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  1. But I already bought all the credit packs I'll ever need
  2. A picture is worth a thousand words. Unmodded Heat Bramma Heat Bramma with one elemental damage mod. Modded element and base element combine. Heat+Tox = Gas Heat Bramma modded with two elemental damage mods. The first two elemental damage mods combine and heat is treated as an elemental damage mod slotted after every other mod. Tox + Cold = Viral with base heat damage Heat Bramma modded with 3 elemental damage mods. The first two elemental damage mods combine and the third damage mods combines with base elemental damage. Tox + Cold = Viral Electric + base Heat = Rad
  3. That's fairly common for other players to tbag your lich when you kill it. I doubt they had malicious intent.
  4. Being able to choose what weapon you got a riven for would kill off meta and low/trash roll rivens. Any riven would essentially be an unrolled meta weapon or newly released weapon. Unveiled riven prices would spike because they might as well be an unrolled kronen or glaive riven. Meta weapon rivens would flood the market and off meta rivens would be non existent.
  5. I bet it could work well with a pillage Vauban. Pillage and fireblast speeding up the armor strip from Vauban 4. It might be too much cc if the range on volt's discharge was too high and idk if fireblast would knock enemies out of Vauban's 4.
  6. You need about 2 kills per second to maintain life support without activating towers in a SP survival and you're at 1/3 that. You also died once. I assume it was just a 5 minute mission so I guess it's viable to clear the node but it seems pretty far from an efficient build. You were just using abilities for kills and not weapons so kills are going to be lower but, if you were using your weapons you wouldn't have the time to spam abilities and ability kills would be even lower. I'm not saying that fire blast isn't a good ability but using it to remove armor so your discharge can ki
  7. What do you do with plat if you hate rivens?
  8. I'm kind of split on the idea. Making it so you could lock in multiple stats and just roll one would be too good. If you could just lock in a single stat it would only be slightly better than the system we have now. I doubt DE will change riven so you can lock stats but if they do those rivens should also be bound to account. For now I'll just keep rolling rivens for weapons I really like and if I get tired of rolling I throw plat at the problem.
  9. Decaying Dragon Key is pretty much mandatory if you are running a shield gating build. That's what I explained in the rest of my post you quoted. From not full shields you only get .33 seconds invulnerability time and that is worthless when you consider casting speed, ping and reaction time. The average person could not react fast enough to save themselves in that .33 seconds. Even if you have super human reflexes and you're playing as host the time it takes to actually cast an ability is greater that .33 seconds and you would die. There are very few situations where you can actually reg
  10. No one mentions the Twin Grakatas. Clem is disappointed in you all.
  11. 50>38>26>14 Your plat has decreased in increments of 12, you've been buying weapon slots.
  12. Last time I went fishing I was dip netting in Chitina, Alaska. If I hear shots I'd just assume some one was scaring off bears, wouldn't even know you were shootin at me. I got floofs in my liset
  13. I will always be a critic of mining, fishing and hunting. What really bothers me is zaws and kitguns crafting materials are directly tied to these activities. I love the idea of building my own weapons and being able to choose the stats I want. Why do I have to shoot rocks for hours or get randomly shot at while I throw a spear into a lake at fish with hitboxes that don't even slightly resemble the fish before I can build a zaw or kit gun? Almost every other item in the game can be crafted with resources acquired from the normal game play loop. You'd think that killing the profit taker or
  14. Pretty much this right here. Find a way to passively farm or farm multiple things at once I never actually tried to farm Khora. I passively farmed Khora by running SO when I was ranking a new frame or adding forma to one I liked. I would take my melee weapon that had a focus lens installed so I could earn some daily focus at the same time. I'd also take any random MR fodder primary/secondary weapons to rank. If I didn't have any other MR fodder I'd take primary/secondary with a lens or add forma to something. It kinda just became habit to run SO when I ranked/forma a frame and I now
  15. I wouldn't give up on Broken War so quickly. With 35% crit chance, 20% status chance, 80% slash weight and a decent riven dispo it's is one of the best melee weapons in the game. Do not use Broken War it to make War. Broken War is a better weapon.
  16. What's good and what's fun to play for individual players is totally subjective. Rhino, Inaros and Revenant are considered "good tanks" but I find there is little content that requires a tank and find them boring. I'd rather find more interesting ways to break the game than just ignore as much damage as possible. I do that with Xaku. I enjoy my Xaku builds and they are good at at what I built them for.
  17. I really enjoy Xaku. I kinda drove myself crazy testing builds on them but I think that was half the fun of the frame though. I wanted a 100% defense reduction build that also had 200%+ range, I knew it was there but finding something that didn't gimp them wasn't easy. I tested so many subsume abilities and found Spectrorage in place of Xata's Wisper just fit my play style the best. Spectrorage provides good cc and all the energy I need to maintain while running 45 efficiency, it also allows me to actively move around a map without camping the two defense reduction spots from Gaze. With
  18. Xaku isn't that bad. Pretty much a more mobile Mesa with 100% defense reduction and scaling damage.
  19. I had no idea. I assumed it was like sortie or whatever where you could pass them your pistol. I find defense campy and boring, pair that with mission success being determined by some sketchy ai and you're just setting yourself up to be disappointed.
  20. Get the kuva lich hunter collection. The armor is ugly as hell but color palettes are really good.
  21. They always try and start fights they can't win if you arm them. Don't give the NPC your side arm.
  22. I kinda like Protea's 4. I'll use it as an Acolyte spawns and just deactivate it after I kill them. It's my safety blanket. I subsume her 3 off my builds because it's fairly easy to manage energy.
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