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  1. Yeah I'm not running vazarin. I can get invulnerability from shield gate and rolling guard without having to go spoiler mode. I guess it really depends on what you are doing. You can build for health, armor, adaption and healing and run SP for a couple hours no problem. Eventually you will just get one shot though. If you use shield gating enemy lvl does not matter as long as you have energy. It just comes down to personal preference.
  2. Trying to avoid incoming damage is a given. You can't dodge everything and will eventually get hit. When that happens reset to max shields as quick as possible to avoid getting one tapped.
  3. If you use Brief Respite and/or Augur set mods you can regen some shields and reduce the 4 second recharge delay to one second.
  4. DE going to have a hard time convincing me to run Corpus liches if there isn't an Ohma variant involved.
  5. Yet, I'm too lazy to place individual motes or run an augment is a valid complaint.
  6. It's premeditated griefing. They went out of their way to start a mission with the intent of contributing nothing to the squad while receiving bounty rewards they did not earn. If they wanted to go mining or fishing they could have just entered the open world and done so. I'm not saying I'm totally in the right and I'm not acting immature but if they want to waste my time I'm going to make it as difficult as possible for them.
  7. I try and give them a chance to participate. I'll point out they are leaching and see how they respond. Most of the time they make some smart ass comment and I'll ss and report. If they just ignore me I'll go see what they are doing. If they are fishing I'll start shooting in the water to scare fish away. If they are mining I'll get in mech and follow them around and Mausolon/Arquebex spam at whatever they are trying to mine to block their view. In almost every situation I'll try to get to a point in the bounty where they can fail and I'll leave squad trying to force fail the mission on them.
  8. What about being able to equip Regen/Primed on any companion, sentinel or moa and instead on having 1x/3x revives have it revive every 90/60 seconds. Pretty much just replace regen stats with Djinn's reawaken stats and have a primed version of it as well. Djinn would need a new precept mod as well.
  9. I'd prefer wisp to stay as she is, her kit is damn near perfect. There are several situations where all motes are not required. I also don't want to spend the full energy cost of dropping 3 motes every single time. If the augment was just built in I'd have to cycle past it and I'd end up just tapping/holding more buttons. In defense missions shock mote cc enemies and slows down the clear time for each round. In endurance I have no need for vitality mote because if I take damage to health it's going to be all my health, no amount of extra hp or hp regen is going to save me.
  10. Yeah, I play solo a lot and it was paused. It's about the only way I can play as a parent. I'm currently <2h of play time into a mission that I've been in for over 6h. I've also made/ate dinner, helped with homework, went skateboarding with my 12 y/o for about an hour and hung out with my mom, sister and niece when they stopped by unexpectedly in that time. A lot of the time I'll play just one mission a day but I'll be in that mission all day long and only play when/if I get a chance.
  11. I always thought it was odd that you couldn't even see Tennogen on stand alone client. You'd think that DE could come to some sort of arrangement with the artists so they get paid.
  12. I think the problem with auto switching motes is it wouldn't be any faster than manually switching them. You'd probably spend just as much time placing motes with a few less few strokes so QoL improvement would be minimal. On a more selfish note, I've played Wisp a lot and kind of gotten use to dropping/switching motes while on the move and It would suck for me to unlearn 500h+ of muscle memory.
  13. Resorting to personal attacks because someone doesn't want to watch your yt video, you sound like a happy person. I was unaware that it was customary to thank shameless self promoting youtubers on this forum.
  14. You could have said that instead of plugging your video. I can read that in seconds and not waste 2 minutes watching a random yt video.
  15. Acolyte spawns on Ophelia and Taveuni were bugged for a while ago but I thought DE fixed that. I ran a 2h void survival yesterday and didn't notice capped Acolyte spawns but In 2 hours I should have gotten 96 SE from 24 acolyte spawns but I only got 80 ES.
  16. This is the only thing I could find on melee changes in patch notes. Not really much info there. Looks like they removed stagger from most stances but if certain stances are just doing no damage on specific combos it has to be a bug and should be reported. When I log on tomorrow I'll go through stances and see if I can find any other combos that do no damage.
  17. Yeah, I'm thinking about myself. I don't play video games to please the randoms I come across in pub squads, I play for my own enjoyment. There are very few situations in this game where support is remotely required. If someone is depending on my Wisp's vitality motes to survive they are beyond my help. They are going to die, and nothing I do will change that. Adding Roar to a frame is one the biggest waste of an ability slot. What content requires us to do even more damage? The only times I play Wisp as a support is when I handle lures and run PT with friends.
  18. I liked the part about removing not only the damage mod but the slot it would go in. Freakin genius!! Why stop there? How bout we just add crit chance and crit damage mods to every weapon and remove 2 more mod slots.
  19. IMO the health mote is the least useful in most situations. Wisp shouldn't be getting hit if you use her whole kit so there is no need for extra hp or hp regen. She is invis while in the air, single tap of her 2 and she's invis, double tap of her 2 and she has 3 seconds of invulnerability, shock mote provides soft cc and and stuns enemies as you approach them and her 3 blinds everything. Combine all that with rolling guard and shield gating and she should only take health damage from a toxin proc. A lot of people only build for her one with high strength/duration but they are severely li
  20. That works too. I play on controller so I've kinda trained myself to take the controller with my left hand, tap the window key with pointer finger on controller hand while I use my mouse to skip a song or whatever I need to quickly do on the other monitor. I could alt+f4 one handed if I took controller in my right hand, I'd have to retrain my stupid brain meats though.
  21. Yeah, that sucks, observing an AI vs. AI fight is so far from a solution. I've had the biggest gripe with companions/sentinels for the longest time. We have 13 sentinel/moa and 15 companions, so much potential for possible synergies there. It's hard to justify dumping forma and an absurd amount of time into ranking them when their AI and therefore, survivability is awful (that's a totally different topic though). I'd like to fully forma and find a use for all of them but I normally just default to Smeeta or Djinn.
  22. Running SP endurance I'm not wasting a death in the first 5 minutes. It's easier to hit the window key>right click WF tab>close window. It's just annoying because there is no reason to mod my loadout for a single status immune enemy that only has a 1.5% spawn chance.
  23. Makes sense I guess. I don't mind dropping 6p per weapon slot just so I can keep everything though. Never know when something will get buffed or my tastes will change. It's fun sometimes trying frames/weapons that I don't normally play looking for that diamond in the ruff. To each their own.
  24. I'd keep Hate, it's is a good melee, it has high damage, 70% slash weight, 30% cc, 20% sc and a decent dispo. I guess Reaper is better on paper but you really wouldn't notice a difference when using the two and Hate has a higher dispo. I'm also just a hoarder and don't sell anything
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