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  1. That's the problem. You need to be in a squad to effectively rank a companion because companions get affinity from squad kills and not your own. It creates a situation where afk limbo in ESO is "the best" way to rank gear because you aren't taking away potential kills from team mates. I hear rj is also really good for ranking companions but, ewwww rj. I wasn't really trying to rank my moa in solo SP survival, it's just what I had equipped when I started mission. I figured it would be a good example to showcase how bad it is trying to rank a companion solo since none of the affinity you ea
  2. I realize that solo Steel Path survivals aren't the most efficient method to rank companions but 13,500+ kills in 2 hours for 5 levels on a companion is ridiculous. I was running a Whiplash Mine and Blast Shield on my Nychus Moa, the moa hit maybe half of the enemies in the mission with those abilities but didn't get the kill so, no affinity gained. If companions got affinity for kill assists and enemies killed while effected by their abilities it wouldn't be a problem. The way affinity gain works on companions is just terrible though. The companion needs to make the kill or you need to
  3. I like shield gating the way it is now. It gives "squishy frames a chance to excel in endless mission. Before shield gating there was a bunch of frames that I completely ignored because they couldn't take a hit. It's really opened up build diversity in my opinion. I freed up a mod slot on melee by dropping life strike/healing return. On frames I can drop adaptation, health and armor mods. I also free up arcane slots on operator and frame since I don't need to use hp regen or armor arcanes. What I really like is you can still build for health, armor, healing and all that other stuff if yo
  4. I got stalker spawn in my fist mission today. I hate that you can't abort mission when he shows up. Have to close window and relog.
  5. I wasn't impressed with his kit and he has an exalted melee that can't equip BR/WW with a base 1.5m range. That's a hard pass from me. About the only thing going for him is Gloom is a decent subsume ability for a few frames. Epitaph is a cool as hell utility primer. I'll get way more use out of that than I will the frame it was released with.
  6. I'm glad DE is working on frames as they get released. It would suck if they released a frame that was a total mess and just left it like that for years. If they get new frames in a good place early they won't have to go back and rework them later. I'm pretty sure they can work on newly released frames while also giving older frames a rework like they recently did with Zephyr.
  7. I made the mistake of not going through every fashion tab on every frame after I switched syndicates. Sucks hitting daily standing cap in the wrong direction. I've always hated the -reputation you get from sigils, there has to be a better way.
  8. One problem that leads to low spawns in disruption is when the conduits are spread out. The conduits spawn in pairs but the pairs are not close to each other. You can have spawns around 2 conduits but when you go to the other set of conduits there are no enemies and they wont start spawning for a while. This effects SP as well since it's just how enemy spawns work.
  9. I don't use Steam because the Steam controller options suck and Steam controller settings take precedent over in game controller settings. I'm kinda stuck using a controller since I injured my kb hand years ago. Using wasd is a a pain in the ass when one of your fingers has limited mobility and little to no feeling. I've spent hours tweaking steam controller settings but I can never get it right. If I want to run WF through Steam I need to go in and alter my controller settings through steam every time I play. I can disable controller setting but it doesn't work all the time, sometimes the sti
  10. I did the exact same thing like 20 years ago playing Diablo 2 and pretty much any game with an overlay map. Clearing trash mobs doesn't require my full attention, I just need to know where they are. Using an AoE ability/weapon makes it even easier, just spam in the general direction of enemies.
  11. I guess the pc vs. console tennogen thing is a "the grass is always greener on the other side" kind of situation. I'd love to be able to buy tennogen with my plat. I can't even see tennogen because I don't play through steam. Plat is easy to make and I have nothing to spend it on so I don't care about discounts on plat bundles. There is nothing in the market that I want/need because there are so few decent cosmetics. If I could buy tennogen with plat I would, I've earned enough plat through trading to buy everything but I'm not about to try and explain a $2200 bill for video game c
  12. Hirudo should be able to constant red crit with Blood Rush so no need cc but it has real low range. I'd want a cd/range/- roll for Hirudo. You'd get higher rolls on a +2/-1 so you could get more range.
