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  1. I bet if I was properly motivated I could do some serious bodily harm to an individual using nothing but a microwave.
  2. Doesn't matter what it looks like when you just tbag your way to victory.
  3. Those low drop chances are all over the a bunch of loot tables in this game. It's standard operating procedure for Warframe. If players are going to leave because Nitain they probably weren't in it for the long haul anyways. Unlike every other item with a stupid low drop chance you can plan ahead Nitain Extract and easily bank some for the couple weeks after a NW season ands and before an intermission starts.
  4. Exactly, link mods just aren't as useful on frames with lower base health and armor stats. They work great on Inaros and frames like that but good luck on a base health shield gating Mag. I can mod for health and armor and essentially stat stick my frame but that's just dumb and shouldn't be necessary for companion survival.
  5. Link mods become less useful f you're playing against stupid high lvl enemies since you aren't building your frame with high health and armor. I think a better option for companion/sentinel survival would be to have them scale with enemy lvl like specters do.
  6. In endurance I have more uptime on Djinn than I do Panzer and I can also stat stick burst laser with augur mods for better shield gating on Djinn. Companions tend to wander and get themselves killed a lot while Djinn stays close and if I have good cc it doesn't go down nearly as often. I really wanted to like Panzer but it just turns into your pet has been revived spam in the middle of my screen. Panzer probably works a lot better in normal content on frames that use health and armor but I almost never do that. I always thought that an easy fix for companion/sentinels w
  7. MR 9 and 19 tests reminded me of that old PS2 game Tenchu stealth assassins. Just learning the enemies set path and stealth kill everything.
  8. I put a lot of work into a little nearly solo clan that I kinda want to keep. I made a new account for a fresh start a while ago though. I might hit you up when I get some MR on that account.
  9. Whoa. That's a cool thing for a clan to do. Apparently I was always in the wrong kind of clans.
  10. Thx for looking into Khora. I have about 800 hours on that frame and had completely abandoned her since LoS was added to her Whipclaw. I'm not some filthy afk wall whipper, I had about 1 mil kills on Khora from kuva survivals before SP was released. As you know LoS check is totally scuffed across the board for many weapons and frames. Another reason that adding LoS check to Khora is a bad solution IMO is she can't hit enemies stuck in her dome through walls. She can pull enemies up against walls from the other side but she has no effective means to dispatch those enemies. With how comple
  11. You can be banned for anything or nothing. ACCOUNT TERMINATION DIGITAL EXTREMES MAY SUSPEND, TERMINATE, MODIFY, BLOCK ACCESS TO OR DELETE THE SERVICE OR ANY ACCOUNT AT ANY TIME WITH OR WITHOUT NOTICE. Digital Extremes may at its option issue warnings and temporary suspensions and permanent terminations of Accounts for user violations. Digital Extremes retains the sole discretion as to when and how to impose warnings, penalties and/or disciplinary actions. DE considers the severity of the violation and the number of infractions in making the determination; however, any determinat
  12. I assumed there was a line in tos that stated DE to ban you for any or no reason. I was right. Similar situation when I used to work in bars. I had the right to refuse service to anyone and not give them a reason. I could tell the obviously intoxicated pregnant woman that I wasn't going to server her a drink and she had to leave but if I said it was because she was pregnant she could claim discrimination or whatever. It's there to protect the company and employees. ACCOUNT TERMINATION DIGITAL EXTREMES MAY SUSPEND, TERMINATE, MODIFY, BLOCK ACCESS TO OR DELETE THE SERVICE
  13. I've given my son platinum several times. I never even thought that it might be against tos. He has no interest in trading so he occasionally gives me unveiled rivens that I roll and then trade. I hate mining, rj and iso vaults and he's given me gems that I refuse to mine, random rj and mech stuff. We trade stuff and help each other out. Most the time we trade and there is no plat involved it's just "hey, give me that thing I need" then every once in a while he's like "dad let me have some plat" then I'm like "no go make your own plat kid" then he says "remember that riven I gave yo
  14. Panzer turns into an unmodded sentinel when it dies. It's pretty much worthless in that state. Sure, it can proc viral but I can do that. All I want out of a pet is enemy radar and loot pick up radius.
  15. Play whatever you are most comfortable with. Pretty much any frame can solo SP. I cleared most of SP star chart with Wisp and used Ash and Khora for specific mission types. If you're dead set on Nezha or Rhino I'd take Nezha just because I think his kit is more interesting and versatile than Rhino.
  16. I just want more orbiter capacity. I can't completely turn my orbiter into a crystal cave because I'm maxed.
  17. Camera is over the left shoulder in the video. Troll account confirmed.
  18. Deaths still have meaning. I just missed hitting max lvl a few days ago because I only had 1 revive left and had to extract. It sucks extracting on lvl 9K+ enemies because you don't want to risk a 8h+ mission. What really sucked was I died once trying to get footage of a bug to post in bug reports and died another time when my controller got disconnected. If it wasn't for those 2 mishaps I would have hit max lvl np.
  19. I just feel that using a traditional tank frame to essentially ignore or bypass the unavoidable mechanics the Acolytes use isn't really a good thing. I'm just not a fan of unavoidable damage, it always felt like a cheap cop out excuse games use when they don't know what else to do. DE has kind of backed themselves into a corner with power creep and the only way to combat that without mass nerfing a lot of things is using cheap tactics like unavoidable damage, invulnerability phases or just nullifying our abilities. Since they resorted to cheap tactics we can tank short mission or find some oth
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