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    Exalted Weapons

    I mean, Excal's Exalted Blade and Baruuk's Desert Wind are massively powerful room blenders, and I don't think I've ever heard someone say Artemis Bow isn't good.
  2. Even though Melee 3.0 makes the concept of dual wielding (very quickly switching between full melee functionality and shooting) outdated, it's still a fun play style with a lot of unique animation work. However it seems like glaives were, on purpose or not, massively nerfed in damage and functionality sometime between mid last year and our current melee system. I'm only testing Glaive Prime here as it's the only one I have in my pocket currently, but I assume other glaives have the same problems. Thrown attacks don't take Condition Overload into account anymore, which should be totally fine now with the mod nerfed like it was. This totally kills the play style of loading down a target with statuses from a sidearm and then throwing to finish them. The trigger explosion while throwing doesn't take Condition Overload or crit mods into account. This results in the whole mechanic being all but useless in even vaguely high-level content: a cloud of white three-digit numbers that does nothing to nobody, even though it requires player timing to manually detonate it in range. I hope these are just oversights, when things like Redeemer Prime heavy attack builds and Exodia Contagion make plenty of other melee weapons more than capable of outputting massive damage at range, with even less skill or mod/forma investment. As it stands now, dual wielding is another game play system totally left behind that really deserves to not be.
  3. TYPE: Scarlet Spear flotilla rewards DESCRIPTION: Received the incorrect amount of credits after reaching rank 3 in ground missions VISUAL: https://imgur.com/a/9Pd2q8w REPRODUCTION: Reach rank 3 on ground missions EXPECTED RESULT: Should've received 10,000 extra credits, as per outlined in the patch notes and event description OBSERVED RESULT: Only received 2,000, as if I'd only reached rank 1 REPRODUCTION RATE: Unsure. Not very willing to do it again and risk wasting more time on a reward I wont be getting
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