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  1. Do you guys understand that some stuff can be percieved by some people as "boring" to the point of "F-it"!? I didn't suggest any changes that would make unlocking the rivens more trivial then today - just an alternative to play other parts of the game for the result. As somebody pointed out- both cash and kuva takes some effort to get. DE can set the unlock price in credits/or kuva to represent the time it takes to do the challenge - or whatever. And YES, I would pay plat also to skip doing work i dont like. It's not like any of the challenges are hard, just imo boring to the point of stupidity (some more then others). Not to mention fundamentally wrong. Its like "GRATS YOU WON THE LOTTERY!...by the way, to get your reward you FIRST need to do X work for Y time. The riven IS the reward no? Then why the hell extra work to use it? F-ing people and they need to be negative. I just don't understand why anybody would be b-hurt by more options.
  2. Pretty please, consider adding alternative ways to unlock Veiled Rivens. Suggestion: unlocking it instantly by a credit, or (maybe makes more sense) a kuva FEE. For those who "LOVE" getting a Riven from RNG and then doing some "FUN" challenge for the xx-time by all means keep the current system intakt. Just add an alternative for players who have done it waaay to many times already and are willing to pay "something" to bypass this * C R ...JOYFUL ACTIVITY*. As it is now (for me) getting a riven is not even fun - it's just more boring work that I have to do to get the actual reward I have already done work for in the first place. At this moment I have atleast 20+ rivens that I don't even have energy to start doing the "wonderful" challenges to unlock stored rivens. This is a quality of life improvement that I - and maybe other people?- would VERY MUCH APPRECIATE! Other then that, thanks for a great game.
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