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  1. Are there any plans on reviewing Ivara's Artemis bow? it's charge speed it's ridiculously slow (as in older updates with bows) and while it's not an issue normally, it is for the Exploding Arrows augment.
  2. I have a couple of questions that aren't too related, but all are topics that i'm interested in. Right now, I can only have one of my cats/dogs available at all times (if i feed him and don't let him die) which is a bit problematic considering i can't make loadouts matching different cats/dogs with different warframes because stasis is a thing. 1- Are there any plans to remove/rework the stasis system? Additionally, i want to play using Ivara with one of the two Kavat types, but not matter how defensive i build my kavat for high level missions, he dies dies dies and dies because the link mods rely on my not-armor not-shield and not-hp as Ivara. And sure, i could go invisible, but it's annoying to be invisible 24/7 just so my cat doesn't die. They end up being a liability more than a companion. 2- Are there any plans on reviewing the defensive stats of pets, so they don't die all the time (even when formed and builded) in high level missions? And still regarding pets: i fail to find most kubrow abilities useful. Kavats are mostly focused on helping Tenno by giving them buffs or using supportive abilities (like removing enemy armor) that makes them very desirable. Kubrows are not as useful having some damaging abilities that don't seem to be worth modding for, either because of AI problems or damage/enemy scaling. 3- Are there any plans on revisiting Kubrow Abilities or adding utility mods that are universal to all kubrows? Warframe it's almost 7 years old, and i feel that lately "difficulty" for me it's equal to "being one shot". And when that doesn't happens, it's just me spamming E and killing without thinking. 4- Are there plans to rebalance high level difficulty and/or enemy AI upgrades? or difficulty in general? And speaking of longevity: i feel that tileset reworks really make some old places amazing to revisit. Still, after i farmed Wisp and hexenon, i barely have reasons to revisit (unless it's relic farming, sortie or kuva siphons). 5- Do you guys have plans on "mission scaling" so high level players can go to places like earth, fight enemies that aren't below 10 and receive drops that are relevant to us? This is a bit more specific: I've been a bow user since i joined warframe in 2013, and i still am. Been farming rivens for each bow type (dread, cernos, lenz and even mutalist cernos, paris and daikyu) and while i love their mechanics, i feel they're a bit behind in terms of fire/charge rate and reload speed. 7- Are there plans to add something to bows? maybe specific mods for the weapon class, or certain bows (like the Amalgam for daikyu) or even revisiting it's mechanics? Recently, we got the Zhuge prime, and i'm kinda... disappointed? because of the explosive shot mechanics. 8-Can we switch off the explosive bolts using the secondary fire? just like Cernos prime switches between horizontal and vertical spread. Please? This one doesn't need an introduction: i'm eager to see more advances in the melee 3.0 system. Melee could be really awesome in warframe, it's just that nowadays we just spam E. The swap weapon mechanics have been a bit clunky, but they're very desirable and have great potential. Still, we haven't heard anything in a while, so: 9- Melee 3.0 advances? next step in the rework? Thanks in advance for taking time to read my questions. Been gaming on Warframe for 6 years and i don't wanna stop, although sometimes i feel there's not much to do. I hope you guys are well and please, do not crunch and take care. Cheers.
  3. A bit of an intro: Hey there guys. Longtime player here. I've been around Warframe since Nekros was released. I remember being able to farm my Volt (when it wasn't a starter) out of the J3-Golem in Jupiter, before Alad V. I've seen a lot of the story of Warframe, not leaving the game for more than one month (because of health issues) That said, I've came to a point where i don't have anything to do. At all. Yes, i'm talking about endgame, but it's more than that: I feel the game has become stagnant. My problems with the game: -All my builds end up the same -New Warframes don't feel as "new" since all of them need a Damage ability to be relevant -I don't have needs for new weapons, since mine already are formed and have rivens. -I don't have activities to share with my clan, since i am enough to deal with almost everything And the most problematic of them all: -Every time Warframe throws a challenge at me, is being one-shoted by enemies, no matter how much i try to dodge... Unless i bring something like Inaros or Chroma. And it's that, or nothing. The last time this happened was with the Saturn Six Prisioners throwing 20 napalms at once during the Wolf fights. My Questions are: 1) Is there any plans on reworking mods or damage systems to make builds more varied and versatile? 2) Are you thinking on changing the scale of damage and stats from the enemies? or the way they're designed so we don't depend on damage dealer frames? 3) Are any clan or squad-oriented activities gonna be added soon? (besides Railjack) Lastly, i just wanted to say that i love your game, and that i've been glued to your news and updates for 6 years. I don't want to stop playing, but i suffer of "endgameitis" where there's nothing to do. And every new addition to the game doesn't fulfill that necessity. I don't need any other fancy open world: i need warframe to feel as good as it did in 2013 (even with old systems like the stamina bar that nobody liked) There was something in the past of warframe that i don't feel is there today. I don't know what it is, but i'm hoping for it to come back someday. That's all, sorry the giant post Rebecca. Hope my questions are addressed on devstream. Cheers.
