to ensure we get all 10/10 though. I've tried slowing down but a lot of people just want to kill it before the other guy and don't wait for them to turn. We're stuck at 9/10 at extract and have to double back looking for stragglers. If I take my Nova or Titania to run fissures I know I'll get 10/10 and it will be completed fast. It sucks being back of the pack with nothing to kill, it also sucks waiting at extract for a minute because that Rubico wielding Chroma is picking off stragglers while everyone else watches the extract timer. It's not a great situation for anyone. It's a low level mission that poses no threat or challenge to a well geared player so it turns into a speed running farm. Everyone else is just along for the ride.
  18. It will be a continuous mashing. Even less button pressing. Only melee so we can passively reload.
  19. Going to keep getting little low lvl account eidolon ready. Unlocking those waybounds takes a while though.
  20. Khora is strong enough that you don't need to go full stat stick on her. Before DE ruined her with LoS I would run a kinda hybrid stat stick thing on some builds. I'd just have to fit condition overload, attack speed and range in there somewhere. It wasn't the most optimized build for regular melee or stat stick but good enough to function as either and was a lot more fun to play imo.
  21. I can get over how busy your orbiter is but, I will not forgive that crooked "Please take off your shoes" sign in that first pic.
  22. If they buff guns enough we can all just mash a different button.
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