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  1. Hi! Greetings from Argentina, from an "Argentenno"! longtime player here, since U11 I think, when Nekros came out. While Railjack is the new hot thing, i wanted to ask about other issues in the game, mostly related to enemies, difficulty or missions: 1) Do you have plans to rebalance mission objectives in the core gameplay? Perhaps adding minibosses to endless missions, or making the more stealth-based missions structured differently? 2) Likewise, do you think there's a way to rebalance enemies to give players a challenge without just pumping out bigger numbers? Perhaps with more enemy types per faction in all missions? 3) In this regard, Are there plans to improve enemy AI? and if so, would that improve Companions AI? 4) Are there plans to add more rewards to general missions? how about Sanctuary Onslaught, Arbitrations, Eidolon Hunt, Profit-Taker or Exploiter? And events like Thermia Fractures, Razorback Armada or Plague Star? 5) Any chance we can get some info on the Companions 2.0 plan to improve pets? Are we going to be able to have more than one pet outside the stasis, or not have the hp/armor/shield linked to our warframes? . . . . . This is a bit of context, not necessary to read the questions on stream: Lately I haven't been playing warframe (even with the Railjack update) and took a 3 month hiatus after almost 6 years and half playing non-stop. I've been trying other games and realized something: I feel that Warframe in 2019 lacks something that Warframe 2013 had: cooperativity. I remember old days when we needed to have a Trinity or Vauban in our squad, or else, the team wouldn't had enough firepower to deal with the enemy. While that wasn't an ideal scenario, It felt more like as a challenge. Now now we do have the firepower, so we don't need a team. One warframe well builded is enough to deal with almost every mission objective. Even Spys or Rescue missions can be powered through. I still love Warframe, and I love seeing it grow more and more. But I guess growth brings flaws as well. And while I don't want to say "Warframe doesn't need to grow more" i'd really like to see the core gameplay revisited, as well as old gamemodes. Not just expand, but keep the old systems polished. Love you guys, hope you had a nice vacation!
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