  4. El clan Hola! Somos Moonstriders, un clan Argentino categoría Sombra - [PC] y estamos buscando miembros nuevos. Actualmente con 15/30 miembros, Alianza, Dojo completo y disponemos de server de Discord que lo utilizamos mayormente para conversar y organizar escuadrones. A quienes buscamos? No tenemos requerimientos especiales. No estamos interesados en un rango de Maestría particular ni nada del estilo. Tampoco buscamos necesariamente compatriotas: aclaramos que somos un clan Argentino por los temas de diferencia horaria. Con que quieran pasar un rato farmeando, leveleando o quizás simplemente charlando de cualquier cosa, ya son bienvenidos. Jugamos mayormente de noche, y si no, siempre estamos dando vueltas en el discord. Mientras más sociables sean, mejor. En general buscamos evitar personas que desaparecen durante los updates "mainlines". Entendemos que a veces la falta de contenido es agobiante, y no hay ganas de jugar. Pero cuando asoman cosas nuevas y requerimos cooperación, es importante que estén ahí. Básicamente: queremos gente activa. Fuera de eso, lo de siempre: personas civiles, que no sean tóxicas. respetuosas y activas. En fin, si les interesa, siempre empezamos por agregarlos en discord y luego in-game. Mandenme un pm a mí o alguno de estos muchachos: Contacto: Aenris#6046 Cylian#5484 RolandDeschain#6174 Cade#1393 Saludos =D
  5. Literally, the two things that i least expected from arbitrations. But no, wait, i can revive teammates! I play arbs alone. What use does this give me? Nothing. Why is it so hard to make the mission difficult, the rewards good and not try to lower the difficulty?
  6. Never minded the "one life" scenario. I really don't feel like this was needed. What i rather had, is a balance of time invested. To get to rotation A in defense it usually takes 20 minutes, while in survival i can progress much faster. The double rotation i feel, it's a pointless time sink in some mission types, and need some kinda of balance between them.
  7. Hey guys, loving the secondary energy implementation. While you're checking those, think you could check the Elemental Bullet Jump mods, so these use the energy color or secondary energy color as well? maybe use the same as attachments? Thanks!
  8. Well, that might be accurate: But still there's a certain expectation within most of the community that is not met with a frame named "Wisp" who uses plants and sun. What you pointed out it's true, yes, but it's still weird it's more based on the location than what will-o-wisp actually do. If we look it from the Folklore point of view, there's no mention that they control plants or irradiate the light of the sun: they lure travelers to them making them think is a lamp. The intention varies from country to country, but that's pretty much what they do. And, look at it this way: if you start making the abilities first and the name, animations and appearance later, will you call the frame "Wisp" ? or would you go with a more druidic name and behavior? To be fair tho, it's passive and teleportation really looks like something ghostly. The sunbeam is... a bit of a stretch, but okay. The plants are still weird but i get what you say: it's part of it's folklore. I don't want this to be a back and forth of quotes: This is not me saying "oh but you're still wrong and they design the frame wrong". I mean, most people saw the sun ray and was mesmerized by it, and as always with frames, some people will be happy and some don't. I was a bit excited to see [DE] make a ghostly-type frame and i feel i got something closer to Bulbasaur. So yeah, i'm still not convinced with what they showed us, even if there's after all, accuracy in the theme.
