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  1. So you are just going to ignore that ESO is a thing, and she is the single best frame there? Last time I leeched ESO (from a saryn btw, because no point trying when a frame can do it all) the enemies were level 100+ and saryn was pretty much killing them on spawn, even when they were grineer. It seems its you who is focusing on on false claims. We are not talking about level 30 enemies, because at that point there are alternatives to killing huge hordes like volt, and to a lesser degree maimquinox. It seems you havent really been reading the posts just skimming them. You keep rehashing the same elitist arguments without addressing any of the points raised. Explain this: 1. Why does Saryn get to have a 50%(!) speed buff, same as volt, making her an A-tier speedframe? 2. Why does Saryn get to apply the two best status effects in this game, when every other nuke frame gets its damage deleted by armor (GL hitting ESO lv8 with volt with only one CP in your squad) 3. Why does Saryn get to have the cheapest ability costs in the game? When a Volt needs to run ESO he really needs to have an EV trin unlike Saryn who can just solo carry all of it. And ESO is just an example. So no we are not talking about starchart trash.
  2. Then why does this thread even exist? There is clearly an issue with saryn with how many players complain about her. She is so much better than any other frame at what she does that you are pretty much forced to play her if you want to be efficient, by your own admission. Maybe because you chose to go with the meta and build a Saryn you dont see the issue, but you can be certain that people that dont want or cant play Saryn see that issue. Either give all frames an ability to shred armor and kill without LoS or rework Saryn properly this time. No half-assed nerfs tat are actually buffs. Do you think its a coincidence that the only two people defending Saryn here are Saryn mains themselves?
  3. Sounds like all you want is to maximize your efficiency. This however is not fun for most players, especially gameplay where as a rhino all you do is tap roar every few seconds to buff the player (the saryn) that is getting all the kills and is actually getting to interact with the game and have fun. If thats why you play warframe more power to you, but most of us dont really have fun being pidgeonholed into a passive "tap 1 support ability" playstyle. You are missing the entire point of this thread, saryn is an overbearing frame that FORCES her teammates into a support role because they cant do anything else if the mission spawns enough mobs for her spores to self sustain. Not to mention that if all YOU want to do in this game is to support the Saryns of this world then you should go to recruiting and let people actually have a chance at playing their frames the way they are meant to, and not how some toxic Saryn player forces them to.
  4. What is this even supposed to mean? That because you can take a frame and try to get top damage in a squad of people that dont really care all frames are equally good at killing? Its like saying that because you can go into a pub and get first to extraction with atlas, then atlas is a top tier speedframe.
  5. 1. Equinox takes time to charge her maim, and MOST importantly cannot shred armor. Hence outside of a 3x corrossive squad shes useless. 2. Revenant and Mesa require LoS like almost all frames Saryn IS an outlier no matter how much you want to deny it.
  6. Also getting leeches at hydron is better than getting a saryn when you need to level a frame. Thats because your kills split affinity 50/50 with warframe/weapon, while kills by teammates split affinity 25/75 warframe/weapons, so it takes twice as long to level a new frame even if you use your best weapon. Moreover, there is some competitiveness in this game, why do you think the top number gets to be orange? Its annoying when you are about to kill an enemy pack and suddenly they drop dead because a saryn wants to flex. And no i am not only talking about low level content, I am also talking about eso where saryn is queen.
  7. Saryn does indeed need to be become less obnoxious. Its annoying to see her hogging all the kills every time.
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