  13. I always thought the rewards should scale up through all the other bounty loot pools. You could go run one real long bounty and pretty much farm through every possible reward from that open world. I'd probably be more willing to run that before I start spamming the same lower tier bounties looking for 1 specific drop.
  14. I have no idea what DE was thinking with those endless bounties, probably one of the worst loot tables in the game. There is no reason to run them when there is a 50% chance to get an ayatan star as a reward from every rotation.
  15. Play time is actual in mission play time. As your total play time goes up it takes longer for the individual frames/weapons to go up percentagewise. I've played Xaku a lot but it shows <2% played. I have 4k+ hours so the <2% time played on Xaku is still almost 90 hours. It takes me about 4 and a half hours of in game play time for an item to go up .1% Khora is my most played at 16.3%, at one point she was most used at over 18% but since I have not played her in a long time her total percentage has dropped.
  16. Story doesn't matter, it's all over the place, doesn't go anywhere and there is no beating the game so, no conclusion. You're a magic space kid with war crime machines. You get a big gun, a little gun and a melee weapon. Go kill stuff and have fun.
  17. Steam shows total in game time while your journey is the same as stats from your profile which only uses time spent in missions.
  18. As a wisp main I'd strongly against a place all motes in one cast unless it's added as an augment. I assume that there would be an increases energy cost and sometimes you just wouldn't have enough energy and only want haste or hp+regen until you have enough energy. There are also situations where you don't want all motes down at once. One example would be when using Wisp as a lure handler in hunts where you have no need for shock mote. Wisp can place a total of 6 motes. You keep one on shrine so you can quickly teleport to shrine after cap shot by casting breach surge on mote. On far spaw
  19. Gloom is so bad as a subsume ability right now. You need to build for duration/efficiency since it's a channeled ability, the base range isn't very good and you need high strength for a decent slow. There isn't really a way to build a frame for high duration, efficiency, range and strength. You might as well just use Shooting Gallery with Muzzle Flash, it's way easier to build for range with an augment and have map wide cc and get healing some other way. I tried hard to make it work on several builds but just gave up, it wasn't worth the helminth food or time trying to make it work when
  20. I don't normally use Wil-o-Wisp as a mobility ability for the very reason in OP. I always thought that Wil-o-Wisp speed should scale with strength. That way it would always travel faster than Wisp with a speed mote. Seems like a quick easy fix to me. Her kit is almost perfect but a few little QoL things could make her even better. Another thing that has always bothered me is the countdown timer on the ability is right in the middle of the screen and there is no timer for the skill in the bottom right of the hud like other abilities. It just pulsates like a channeled ability. It wouldn't b
  21. With about 30% of my play time split between Khora, Wisp and Xaku I just got used to cycle tap/hold abilities. It was a lot harder before DE added the option to invert tap/hold abilities. Now you can at least set all your frames to have the same configuration. I tap to cast hold to cycle. I run Natural Talent on almost every build and it seems to reduce the hold time so game play is a lot more fluid imo. I do like the Idea of being able to assign hotkeys for cycle abilities though. Since DE will most likely never add that option (if they do it's probably won't be anytime soon) I bet you
  22. For a long time my favorite was the Scourge. It is a great utility weapon that can be built for viral and corrosive. I always thought that is was cool being able to build for those 2 status types because they paired so well and very few weapons were able to do that. Then, the Proboscis Cernos came along. I can build for viral and corrosive and also group enemies up. Having a primary utility primer that grouped enemies freed up my melee slot because I could stop using exodia hunt zaws. It's pretty much the perfect primary for endurance IMO.
  23. OP was complaining about the 15k standing required to purchase Helminth segment and wanted it for free as a rank up bonus. DE could have made it so rank 5 standing was required and have it cost 100k like some things. For what the helminth segment is I think that 15K standing is pretty reasonable.
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