  9. I... wow. I'm really disappointed with Wisp. Her theme is all over the place. With her name, movements and design i was expecting a "ghostly" or "Spirit" warframe. Not necessarily something spooky, maybe more akin to spirits from nature or perhaps shintoism. But so far it looks like her abilities are Plant + Sun. The Reservoir could easily be Will-O-Wisps rather tan plants. That could have a bit more of cohesion.... but still: why the sun? it confused me. Also: aren't we having too many ultimates in the style of "press 4 to channel death ray"? I feel that we are having too many of these, where we basically trade the control over our warframe for an easy way to kill enemies. Revenant has one, Garuda almost had one? Hildryn does not have any death ray incorporated to her ult, but she also loses control in order to channel her ultimate.
  10. Excuse me: .....Why? I was having lots of fun with this weapon. I can understand if something went wrong when buffing it, but i'd like to know why. thank you.
  11. I'm... VERY confused with Wisp's theme. What is supposed to be? Plants and sun? But why is it called Wisp tho? I was expecting something more along the lines of Spirits, Will-o-Wisps? Why plants? i don't get it. It could be little Fire spirits rather than plants (and would make more sense with her other skills, specially the ult) Speaking of which... is it me or we are having too many warframes with ults that strips some degree of "control" over said warframes? I feel that with Wisp, alongside Revenant and Garuda's first attempt of ultimate, the "press 4 to channel, float in the air and kill everything within this area" it's repeating as much as exalted weapons used to. Throw Hildryn in there too and... well, it's getting a bit tiring Also, one more thing: I think Scott said that Vauban uses deployables and that doesn't fit with the game anymore? (i should double check) but then WHY is Wisp 1st ability A DEPLOYABLE? Why make Titania's buffs again? i'm pretty sure that ability it's not very popular already: having to stop to gather resources it's bothersome to everybody, why add more to that? I'm... very confused by your design philosophies regarding warframes guys. I feel like the last cohesive themed Warframe was Gara or perhaps Garuda. And the last usable/good Warframe was Khora.
  12. I believe the Fishing, Mining and Hunting system can have it's own exclusive cosmetic rewards (like the fish trophies or fluffs) but materials needed in order to craft weapons, amps or even to raise up ranks in the syndicates needs another option. A more focused combat option. a Bounty system more dynamic and rewarding.Right now, Fortuna has "extra objectives" that gives the player a little bit of an extra challenge in order to get better/extra rewards. This should be added to Eidolon as well. But in both cases, we need more than one challenge. If, during the time the mission lasts, the player manages to do one of said challenges, give them another. Maybe up to three per Bounty Stage? If i'm doing a defense, why not give me more to do than just kill mindlessly or sit inside Frost's bubble doing nothing? Heck, i might not be able to accomplish all three if i don't move fast enough. And while we are there: add more bounties! make them refresh faster, give us more than one of the same level, make the extra challenges change everytime i repeat the same one. I did a full post here, in case anyone wants to debate or add more feedback to it:
  13. YES, WE NEED THIS. Trinity would greatly benefit of not being locked in position every time she cast. I'd say that skills that makes you go into a complete stop should be revised too. Not all, but some could use the extra mobility The Rhino stomp in particular looks amazing. The Link from Trinity could use a bit of a change in the animation deparment: her legs look kinda like standing in the air with that cast
  14. I believe That was the point. Look, in the case of Profit Taker, i feel you're tied to use certain frames and certain weapons to be effective. All the grind you did helps you in dealing with the boss in a more effective way. Thing is, Exploiter orb is different. It's an event-boss only, with a Warframe drop. It seems [DE] intentions is to be accessible, and that's why the fight relies on not needing tons of grinded equipment: so it can be fought by a bigger margin of players. To begin with, you don't need tons of rep, or even finish the 50+ thermia fractures. (not trying to change your opinion, start a debate or anything, just trying to make sense of [DE] design philosophy here) To me, Exploiter it's a more "relaxed" boss fight. I don't need to worry about elemental combos or how well prepared it's my arsenal. it's a "good" bossfight. Not "awesome" because it has it's flaws (like having to load in deck 12 and load out everytime, risking being stuck) but some of these i understand why it's there (in my example, those transitions allows for easy reset without leaving the vallis). But it think everybody can agree it takes too long, and long bossfights are an issue when you need to repeat them over and over again (Tyl regor anyone? Equinox parts?)
  15. Had a fight after hotfix: The exploiter got stuck between mountains and never came around to raise the heat fissures again.
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