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  1. Welp crap is there a section of support to go through? @[DE]Megan
  2. I watched the whole stream and my twitch is linked and I didn't get the drop 😞 do I have to talk in chat or something to receive it this is the second time this has happened 😕 If it helps my twitch name is also Slomobro91
  3. I'm legit personally mailing support people the link to this forum. Guess I'll be seeing you guys on a different account soon. I'm just not ok with this buisness practice and I think a DE needs to address the issues.
  4. I'm done being nice and polite about this I'm gonna call them out in here and call them out in my resolved support ticket even if it means I lose my account.
  5. Wow, this is how they are running their buisness now. This makes me not want to support this company. Support you gave me my refund why not give him his too it's for the same reason. The armor looks like trash now and not what we bought cause the DE changed it. We deserve a refund all of us that want it! This isn't a "courtesy" it's doing what is right!
  6. Yes I hope other people will start doing this too so maybe they will start to realize how untrustworthy this makes them look. Also, to keep this on topic so as not to get flagged. I ended up using the return to make my wukong look good with a tenn skin cause at least (from my understanding) those dont get changed and I'd rather support the independent artist at this point.
  7. Just got a refund today and was told it was a "courtesy" they screwed us who liked it and they want to call refunding a courtesy! for real! What ever though I'll be watching to see if they fix the deluxe skin and next time I'll wait a couple months before buying a deluxe skin again to see if I like the final product, since what they put out obviously cant be trusted to be one.
  8. I completely agree I tried to fight for something and lost. I will just take my refund and maybe down the line something will happen. I think a gloss metallic or matte showed be implemented tho.
  9. This is a statement I received from a moderator. I dont know if I am allowed to put name so I'll leave that out just in case. "Hello, I've received a response and its not good news I'm afraid. I've been told that it is unlikely to change in the near future however like everything, they may review in the future based on constructive and respectful feedback given on the change. If you are unhappy with this, you can request a refund via support." still very disappointing after the rollercoaster today, but at least they will be giving refunds.
  10. @NightmareT12 This is what we were talking about btw.
  11. Why did the petition get removed? We were told to make a post here with any issues on the Wukong Deluxe Skin and that is what we are doing. I would appreciate a message explaining this and why you keep trying to silence us on this issue. I'm going to try again this isn't about the skin as much as it is about the devs changing a product after the purchase was made to serve the people who had a choice to preview and not buy it. This decision only hurt the people who bought it for the gloss.
  12. I read it and it was respectful basically just give up votes to petition change back and quoting the people who posted on the thread they didnt like it. The devs deleted it and said it shouldn't be posted on that thread essentially and that's why it was deleted instead it should go here, which is why I made this thread. Although, I don't agree with what they did since it is a player issue with the hotfix they performed.
  13. I completely agree I bought plat with my real money and got that skin for the gloss sparkles. My refund requests are still open so I'm hoping its cause I said either change it back or give me a refund and the community is making them consider changing it back, but I doubt it and it's probably just slow for them to respond. After all the positive I have heard about the DE its disappointing to see them do that.
  14. The thing is the people who didnt like it had a choice when they saw it in skin section under warframe where as they removed the choice from the ones who did like it and bought it for that reason. It may not be with malicious intent, but it is definitely not right for a product to be changed like that. If this had no way to be shown on wukong before being purchased that would be one thing, but you could literally put it on your wukong in game and choose to purchase it or not. Edit: Also, I have put in a request for a refund I know that is possible, but you have to acknowledge they removed our choice just to sell to a few others who had one and still do. That's the messed up thing.
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